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Chapter 4: That Glorious Name

*monster screams intensely*

It was a direct hit on that large demon beast. Its reaction was natural. The beast stumbled into the ground. His mouth was oozing a sticky liquid.

「Ah! I knew that your weak point was the eyes. 」

Yes, it was easy to strike it back because I have been studying these monsters for years.

I touched the monsters face that was full of scratches. The monster didn't move an inch. It was a bit sudden to attack this quickly, but thankfully, it was a success. I felt a great sense of pride and accomplishment.

In my past life I had to run away from situations like this, but not now. Whatever happens from now on, I must overcome my former self. I will redraw my past and future self.

Suddenly the monster shouted an anguish sound, while blood still spilled from its eyes. It wasn't a fatal injury, but it's not a soft injury either. For now, I seem to be okay.

「…What!? Where did you come from! 」

「Okay, okay. Just be quiet for now. I don't want to hear your voice! How could you fight this thing with those sloppy skills? If you are this weak, then you should be quiet! 」

Ah, I feel so great right now. No wonder why. I got rid of a long resentment towards her in one go. However, I got a bit wary and I looked at Caria Burdnick to see her reaction. It's okay, I'm sure she won't make a huge fighting scene here, and I kept talking.

「Look, I have done enough. You do the rest yourself. But do it quickly, because that thing quite upset. 」

I picked the sword that was in the ground and handed over to Caria Burdnick. She was not unscathed; I could see blood dripping from her forehead.

「…I don't need to be told what to do. I will speak with you later. Now, I need to settle this thing first. 」

As she murmured, she approached the huge beast with her sword.

Its body is similar to a wild boar. In other words, to kill this thing could be hard. The outer skin is so strong that it can repel any attacks. All of the four legs that support the monsters body are thick as trees' roots; it is obvious that a soft attack won't work on its body.

While exhaling a rough breath, we could see this monster's two large fangs, sharp like knives.

What a large demon.

It had a ma.s.sive figure and sharp eyes that lives up to its name. It is fuming. Even though this thing is severely injured, its fighting spirit remains intact. It can become way more violent than other beasts. Fortunately, I am aware of all this. And even though, the monster wants to fight back, his movements are dull.

「Miss, you can target its jaw now. 」

「Its jaw? I won't be stupid enough to have the trouble to hit the jaw when I can just aim at its cervical vertebrae from the top. 」

I sighed as I heard that from her. Nevertheless, she was looking at me with strange eyes as I spoke back to her.

「The idiot is you. This monster most dominant power is its quickness. The outer skin is not soft, so it can't be cut with an iron sword. No matter what kind of strength you have, even one scratch won't be easy to accomplish. 」

「…don't try to be smart on me. This is a newly discovered monster. How do you know all of that anyways? Who cares! Who would believe a wimpy man like you? 」

「In that case, I don't care what happens. 」

Her words are so irritating that I even clenched my teeth.

Really, this woman never changes; she's the same now and in the future. This is such a disgusting woman. She doesn't listen to other people's opinion and wants to do everything by herself. The only person she honestly heard what he had to say was the Hero of the Rescue Party.

I am sure that she is dubiously about me at this precisely moment. Probably thinking that she shouldn't hear advice from such a poor and fragile young man like myself. This woman always makes a fool out of me whenever I go.

「Okay, then I'll leave you here. After all, you can do it all by yourself. Originally, my job was to investigate a part of the forest. Besides,… 」

As I was talking, the demon beast suddenly started to recover.

The beast expelled a strange smoke all over its body that closed the deep wounds. Experts say that it's called "miasma".  Other adventures told me before that the beast's poisonous smoke could block an injury so that it won't bleed anymore. However, I never witnessed that. There is also a theory that the magical power could evaporate and heal the wound. Whatever the truth is, it's definitely going to restore the demon beast.

If the wound is healed, he'll surely regenerate his eyes back. This beast is such a ferocious enemy. Now even more, after being wounded like that.

「Oh my, what's going on? But, you can do it. Do your best. I will cheer for you from the other side of the "table". 」

If I put it in such a foolish way, Caria Burdnick will not say anything irritating anymore. Sorry, but I don't want to get involved in this anymore.

I wasted my only two knives for a woman I hate. The fact that I gave a direct blow on that demon beast definitely shows that I didn't lost my spirit as an adventurer. So my past self can't be that bad actually.  Let's think of this as a sacrifice to realize my purpose.

「…Wait. 」

A sharp voice stopped me from leaving while grabbing my hand.

「I acknowledge my mistakes. I apologize for my rudeness and I'll take your advice. How can I fight that thing and kill it? 」

A cold shiver pa.s.sed through my spine when I heard those words.

「…hey, you can't be serious. 」

This woman, an arrogant and selfish human being full of pride, is relying on me? I can't believe what's happening, this is completely impossible.

Who could say that getting the chills could actually feel this good? I looked at the beast and pointed.

「If you look closely, his large fangs are meant to protect the weak spot around the eyes. Therefore, you can only make a successful strike if you do a surprise attack. To penetrate that hard outer skin, most people rely on strong magic. 」

Caria Burdnick nodded obediently as she heard my words. The one from the future wouldn't even listen to my voice. To be honest, this is creeping me out.

I continued talking and explaining why should we attack its jaw.

「That's why we should aim at its jaw. The skin under the chin to the neck is vulnerable and we can penetrate with an iron sword. 」

「How can I aim at it? That area from the chin to the neck looks very hard to aim. 」

「Just aim at his mouth. 」

It looks like she really is taking my words seriously. I kept explaining while making movements on my hands.

「It uses its fangs to hunt down the preys, so we will use that to our advantage. The moment he tries to kill us with its fangs, it will be the perfect chance to spear below the chin. 」

「Hey, are you actually sane? Are you really serious about that? 」

She had a shocking voice when she heard my words. She really feels that she doesn't have a chance against that thing, therefore, her fear is "clouding" her mind. If she has no self-confidence, she won't have a strong grip with the sword.

I was rather surprised. What is wrong with her?

「You can do it. I'm sure you can do it. There is no need to feel that you've lost. 」

「 Why!? How can you say "you can do it", when you don't know anything about me! 」

「I have my reasons. 」

I sighed, and I felt a bit frustrated because I had to try to lift up the momentum.

「 That's because you are Caria Burdnick. 」

Yes, that's right. There's no way that it will be impossible for her. She is the talented swordsmanship of the Knight's Order. If she can't do it, who can?

Caria Burdnick's eyes became wide open as she looked at me. For a moment, I felt a bit nervous. I certainly remember the days of the Party journey where she continuously tormented me. I laughed on my mind at this sudden turn of events; however, I noticed that she was smiling faintly.

「 Yes, I acknowledge that. You're right, I am Caria Burdnick. So, let's finish the demon beast right now. Just watch me do it. 」

I see, so you can do it after all.

She faced the demon beast with great confidence;

Looking at her from behind, I recognized her posture. Yes, this att.i.tude is undeniably the genius Caria Burdnick.

One more chap in the story of the depressed adventurer

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