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Chapter 12

As soon as the words left his lips, Bai YueSheng immediately regretted it. He had just be thinking that he couldn't make this "pirate captain turned his Majesty the Emperor" angry and now he had directly lit the fuse himself!

If there was a sudden explosion then the triple insurance policy of Mother Earth will definitely be able to be cashed out immediately!

Thankfully Bai YueSheng was someone that had travelled through nine worlds. His experience was profound, each time he had been a perfect S-Rank person, and so after the words were spoken and while Jeremy was still stunned, he immediately used his mind to hack into the computer and with the speed of electricity, deleted the website.

What a c.r.a.ppy security system, since I discovered a loophole for you, the least you can do is provide me with a free car!

Hacking into your system is saving you honestly!

The whole process took about a tenth of a second, actually this was quite slow for Bai YueSheng because he had momentarily panicked.

In the early years on the interstellar plane, when Bai YueSheng and Jeremy were spies together, it only took barely a tenth of a second to invade the enemy's core and steal a huge amount of internal information. Of course at that time Ah Jiu was a.s.sisting. Student Jiu was so proficient that he always calculated his speed from one ten thousandth of a second.

When the order was cancelled, the luxury car disappeared and Bai YueSheng was able to rescue his precarious promotional mission.

Ah Jiu saw his panicked state and couldn't help but say, "Who cares if you fail? What does it matter if you don't get promoted?"

Bai YueSheng: "I want to be the very top!"

Ah Jiu said: "Overly ambitious."

Bai YueSheng: "Don't be a coward."

"Hehe." Ah Jiu seemed to remember something, he sneered at him and waved goodbye. "Add oil, young man."

Bai YueSheng returned to reality. Without saying anything he immediately kissed Jeremy.

This trick is tried and tested, the effect is excellent every time. No matter how big his mistake, as long as Bai YueSheng takes the initiative to show weakness, then it doesn't matter if he's facing a killing machine, a pirate captain or an Emperor, their anger will instantly be extinguished.

However this time Bai YueSheng met a failure.

Jeremy kissed him back but as soon as they were seperated, he stared piercingly at Bai YueSheng. "What did you just say?"

Bai YueSheng really wanted to just directly knock him down out and send him back…

But he couldn't.

Notwithstanding the fact that Jeremy wouldn't submit to him, even if he did, Teacher Bai was conscious that he couldn't take this kind of continued lovemaking. Both of the two weren't human, even if he managed to preserve his promotion mission, but he himself died on the bed- if Student Jiu heard about it then he would laugh for several hundred years!

Based on his understanding of Jeremy, Bai YueSheng decided to compromise slightly, "Jerry…"

Jeremy didn't lower his focus when called by his nickname.

Bai YueSheng could only keep going. "It's like this.. In this world I can't have money. As we are husband and wife, so if you have money it's equivalent to me having money…"

"Money?" Jeremy raised his eyebrows.

Bai YueSheng clarified, "It's similar to credits… my credits can't exceed 10,000."

Jeremy, "…."

Bai YueSheng naturally knows why Jeremy is speechless. After all when the pair of them were at their lowest and had just escaped to the Dark Galaxy, Jeremy still had a full five million credits, which if translated to RMB would be about fifty million dollars.

But the most scary thing that these five million credits was only enough to feed "Taotie" for ten days.

So at the time Bai YueSheng felt like he and Jeremy were so poor they had no choice but to drive away the Dark Galaxy's s.p.a.ce pirates, taking over their territory and obtaining their tens of billions of credit points to fill their coffers…

So under these circ.u.mstances to tell Jeremy that his total a.s.sets couldn't excent 10,000 was…

Taotie: That means I can't ever come to Earth to play in my life QAQ!

Bai YueSheng cleared his throat. "So what I'm trying to say is, it's not like I want to get divorced but I don't want you to live a hard life with me…" The bitterness in his tone is not forced at all, but really comes from Teacher Bai's heart.

Jeremy's cold voice finally regained some warmth. "Why is it like this?"

Bai YueSheng, "…."

"You can't say?"

Bai YueSheng suddenly looked up at Jeremy and returned the question, "Why are you here?"

Jeremy paused.

Just when Bai YueSheng thought he wasn't going to respond, Jeremy said softly, "I missed you, so I came."

Bai YueSheng was startled.

Not long ago he had heard Qiu ChangFeng say the same words. He had only thought he had replied that way to cover up the truth but now it seemed like…

Jeremy didn't say anything more about it. Instead he asked, "Except for the wealth restriction, is there anything else?"

Bai YueSheng narrowed his eyes. "Popularity value."

"Anything else?"

"I can't create any large commotion."

"Okay." Jeremy agreed. "I understand."

Bai YueSheng felt slightly confused. He couldn't help saying, "Jerry, you don't really intend to live with me on 10,000 credits do you…"

Jeremy looked at him and said, "I have made a vow to you."

Bai YueSheng was startled.

Jeremy's voice seemed to cross the barrier between time and s.p.a.ce and he saw a vision of the time the two people were hiding in that filthy h.e.l.l-like place, with his back pressed against the other's chest, embracing.

At that time Jeremy's newly upgraded body had lost control for the first time and neary killed Bai YueSheng.

But in the end he suppressed it with extraordinary willpower. Bai YueSheng didn't sleep for seven days and nights to help him heal. After he had regained consciousness, Jeremy had said to him, "In this life whether it be in honor or disgrace, I will be with you and be by your side, forever."

Bai YueSheng's heart softened and he felt inexplicable guilt…

That time he had been really trying to desperately save Jeremy. Most of the reason was because he admired that man's fighting prowess and believed that he definitely would be able to become a big help in helping him fulfill his mission. However to Jeremy, he probably thought there had been a different reason…

However when he had been in the interstellar world, Bai YueSheng hadn't minded how deep Jeremy's emotions were because in that lifetime he definitely wouldn't have left him.

In the cultivation world, when facing Qiu ChangFeng, Bai YueSheng could even more confidently say: in that life, he had never owed him anything.

However… all of that could not be brought to Earth. Not the Earth where both of them had appeared together…

Because if they both existed concurrently then it didn't matter how you looked at it, he would then definitely be a big, bold slag!

Bai YueSheng's head felt as big as a cow's, he had a faint feeling of wanting to die.

As for his Majesty the current Emperor of the Galactic Empire, just like that, he decided to start living here…

Bai YueSheng waited until his mood was better before saying, "Um… actually… we really can get divorced first…"

Jeremy narrowed his eyes dangerously.

Bai YueSheng quickly explained, "Fake divorce, faked! We can still live together, but as long as we're legally divorced then our a.s.sets won't be shared. That way you can… ah, live a good life and I also can…"

He hadn't even finished when Jeremy rejected him. "No."

Bai YueSheng didn't want to give up. "This will be better for both of us, we can change to better accommodation, and also…"

Jeremy suddenly got up , turned his back to him and walked away into the room.

His Majesty the Emperor was angry.

Teacher Bai with a blank face: What's he got to be angry about?!

(End Chapter)

T/N: Finally not a cliffie! Haha. Poor Teacher Bai, he just wants to have some nice things, okay?

Next chapter 2-3 days.

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