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Chapter 1325 Simply resting, nothing more.

Shen Yuechuan was very popular in the company something that Xiao Yunyun had always known.

Today, she finally had the honor of taking it in.

From the time Lu Bo Yan announced Shen Yuechuan’s return and Shen Yuechuan finished his interview, the people who came to give him a toast did not stop.

Xiao Yun Yun was very prescient and had warned Shen Yue Chuan long ago, “If you dare to drink today, I’ll let you sleep in the guest room for a week!”

One week ……

This was unbearable torture for Shen Yuechuan.

So, for every person who came up to toast, Shen Yuechuan just meaningfully touched the cup, explaining that he was very sick and could not drink yet, the other party of course understood, patted Shen Yuechuan’s shoulder, smiled and walked away.

Shen Yuechuan is not obsessed with the feeling that alcohol brings, just sometimes in the way of occasions and favors, had to drink a cup after a cup.

It wasn’t until today that he made a new discovery.

He circled Xiao Yun Yun’s waist, the corners of his lips rose slightly, and whispered in her ear, “I think that I can use this excuse for the rest of my life.”

“Then use it for the rest of your life!” Xiao Yun Yun’s face was agreeable, “Medical studies have all shown that alcohol is harmful to the human body! That’s why I think that something like alcohol is something to be savored slowly in private when gathering with friends. It doesn’t make any sense for you guys to booze it up until you’re drunk with your wine gla.s.ses!”

Shen Yuechuan raised his eyebrows and looked at Xiao Yun Yun seriously, “You’re still young and don’t understand, Mr. Shen will give you a little bit of popularization-drinking to the point of getting drunk is a ritual after losing love.”

Xiao Yun Yun’s brain did not allow her to agree with Shen Yuechuan’s words, and without thinking, she retorted, “Losing your love, represents losing your lover this is already a great loss, do you want to lose your health as well? This kind of mentality, I really can’t understand is ……”

“……” Rao Shen Yuechuan, who was good at sophistry, couldn’t find any suitable lines to refute Xiao Yunyun.

“Hey!” Xiao Yunyun thought of something and excitedly pulled Shen Yuechuan’s sleeve, “Have you ever heard a saying, probably ‘I want lots and lots of love, and if not, then I want lots and lots of money’?”

Shen Yuechuan looked at Xiao Yun Yun with a breezy and lighthearted look, “A lot of love and a lot of money, I can give you. Anything you want, I can give you.”


Xiao Yunyun did not expect that Shen Yuechuan actually did not follow the routine.

She froze for a moment, and in the next moment a wave of emotion flooded her heart ……

You want a lot of money, I’ll give it to you; you want a lot of love, I can give it to you; whatever you want, I’ll give it to you.

It’s probably one of the most touching love words in the world, right?

How could she not be moved?

But that’s not her problem!

Xiao Yunyun convinced herself to calm down, put away her touches, stared at Shen Yuechuan and said, “You answer my question first-”

Shen Yuechuan finally returned to the topic and nodded, “I’ve heard of it, and many girls in the company often hang on to it.”

“Well, recently this sentence has started to catch fire again.” Xiao Yun Yun mysteriously paused for a moment, and then her words changed, “Do you know what the second half of this sentence is?”

Shen Yuechuan raised his eyebrows, “What?”

“A lot of people ignore the second half of the sentence, but the second half is my favorite. The general idea of the second half of the sentence is that if money and love are not available, it is good to have health.” Xiao Yun Yun pursed her lips, “Although I only heard this sentence recently, I highly agree!”


Shen Yuechuan didn’t need to guess to know that it was because of him that Xiao Yunyun would agree with this statement.

He lost his health at one point and almost lost everything because of it, even left this world.

What’s the use of asking for more money if you don’t have a healthy body?

Xiao Yun Yun has experienced the helplessness and powerlessness of people in the face of illness, so she firmly believes that for an ordinary person, health is more important than anything else.

Shen Yuechuan took Xiao Yunyun’s hand and clutched it tightly in his hand, saying, “Yunyun, I have recovered.”

“Uh na! ” Xiao Yun Yun nodded, “I know.”

“What I mean is that you don’t need to worry about my illness anymore.” Shen Yuechuan gently embraced Xiao Yunyun into his arms and promised, “I will be fine in the future and nothing will ever go wrong again. We will love each other and grow old together.”

This time, Xiao Yunyun couldn’t suppress her touches any more.

A mist welled up in the bottom of her eyes, and all she could do was close them a little harder and smile with an “Uh-huh”, “Yes!”

Shen Yuechuan stopped continuing this topic and asked instead, “When will you report to school?”

“Next Monday.” Xiao Yun Yun asked suspiciously, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.” Shen Yuechuan tended to Xiao Yun Yun’s soft black hair, “I’ll accompany you.”

“Don’t you have to go to work on Monday and be busy?” Xiao Yun Yun swore, “You don’t have to worry about me, I can handle it alone! It’s just a big deal!”

She’s not one of those giant babies who needs help with everything, okay?

“Who said I was there to do you a favor?” Shen Yuechuan looked at Xiao Yunyun and said in a cloudy manner, “I heard that the medical school has too many monks and too little porridge and is full of older men who can’t find girlfriends, so I’m there to swear sovereignty and let them know that you’re Mrs. Shen and to hit on you less.”


Xiao Yun Yun was completely speechless.

No matter how jumpy her mind was, she couldn’t a.s.sociate Shen Yuechuan’s purpose with this.

Shen Yuechuan pinched Xiao Yunyun’s face and clapped his hands, “It’s settled, I’ll push Monday’s work hours to 11:00.”

Xiao Yun Yun knew it was useless for her to block it.

But, feeling puzzled, she couldn’t help but ask, “Can you decide your own office hours as you please?You don’t go to work until 11:00 …… is considered late, right?”

Shen Yuechuan hooked his lips, “Do you know what the biggest benefit of being a vice president is?”

“I’m not the vice president, how would I know.” Xiao Yun Yun was confused, “Why don’t you let me be the vice president for a day so I can experience it?”

“No need to experience, I’ll tell you directly-” Shen Yuechuan’s eyebrows hang a touch of pride, his expression looks very beaten, “The biggest benefit of being a vice president is that no matter if I’m late or leave early, except for Bo Yan, there is no first person who dares to point out that it is against the company’s rules for me to do so.”

“Oh!” Xiao Yun Yun realized, “What you mean is that you are now in a high position of power, and no one can control you except for your cousin’s husband!”

Although Xiao Yun Yun said this seems to have something not quite right, but the meaning of Shen Yuechuan’s words, it is indeed so right.

Shen Yuechuan raised his eyebrows and nodded, “Uh-huh.”

Xiao Yun Yun pondered for a moment and suddenly said to herself, “I know then, in the future, when I want to bully you, I’ll go to my cousin’s husband for help, anyway, my cousin’s husband can subdue you!”

Shen Yuechuan: “……”

He wanted to show his “privilege” to Xiao Yun Yun, but what happened?

Xiao Yun Yun actually directly poked at his weakness?

Su Jianan often said that Xiao Yun Yun’s brain circuit was different from normal people, and now it seemed that it was true.

At this time, Lu Boyan and Su Jianan happened to walk over.

Su Jianan intimately holding Lu Bo Yan’s hand, two people, one handsome and outstanding, one beautiful and elegant and generous, two people stand up, just like a pair of eye-catching people.

Su Jianan looked at Xiao Yun Yun: “I think I heard you guys talking about Bo Yan?”

“Well!” Xiao Yun Yun was quirky, “Cousin husband is so handsome, who am I going to talk about if not him?”

Xiao Yun Yun was probably one of the few people in this world who, even if they committed nymphomania, would not be offensive in the slightest.

Su Jianan thought that this was probably what made Xiao Yun Yun unique and moving.

Xiao Yun Yun changed the topic to Lu Bo Yan and Su Jian An and asked, “Cousin, you and cousin husband came over to look for us, is there something wrong?”

Su Jianan smiled, “Just to tell you guys, we’re leaving first.”

Xiyou and Xiangyi were still at home, so Lu Boyan and Su Jianan really couldn’t stay too late.

“Uh-huh!” Xiao Yun Yun nodded understandingly and waved her hand, “Bye!”

“See you tomorrow.” Su Jianan says, “Bo Yan and I discussed it and decided to go to Si Jue’s house tomorrow afternoon to see Yuning, if you guys have time, come with us.”

“Yes!” Xiao Yun Yun responded excitedly and enthusiastically, “I’ll go too.”

Lu Bo Yan said, “We’ll leave tomorrow at one o’clock noon, I’ll see you then.”

Su Jianan held Lu Bo Yan, the two left the hotel shoulder to shoulder, their backs were very eye catching.

The reporter followed the camera all the way until Lu Bo Yan’s car left, and then he put away the camera and turned back to the hotel.


In the car, Su Jianan took a long breath and moved her legs in the process.

She has always preferred the comfort of flats to flirty high heels.

So, unless she was attending a formal occasion like a reception, otherwise, she usually wore flats all the time.

Instead of wearing heels for a couple hours today, I’m a little out of practice.

Lu Buyan noticed Su Jianan’s movements and asked Uncle Qian to hand over the s...o...b..x on the pa.s.senger seat.

Su Jianan occasionally drove herself, and each time she drove this one, so she put a pair of flats in the car, just in case.

It happened to be used today.

Lu Bo Yan opened the s...o...b..x and took out a pair of nude-colored flats and put them at Su Jian An’s feet, helping her take off her high heels and replace them with comfortable flats.

Su Jianan wiggled her feet and said, “This dress won’t look good with flats.”

“We’ve already gone home.” Lu Bo Yan said, “In front of me, you don’t need to care about manners and etiquette, it’s most important that you feel comfortable.”

The corners of Su Jianan’s lips rose slightly, and her smile was like being filled with honey, all sweet breath.

It didn’t take long for the two to get home.

Lu Bo Yan went to the children’s room to see the two little ones, then went to the study to deal with things, Su Jianan removed her makeup and took a shower, and when she finished her work, it was already late at night close to zero o’clock.

Lu Bo Yan hasn’t returned to his room yet, he must still be busy.

Su Jianan heated a cup of milk and brought it to the study to Lu Boyan: “How much longer do you have to be busy?”

Lu Bo Yan’s eyes moved away from the computer screen and looked at Su Jianan, “What’s wrong?”

Su Jianan signaled Lu Boyan to drink the milk and said, “Just want you to rest early.”

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