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Chapter 1171 – You can boast, but you can’t be a nymphomaniac.

The next day, at night, Dinya Lodge.

It wasn’t long after Lu Bo Yan came back, Mu Sijun and Bai Tang also arrived.

Su Jianan had already prepared dinner, but the three of them couldn’t even care about eating, and went directly into the study, closing the door without knowing what they were talking about.

Su Jianan made them three cups of coffee and brought them into the study, and left without asking anything, going to the children’s room next door.

Xiyou and Xiangyi were both awake, lying obediently in their cribs, their black grape-like eyes curiously surveying the surroundings.

After a while, Xiang Yi suddenly grunted, her voice sounding extraordinarily aggravated.

“Aigoo, what’s wrong?” Aunt Liu smiles, walks over and picks up Xiangyi, looking at her tender face, “Why are you crying? Is it because daddy didn’t come to hold you?”

In the past, at this time, Lu Bo Yan would usually come to accompany the two little ones, and then go to the study if he really had something to do.

But today, for some reason, Lu Bo Yan didn’t even have the time to take a look at Xiyou and Xiangyi.

Aunt Liu didn’t quite understand the situation and looked at Su Jianan in confusion, “Ma’am, is Mr. busy today?”

“Well, he’s a bit of a problem.” Su Jianan didn’t explain to Aunt Liu in detail, reaching out her hand, she said, “Give Xiangyi to me, I’ll hold her.”

“Good.” Aunt Liu smiles and hands Xiangyi over to Su Jianan, while saying, “Xiangyi, daddy doesn’t have time to come see you, it’s okay for mommy to hug you, don’t cry ah.”

Little Xiangyi arrived in Su Jianan’s arms, and “hummed” twice, kept drilling into Su Jianan’s arms, not knowing what she was looking for.

Su Jianan gave birth to two little ones for so long, has basically figured out the habits of the two siblings, one look at Xiangyi this way to understand over what, called out to Auntie Liu and said, “Give Xiangyi to rinse milk, she’s hungry.”

Aunt Liu’s movements were already very skillful, and in a short while, she rinsed the milk, brought it over and handed it to Su Jianan.

“Saggy good boy, drink milk now.”

Su Jianan sent the pacifier to little Xiangyi’s lips, the little girl immediately opened her mouth to hold the pacifier, her hands all at once embraced the milk bottle, and sucked the milk vigorously and fiercely.

“Oops?” Aunt Liu smiled, “Really just hungry ah!”

Drinking two-thirds of the milk, Sagiri’s movements slowed down and finally closed her eyes, but still didn’t let go of the bottle, sighing contentedly as she drank the milk.

Su Jianan was full of softness | softness, just holding the little one, waiting for her to fall asleep.

It didn’t take long before little Sagittarius let go of the bottle with a tilt of his head and scratched his face with his little hands.

“Uh, no!”

Su Jianan busily grabbed Xiao Xiangyi’s hand so that she wouldn’t scratch herself.

“Well ……”

Little Sagittarius struggled a bit, grunting as he did so, but in the end, he didn’t wake up, instead, he slept more and more.

Su Jianan held the little one for a while longer until she was sure she was completely asleep before putting her in her crib and going over to see Xiyou.

Xiao Xi met is still awake, calmly lying in the crib, moving his arms and legs from time to time, lazy and gentlemanly appearance, a small age is surprisingly already extraordinarily charming.

Su Jianan only felt that her heart was about to turn into a puddle of water, and leaned down to kiss Little Xiyu’s face, “Mommy will carry you to take a bath, okay?”

Of course Westfall wouldn’t react.

Instead, it was Auntie Liu who got agitated first, waving her hands back and forth, saying, “Xiyou only took a bath yesterday, and now that the weather is so cold, children will catch a cold if they take frequent baths!”

“It’s fine.” Su Jianan signaled Aunt Liu to rest a.s.sured, her tone extraordinarily relaxed, “Xiyou’s physique is still fine, so there’s no need to worry about catching a cold. Besides, he likes to take baths.”

The fact that Xiao Xi met liked to take a bath was something Su Jianan had summarized through a long period of observation.

Usually, Xiao Xi met always look like the sky is falling is not afraid of the appearance of calm lethargy completely unlike a newborn child.

Only the moment he finished his bath, the innocent and contented smile that a child should have would appear on his handsome little face, even his movements would be much more lively, and he was obviously in a good mood.

Su Jianan felt that there was only one truth – Xiyou liked to take baths.

Aunt Liu didn’t know what came to her mind and said with a look of fear, “Our Xiyou shouldn’t have a cleanliness fetish, right?”

Su Jianan smiled and nodded, “Very likely!”

“Alas ……” Aunt Liu’s afterthought turned into helplessness, “Then this child really is exactly like his father.”

Su Jianan scrutinized Xiyou for a moment, then thought about Lu Boyan for a moment.

West encounter like Lu Bo Yan words …… Well, quite good ah!

Thinking about it, Su Jianan suddenly felt satisfied and picked up Xiao Xiyou and walked towards the bathroom.

The bathroom was heated and the water was set at a constant temperature, so the little guy soaked in the water, not feeling any cold at all, only comfortable, a rare smile on his little face.

Su Jianan’s movements were quick, and in less than five minutes she helped Xi Xiyou take a bath, and in one fell swoop, she lifted the little guy out of the water and wrapped him in a towel.

Nishi met her hand in the water one second, and this second, she was suddenly restrained from moving by a towel, “Ah!” The yelped and kept struggling in the towel.

“Good boy.” Su Jianan smiled and held the little guy tighter while telling him, “After the bath, we’re going back to the room to sleep, you want to play in the water next time there’s still a chance, be obedient.”

Little Xiyou didn’t know if she didn’t understand or wasn’t going to listen to her mother, and kept struggling in Su Jianan’s arms while protesting in a small voice, like she was going to cry out at any moment.

Su Jianan didn’t have a soft heart and directly carried the little guy back to his room and dressed him.

Xiyou seemed to know that it was impossible for him to go back into the water, “hmmm” and looked at Su Jianan with a resigned expression.

Su Jianan kissed the little guy’s forehead and softly coaxed him, “Okay, my sister is already asleep, you also sleep well, okay?”

“……” Konishi met without further protest, yawning cooperatively.

Su Jianan smiled and put the little guy in his crib, and it didn’t take long to put him to sleep.

The children’s room was suddenly quiet as both Westfall and Sagittarius fell asleep.

Su Jianan was a bit uncomfortable, tucked the two little ones in, turned her head to look at Auntie Liu, and said, “Auntie Liu, you should also take an early rest.”

“Good, I’m going to take a bath too.” Aunt Liu grinned, “I want to experience carefully if the water is really that much fun!”

Su Jianan knew that Aunt Liu was flirting with Xiyou, smiled, packed up the things in the children’s room, and then left.

At this time, Lu Boyan and Mu Sijun also happened to finish talking about things and came out from the study.

Bai Tang walked at the front, and his front foot had just stepped out of the study when he saw Su Jianan.

Su Jianan today wearing a plain colored home dress, loose but does not appear loose, without trace outlines her beautiful curves, not powdered face clean and moving, the whole person exudes a quiet and gentle atmosphere, so that people are not free to autonomously produce a sense of belonging.

Bai Tang’s eyes went straight as he watched, and he couldn’t help but exclaim, “It really is a G.o.ddess!”

Lu Bo Yan was generous, he didn’t mind at all when people praised his wife, but he would never allow Bai Tang to stare at Su Jianan so philistinically.

He walked over, one hand unapologetically wrapping around Su Jianan’s waist, unmovingly declaring his sovereignty, and asked softly, “Where are Xiyou and Xiangyi?”

“All asleep.” Su Jianan pursed her lips, “Have you guys finished talking about things?”

Bai Tang felt as if he didn’t have much of a presence.

It doesn’t matter, he can find his own presence!

Bai Tang grabbed Lu Bo Yan before he could speak, “Yes, after the talk, I’m so tired!”

Su Jianan smiled, following Bai Tang’s words and asked, “Are you guys hungry? I prepared dinner, it’s downstairs in the dining room, heat it up and you can eat it.”

Lu Bo Yan frowned and looked at Su Jian An, “You didn’t eat either?”

“I wasn’t really hungry just now, and since Xiyou and Xiangyi were both awake, I wanted to wait for you guys to join me.” Su Jianan naturally changed the topic, “It’s just right now, let’s go down to eat together.”


White Tang answered the loudest.

He had come here once before and tasted Su Jianan’s handiwork, and after he went back he couldn’t forget about it, and now that he had the chance to taste it again, he simply didn’t have any reason to refuse.

He could turn down beauty, but he couldn’t turn down food!

Su Jianan noticed that Mu Sijun hadn’t said anything, called out to him and said with a smile, “Sijun, let’s eat together?”

Bai Tang also b.u.mped Mu Sijun with his elbow, echoing Su Jianan’s words, “Yeah, let’s get together.”

Mu Sijun didn’t have much of an appet.i.te, but there wasn’t much else to do next, and if he went back to the villa in the suburbs, he could only stand there engulfed in memories and in the trepidation of losing Xu Yuning.

However, Lu Bo Yan’s house is different.

Lu Bo Yan bought this villa a long time ago, and for years it has been empty, not much life.

Until and Lu Bo Yan Su Jianan married, this big empty villa suddenly has a temperature, gradually full of warmth, into a real sense of home.

He might as well …… have stayed first.


Mu Sijiu’s voice was light, with little apparent emotion, but it was at least a promise.

Su Jianan smiled happily and pulled Lu Bo Yan’s hand, “Alright, go down.”

Because of the presence of Bai Tang, a chatterbox, the meal was not destined to be quiet.

However, it was also fortunate to have Bai Tang, so that the meal was not so boring.

Halfway through eating, Bai Tang suddenly remembered Xiao Yun Yun, put down her chopsticks, and her expression became unusually heavy: “Bo Yan, Jian An, I have to tell you something – I went to the hospital to see Yue Chuan, and I saw Yun Yun.”

Su Jianan inadvertently glanced at Bai Tang’s expression and vaguely felt that it wasn’t quite right.

Bai Tang, such an optimistic person, shouldn’t have such a heavy expression on his face!

What did Rue do to him?

Su Jianan asked tentatively, “How was it, did we Yun Yun have fun?”

“Don’t mention it ……” Bai Tang sighed, “Do you know how cute she is? She thought I had the same name as Sugar, the kitchen spice, and even asked me if my nickname was Sugar? If it wasn’t for the thought that Kang Ruicheng was still on the loose, I would have wanted to do a self-sabotage on the spot.”


Xiao Yun Yun actually asked if Bai Tang’s nickname was Sugar?

That’s brilliant!

Su Jianan knew that it was unkind to laugh out at a time like this, but she just couldn’t help it and let out a “giggle-” laugh.

She should have guessed it, Rue’s mind was so outside the box, she’d be very helpful in a pinch.

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