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Chapter 1050 Xiao Yunyun Could Greatly Liven up the Atmosphere

The next day, at Mu Sijue’s apartment.

After breakfast, Mu Sijue checked the schedule and saw that all the important matters had been arranged for the afternoon.

He saw the bag on the tea table, which contained Shen Yuechuan’s wedding suit.

He picked up the bag, and took the suit to the hospital so that Shen Yuechuan could try it on.

Since Shen Yuechuan got sick, he had lost a lot of weight. Although the suit had been altered, it was hard to guarantee that the suit would fit him.

Only when Shen Yuechuan tried it on could the final decision on the suit be made.

In the past few days, Shen Yuechuan’s condition improved by leaps and bounds. Compared with before, when he only wanted to lie in bed, now he wanted to see more of the scenery outside, so he took Xiao Yunyun downstairs for breakfast. When he returned to the ward, he came across Mu Sijue.

Coincidentally, Xiao Yunyun also felt that the bag in Mu Sijue’s hand was such a contrast to his temperament. She could not help being curious. “Boss Mu, what’s in your bag?”

Mu Sijue said casually, “Something for someone else.”

Judging from the appearance of the bag, Xiao Yunyun could not tell what was inside. Also, Mu Sijue’s words drove her curiosity away. She smiled brightly and said, “Let’s go upstairs.”

As soon as the three of them returned to the top floor, Song Jiqing suddenly appeared and called Xiao Yunyun away.

Of course, it was Mu Sijue’s idea.

When they needed Xiao Yunyun to be out of the way, Song Jiqing would always be the best excuse. As long as it was Song Jiqing, she would follow him obediently.

Only Mu Sijue and Shen Yuechuan were left in the s.p.a.cious and bright corridor.

Shen Yuechuan pushed the door open and said to Mu Sijue, “Let’s go in.”

Mu Sijue replied with a “hmm” and entered the suite. He handed the bag directly to Shen Yuechuan and said, “Try it on first. If it doesn’t fit you, there is still time to alter it.”

Shen Yuechuan took the bag and looked at it. A smile suddenly appeared on his lips, and he walked into the bathroom briskly.

He had fantasized about his wedding with Xiao Yunyun, and he had even thought that he would be involved in every detail of the wedding preparations.

However, the disease had deprived him of the ability to be involved, so he could only leave everything to others.

Although Su Jian’an and Mu Sijue would update him from time to time about how the wedding preparations were coming along and he was also happy to hear it, he always found it a little unreal.

Until today, when he held the suit he would wear on the wedding day and tried it on, he finally felt that he was going to marry Xiao Yunyun.

Since Shen Yuechuan got sick, he had lost a lot of weight. Fortunately, the designer made some alterations to his original size, so it fitted him perfectly.

Shen Yuechuan looked at himself in the mirror and the broad smile on his lips was very obvious.

He was eagerly looking forward to the ceremony, rather than the arrival of the New Year.

After trying the suit on, Shen Yuechuan quickly took it off and put it back in the bag. Then, he took the bag out and handed it to Mu Sijue. “It’s the right size. No need to alter it.”

Mu Sijue took the bag and checked the time. “I still have something to do, so I’ll leave first.”

When Shen Yuechuan woke up today, he had a talk with Lu Boyan on the phone. Lu Boyan told him that on his wedding day, Kang Ruicheng was going to attack Mu Sijue.

However, in order to protect Xu Youning and Ah Jin, Mu Sijue did not intend to fortify his defense.

Shen Yuechuan looked at Mu Sijue, thought for a moment, and told him, “Be careful.”

“Don’t worry.” Mu Sijue knew what Shen Yuechuan meant. He said indifferently, “I can deal with Kang Ruicheng.”

Shen Yuechuan patted Mu Sijue on the shoulder and squeezed it hard. “I’ve always believed in you.”

When Xiao Yunyun came back after her talk with Song Jiqing, Mu Sijue was no longer in the ward. She was confused and asked, “Boss Mu left so soon?”

Shen Yuechuan acted as if nothing had happened and said lightly, “Yes, he just came round to check on me. He didn’t intend to stay here.”

Xiao Yunyun replied with an “Oh” and tilted her head. “Okay.”

At this time, there was a sudden knock on the door.

Xiao Yunyun asked, “Huh? Is Boss Mu back again?”

Shen Yuechuan thought that it could not be Mu Sijue, but he did not refute Xiao Yunyun directly. He just said, “Open the door and you’ll find out.”

Xiao Yunyun ran over to open the door. Before she could call out Mu Sijue’s name, Su Yunjin’s face, whom she had not seen for a long time, came into view.

She could not believe her eyes. She was stunned at first, and then she came to her senses, threw herself into Su Yunjin’s arms and cried out excitedly, “Mom!”

Su Yunjin had expected this reaction from Xiao Yunyun, so she was calm. She hugged her and said, “Mom is back.”

Shen Yuechuan was also surprised when he saw Su Yunjin outside the door. But he soon realized that Su Yunjin should have rushed back to attend the wedding.

After Xiao Yunyun decided to marry Shen Yuechuan, she called Su Yunjin in person and informed her about her decision.

But she did not tell Su Yunjin that she would marry Shen Yuechuan during the Spring Festival.

However, Su Jian’an should be happy to help her forward the news.

Therefore, Xiao Yunyun also guessed why Su Yunjin was back. However, she thought that Shen Yuechuan did not know about this secret, so she did not dare to say it out loud. She could only ask suggestively, “Mom, did you come back for the Spring Festival?”

Su Yunjin understood Xiao Yunyun’s implication. She smiled and nodded. “Yes.” After a pause, she added, “Besides, your father will also come over to celebrate the Spring Festival with us. Otherwise, he will be too lonely if he is left alone in country D.”

Xiao Yunyun’s eyes sparkled in delight. She could not help nodding repeatedly. “Great! I’ll pick him up when Dad arrives at the airport!”

“Take it easy. Your dad won’t be here until New Year’s Eve, and…”

During the conversation, Su Yunjin and Xiao Yunyun had been standing at the door of the suite. After a while, Shen Yuechuan finally could not stand it anymore. He called out to Xiao Yunyun and said, “Don’t stand at the door. Come in.”

Only then did Xiao Yunyun realize that she and Su Yunjin were still standing at the door. She quickly pulled Su Yunjin into the suite, and then ran back to the room to pour water for Su Yunjin.

Only Shen Yuechuan and Su Yunjin were left in the s.p.a.cious living room.

Shen Yuechuan was in a hospital gown. He looked a little haggard, but his eyes were still calm and his profile was as sharp and handsome as before.

He looked at Su Yunjin and tried to break the silence. He said politely, “Thank you for all the trouble you’ve taken.”

In the past few months, Su Yunjin had been looking for doctors for him outside. She had obviously lost weight, and her face was tanned.

Although Su Yunjin had not found a cure for him, she had helped him a lot.

Anyway, Su Yunjin’s perseverance was one of the reasons why Shen Yuechuan was unwilling to give up on his life.

Therefore, he should thank Su Yunjin for all the trouble she had taken.

Su Yunjin shook her head and looked at Shen Yuechuan with a soft look, filled with pity. “It’s not troublesome at all. Yuechuan, I’m willing to do my best for you.”

Every day now was the last chance for Shen Yuechuan to live. She had to help him seize this opportunity well.

Shen Yuechuan obviously had a lot to say, but after opening his mouth, he only said two words in the end, “Thank you.”

The two simple words came across as polite and abrupt.

The smile on Su Yunjin’s lips froze for a split second, but it quickly returned to normal.

She always knew that although Shen Yuechuan accepted her, he could not get close to her or call her “mom”.

There had always been a barrier between Shen Yuechuan and her.

No matter how hard she tried, the barrier could not be removed. Their only hope was that time would gently solve this problem.

Xiao Yunyun came out of the room with water and happened to hear Shen Yuechuan’s terse “thank you”. Naturally, she did not miss the temporary stiffening of Su Yunjin’s expression.

She was right. Sure enough, the atmosphere between Su Yunjin and Shen Yuechuan had cooled considerably. They still could not get along with each other naturally.

At this moment, she could play a role!

Xiao Yunyun decisively ran out and handed a gla.s.s of water to Su Yunjin. “Mom, drink a gla.s.s of water first.”


Su Yunjin smiled and took a sip of water to ease the stiff and awkward atmosphere.

Then, Xiao Yunyun pulled Su Yunjin to sit down, and ma.s.saged her shoulders and back. “Mom, you had a difficult time recently. I will give you a ma.s.sage to help you relieve the fatigue.”

Su Yunjin had heard since she was a child that daughters were as warm as a cotton-padded jacket. Now it seemed that it was true.

The heartfelt smile returned to Su Yunjin’s face. She enjoyed Xiao Yunyun’s services for a while, then quickly took Xiao Yunyun’s hand, made her sit down and called Shen Yuechuan over.

With the presence of Xiao Yunyun, who could greatly liven up the atmosphere, Shen Yuechuan and Su Yunjin could get on with each other more naturally. Then, Su Yunjin easily blurted out, “Yuechuan, how have you been during this time?”

“I’m getting better now.” Shen Yuechuan did not mention the weakness and struggles he had experienced in the past. Instead, he said lightly, “Henry and Jiqing will be arranging for me to have the last operation soon.”

“I know you’re going to have an operation after the Spring Festival.” Su Yunjin thought for a moment and asked hesitantly, “But, Yuechuan, are you ready?”

Shen Yuechuan smiled. After a while, he said slowly, “I have nothing on my mind.”

Xiao Yunyun listened and suddenly felt that there was something wrong with what Shen Yuechuan said. She turned her head and glared at him. “Shen Yuechuan?”

Shen Yuechuan already knew that Xiao Yunyun would get angry, so he rubbed her hair and said, “I don’t have you on my mind.”

Xiao Yunyun felt that Shen Yuechuan meant that he would not care about her.

“d.a.m.n, didn’t we promise to love each other forever? Now he doesn’t even care about me?”

Xiao Yunyun told herself that she had to endure it until Su Yunjin left, and then she would interrogate Shen Yuechuan.

She wanted to see how Shen Yuechuan would explain what he just said at that time!

If she was not satisfied with Shen Yuechuan’s answer, humph, he would definitely be doomed!

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