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Chapter 94: Medical Emergency

The fire incident in the Cold Palace pa.s.sed just like this and it made Qing Feng feel that something was amiss. But because it was this calm and also coupled with child’s fever which was not recovering, it took up most of her energy and could only watch and observe on other matters.

Usually w.a.n.g Zhi Yang would come over at Sishi (modern timing: 9 – 11am) to check on the condition but today he came before Sishi and also brought along a male who was slightly older than him. The male had a shrivelled figure and the most eye-catching feature was the goatee. Qing Feng took a look at him and asked, “Imperial Physician w.a.n.g, this is?”

w.a.n.g Zhi Yang quickly replied, “Imperial Physician Hu and this official are the protégés of Old Imperial Physician Huang and he had been waiting on the West Empress Dowager. Yesterday he returned to the Palace to retrieve some herbs and this official specifically invite him over to diagnose and treat the Little Prince.”

“May your Ladyship have thousands of fortune.” That Imperial Physician Hu greeted and stepped aside quietly but his eyes was staring at the Prince on the bed.

Qing Feng had an uncomfortable feeling with his stare so she casually asked, “How is the West Empress Dowager doing?”

“The Empress Dowager is well.” As that Imperial Physician Hu replied, his eyes was still on the Prince until he was at the front of the bed to take his pulse.

Qing Feng look at his serious expression and furrowed brows, and her heart started to worry as she asked, “The Prince’s fever have been coming back repeatedly for five to six days already. Why is there still no improvements?”

Imperial Physician Hu slowly took his hand back and the worried expression retreated as he replied, “Sickness comes like a landslide, but goes away slowly like spinning silk. The winter weather is filled with cold winds and the Prince’s const.i.tution is weak, thus in the beginning strong medication are not used. But your Ladyship need not worry, yesterday Imperial Physician w.a.n.g and this official had discussed and after another two more herbs in, it would definitely cure the illness.”

Definitely cure the illness? So confident? Qing Feng gave him a second look before replying, “Thanking Imperial Physician for your trouble.”

Both of them pick up their tools and withdrew. Qing Feng thought that the so called medication will be send over quickly but who knew that she waited till it’s time for lunch and Ru Yi who went to collect the medication had yet to return.

Qing Feng had been carrying the child all the time thus her hands were a little time. She gently put the child on the bed and lay on her side to pat as she yawned.

When Fu Ling entered the inner chambers, she saw Qing Feng that exhausted look and could not help but smile. Mistress had been sleeping very late these few night and wake up easily when there were any small movements or sound. She would naturally not admit it but Fu Ling knew that she was afraid that she would missed the Emperor if he came over at night like the last time.

Walking to Qing Feng’s side to help ma.s.saging her shoulders, Fu Ling smiled, “You are also tired these few days, why not rest a while after lunch?”

The soft strength on her shoulders was indeed very comfortable. Qing Feng nodded her head gently and looked over. Qing Feng did not know where did Shen Yao who was in the room the entire morning had went and softly said, “Go and call Shen Yao over.”


Fu Ling went one round the courtyard and did not see Shen Yao. She walked to the front of her room and found that the doors were locked. Just as she was about to go to another place to look for her, she saw some figure movements. The servants room were naturally unlike the mistresses’ house, there were no screens or curtains inside and was only separated by a thin window paper, thus she was able to roughly see the inside.

Fu Ling leaned over and squinted her eyes to look. She saw a female sitting in front of the bed and untied her top. Fu Ling’s face redden as she felt that her actions were like peeking on others changing. Fu Ling took a step back and lightly coughed before calling out, “Shen Yao?”

“Kuang dang.” A sound sounded from the inside. It was really very soft and Fu Ling wanted to ask what had fallen off when the door was opened gently. Shen Yao had some panic on her face and her clothes were not b.u.t.toned up yet.

Fu Ling guessed that she was scared by her when she was changing her clothes and smiled apologetically, “Prince Zhi is hungry so Mistress request you to go over.”

“Yes. Will go at once.” Shen Yao nodded her head and her facial expression had restored to normal.

Xu Ji was very dedicated and detailed on Qing Feng meals and prepared many nutritious soups for the body. After Qing Feng finished her lunch, she felt that her body was warm even though she was a little tired.

When they returned to the inner chambers, Shen Yao had finished feeding the child. This child had been sick for the past few days and also ate much lesser. His face looked waned which made Qing Feng’s heart ache as she look at the little fellow’s cheeks. At this time, Ru Yi finally came back.

Qing Feng frowned, “Why so long?”

Ru Yi felt a little wronged as she took out the bowl of medicine and replied, “Imperial Physician Hu took half a sichen (1 sichen = 2 hours) to dispense the medication, that is why…”

Qing Feng took the bowl of medication over and noticed that today’s medicine was much lesser than usual. In the white porcelain bowl, the concoction only filled half of it and it was black in colour but did not emit any special smell.

Qing Feng stared at the medication without speaking and Ru Yi quickly explained, “Imperial Physician Hu explained that it is enough for the first day.”

Qing Feng seemed to be thinking about something and only asked after a long time, “Fu Ling, do you know this Imperial Physician Hu?”

“Yes. When this servant enter the Palace, he was an Imperial Physician in the Palace and his medical skills was also exceptional. Originally he was a specified physician for the Emperor but a few years ago he suffered from a serious illness and thus did not regularly move around in the Palace. Did not think that he had gone to wait on the West Empress Dowager.”

From Fu Ling’s words of recommendation of this Imperial Physician Hu, Qing Feng nodded her head before feeding the child medication in small mouthfuls. Perhaps he had just been fed and also drank the medication, in a short while, the little fellow fell asleep.

Qing Feng also felt a little tired, so she slept with the child for a little. When she woke, the little fellow beside her was still sleeping quietly. Qing Feng gently touched his forehead and when she felt that the temperature had gone down quite a lot, Qing Feng was silently relieved.

Fu Ling saw her awake and went over to help her up. Qing Feng smiled, “Today he is actually well-behave.”

Seeing that her mood was finally good, Fu Ling smiled and said, “It must be that Imperial Physician’s medication is effective.”

“I hope so. These few days he was tormented enough so let him sleep well for a while. I have not been reading for quite some time. I want to go to the study to take a look.”

Fu Ling put on the cloak on her, even though the study was not far from the inner chambers and separated by the folding screens, they could still see the little child on the bed. There was a little cot in the study, for Fu Ling and the others to sleep when they were on night vigil. Qing Feng leaned on the soft couch as she flip through the book.

She was holding the records of the Grand Tutor Yu of the previous dynasty. Qing Feng was so enthralled by it that she did not know how long has pa.s.sed. Fu Ling carried a bowl of porridge over and gently called out by her ears, “Mistress, do drink some bird’s nest porridge.”

“En?” After recovering to her senses, she had almost read finish the entire book. Qing Feng took two mouthful from the porridge before realising that she felt quite hungry. She looked towards the inner chambers that was still so quiet and smiled, “The Prince’s nap is long enough and since he have not eaten for almost half a day, he should be hungry. Go and take a look at him. If he is awake, carry him out.”

“Yes.” Fu Ling walked into the inner chambers and after a while Qing Feng could hear a shout coming from inside, “Ah!”

“Mis… Mistress… Mistress!” Fu Ling’s panicked voice had some sobbing tones which made Qing Feng’s heart sink. She ran to the inner chambers and only saw Fu Ling half kneeing in front of the bed as one of her hands held the child’s wrist with a face full of horror.

“How could it be like this?” Seeing the dark purple and blackened face, Qing Feng’s feet became weak as she stumble to the front of the bed and almost crawled to the child. Qing Feng grabbed the child’s little hand and the cold temperature of it was like an icy knife stabbing straight to the heart.

“How could it be like this?!” Qing Feng grabbed the child’s other soft wrist and was actually afraid to touch his face. Her head was buzzing with pain when suddenly she appeared to have remembered something and shouted loudly, “Imperial Physician! Imperial Physician!”

Qing Feng suddenly got up and ran out but her weak steps made her stumble and she almost fell a couple of times. Fu Ling finally recovered her senses and supported Qing Feng as she quickly said, “Be careful Mistress. You accompany the Prince, this servant will get Ru Yi to invite the Imperial Physician.”

After helping Qing Feng back to the bed, Fu Ling turned and ran out of the house. In a short while, the entire outside of the house was in chaos but Qing Feng could not hear any noise at all as she was staring at the motionless person on the bed. This time she dared not even touch and only huddled by the bed while whispering, “My son… My son, don’t frighten your mother…”

When Fu Ling returned to the inner chambers, she saw Qing Feng staring foolishly at the Little Prince as she was muttering with a trembling voice. She was unsure what she was saying. Fu Ling squatted down and softly called, “Mistress…”

Qing Feng immediately turned around and grabbed her hands like it was the life-saving raft, “Fu Ling. Fu Ling, he is ignoring me. His hands are so cold! What do I do? What to do?”

Qing Feng stared straight at her and kept repeating “What to do”, that empty look in her eyes made Fu Ling feel cold from her hands to her feet. She just checked the Prince’s pulse, he was already… But she dared not say anything and could only comfort, “It’s alright. The Imperial Physician… The Imperial Physician will arrive soon. The Little Prince… He will be fine.”

Fu Ling’s voice was shaking like autumn leaves and her words was unable to achieve any comforting effect. At this time a calm and indifferent expression flashed across her face as if that firm and sharp look could placate her. Qing Feng quickly said, “You go. Go and find my Elder Sister! Quickly go!”

“Yes.” Fu Ling quickly nodded.

After Fu Ling left, a cold air was emitted from Qing Feng’s heart, making her whole body cold.

“My son…” Qing Feng trembling hand reached out and held onto that small hands. Previously when she stretched her hands over, he would definitely open up his fingers and grabbed onto one of her fingers before giggling. He also liked to grab onto her hair. He actually had strength in his arms and would at times hurt her as he grab. When he saw her frowning, he would then giggle again…

“My son…” Qing Feng held on tightly to that small cold hands. No matter how she hold on, he was still this cold. Why was he this cold? If he got colder, he would catch a cold! Qing Feng suddenly shouted out, “Someone come! Someone come! Go bring the brazier over. Quick. The more the better.”

Lan-er and Xia Yin was standing by the door and when they saw Qing Feng call out crazily, Xia Yin was so scared that she dare not go closer. Lan-er’s legs was shaking horrendously and she only dare to reply from afar, “This servant… This servant will go prepare now…”

In a short while, the small inner chambers had five or six braziers but Qing Feng still screamed that it was not enough. Fu Ling and Ru Yi was not here and Lan-er did not dare to say more, thus she could only bring more brazier inside. Finally Ru Yi led Imperial Physician w.a.n.g and Imperial Physician Hu in.

When he entered the inner chambers and saw Qing Feng in front of the bed while holding the child’s hand, w.a.n.g Zhi Yang’s heart immediately had a bad feeling. When Qing Feng heard noises behind her and saw w.a.n.g Zhi Yang, her eyes suddenly shone as she anxiously said, “Imperial Physician w.a.n.g, quickly take a look at the Pring. He… He fell asleep… He…” As Qing Feng continued speaking, her voice became softer, as if she was afraid of waking up the person on the bed.

“Yes. Yes.” w.a.n.g Zhi Yang quickly came to the front of the bed and saw the shade of dark purple on the child. He was so shocked that the tools in his hands fell onto the floor and scattered all over the ground. w.a.n.g Zhi Yang’s hands trembled as he checked the child’s pulse and breath. At this moment the inner chambers was very hot but w.a.n.g Zhi Yan’s cold sweat kept flowing out.

When Imperial Physician Hu saw his facial expression, he stepped forward to look. After he saw clearly the child’s face, his facial expression turned white and it seemed to be in more panic than w.a.n.g Zhi Yang. He took a few sudden steps back and almost fell onto the ground while continuously repeating, “How could it be like this? How is it possible!”

Qing Feng dared not ask at all and only stared at him hopefully. w.a.n.g Zhi Yang did not dare to look at Qing Feng and took two steps back before plopping onto his knees. After a long time then he said tremblingly, “The Prince… The Prince… Has come to a premature end!”

When w.a.n.g Zhi Yang’s words were spoken, the roomful of servants gasped and fell onto their knees. Qing Feng was the only one that was standing stiffly and there was only the crackling sound of the burning charcoal heard. After a long while, Qing Feng moved and walked like a ghost over to the bed to gently cup the child’s face and softly said, “My son, don’t be afraid. Your mother is by your side. Are you cold?”

“Where is the brazier? Quickly bring the brazier over.”

“Your Ladyship… The Prince is already…”

Qing Feng turned her head suddenly as her eyes were filled with ice. When that cold sharp look shot over, Ru Yi immediately stop her mouth and dare not speak more. She quickly moved two brazier to the bedside. When she slightly looked up, she saw Qing Feng gently place the Prince’s hands in her palms and softly said, “Don’t be scared, it would not be cold in a short while.”

Ru Yi’s hands that was holding the brazier shivered and her entire body was covered with gooseb.u.mps! The others dare not even breathe.

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