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ALLEN, GRANT, English scientist and man of letters; born 1848, died 1899. Was born in Canada, and pa.s.sed his boyhood there.

Educated in France and at Oxford University. He wrote "Physiological aesthetics," "Vignettes from Nature," "The Evolutionist at Large,"

"Force and Energy," many scientific papers in periodicals, and some fiction. "Strange Stories," "The Reverend John Creedy," "Philistia,"

"The British Barbarians" among others.

BELT, T. G., an English traveller of the nineteenth century, best known by his book, "The Naturalist in Nicaragua."

BLATCHLEY, W. S., American naturalist and geologist, born 1859. Has taken part in many important geological surveys, and is State geologist of Indiana. Among his writings are "Gleanings from Nature," and many important highly technical contributions to State scientific publications.

BRUNER, L., American professor of entomology and ornithology at the University of Nebraska, born 1566. Is the State entomologist of Nebraska. Has written "An Introduction to the Study of Entomology,"

and some papers on the locusts of Argentina, as well as many technical scientific reports in State papers, etc.

BURROUGHS, JOHN, American essayist, born 1837. Has written much on nature observation. Among his books are "Wake Robin," "Winter Sunshine," "Birds and Poets," "Pepacton," "Fresh Fields," "Signs and Seasons," etc. He was at first a school teacher, then a clerk of the treasury, then a national bank examiner, and he now lives on a farm, devoting himself to literature and fruit culture.

HOPLEY, MRS. C. C., an English author who lived much in America, and made a special study of "Snakes," on which subject she wrote a great deal. Her book ent.i.tled "Snakes" is the most important record of her work.

HUXLEY, T. H., Famous English biologist, born 1825; died 1895. Was a.s.sistant surgeon in the navy, then professor of natural history, rector of Aberdeen University, and president of the Royal Society. Among his books are, "Evidences as to Man's Place in Nature,"

"Comparative Anatomy," "Lay Sermons," "Critiques and Addresses,"

"Physiography," "The Crayfish," "Science and Culture," "Evolution and Ethics," "The Anatomy of Invertebrate Animals," etc.

JEFFERIES, RICHARD, born near Swindon, Wiltshire, Nov. 6, 1848; died Aug. 14, 1887. A naturalist whose fascinating writings were recognized as cla.s.sics only after his death. Among his most popular books are, "The Gamekeeper at Home" (1878), "Wild Life in a Southern Country" (1879), "The Amateur Poacher" (1880), "Round About a Great Estate" (1881), "Nature Near London," and "The Story of My Heart"

(1883), "Red Deer" (1884), and "The Open Air" (1885).

JORDAN, DAVID STARR, President Leland Stanford, Jr., University; born Gainesville, N.Y., Jan. 19, 1851; graduated Cornell M. S., 1872; M. D. Indiana Medical College, 1875; (Ph.D. Butler University, 1878; LL.D. Cornell University, 1886). Held chairs in various collegiate inst.i.tutions, 187279; a.s.sistant to U. S. Fish Commission, 187791; professor of zoology 187985, and president 188591, Indiana University; president Leland Stanford Jr., University since 1891; president California Academy of Sciences 189698; also U. S. Commissioner in charge of fur-seal investigations, etc. Author: "A Manual of Vertebrate Animals of Northern United States," "Science Sketches," "Fishes of North and Middle America"

(4 vols.); "Footnotes to Evolution," "Matka and Kotik," "Care and Culture of Men," "The Innumerable Company," "Imperial Democracy," "Animal Life," "Animal Forms," "The Strength of Being Clean," "Standeth G.o.d within the Shadow," also numerous papers on Ichthyology, in procedures of various societies and government bureaus.

MAETERLINK, MAURICE, Belgian dramatist and poet, born 1864.

He began early to write plays, which were translated into English and represented in London. He has written "Le Tresor des Humbles,"

"Aglavaine and Selysette," "Pelleas and Melisande," "The Intruder,"

"Princess Maleine," "Wisdom and Destiny." He has been called the "Belgian Shakespeare."

MORLEY, MARGARET W., author and teacher, born 1858. Has taught in New York State and in the West. She is the author of "A Song of Life," "Life and Love," "A Few Familiar Flowers," "Flowers and their Friends," "The Bee People," "The Honey Makers," "Seed Babies,"

"Little Wanderers," "Wasps and their Ways," etc.

Th.o.r.eAU, HENRY DAVID, born at Concord, Ma.s.s., July 12, 1817; died May 6, 1862. After his graduation from Harvard, in 1837, he helped his father make lead pencils. In 1839 he began his careful studies on nature, and made a voyage on the Concord and Merrimac Rivers described in his first book. His most popular work, "Walden, or Life in the Woods," was published in 1854. After his death several volumes were made up from his voluminous diaries. His collected writings, in ten volumes, were published in 1893.

WALLACE, A. R., noted English naturalist and traveller, born 1822. Was educated as a land surveyor, but turned his attention exclusively to natural history. He explored the valleys of the Amazon and Rio Negro, travelled in the Malay Archipelago and Papua. He and Darwin both announced together the theory of natural selection. He wrote "Travels on the Amazon," "Palm Trees of the Amazon," "The Malay Archipelago," "Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection,"

"Geographical Distribution of Animals," "Tropical Nature," "Island Life," etc.

WILSON, A., English physiologist, lecturer, and journalist, born 1852. Educated Edinburgh University and Medical School. Has written much on popular physiology in the newspapers and magazines. Is the author of "Studies on Life," "Leisure Time Studies," "Science Stories," "Chapters on Evolution," "Leaves from a Naturalist's Note Book," "Wild Animals," "Elements of Zoology," etc.



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