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Ji Yi had run out of the house because of He Jichen in the first place, so of course she didn't want to go back. What's more, she still had a backup bank card back at her dorm, so she'd rather stand by the road and wait for a taxi.

It was still early, and the roads of Beijing were crowded as usual. Ji Yi's house was in the center of the city where traffic was particularly heavy, so a lot of taxis weren't willing to take jobs there.

Ji Yi stared so intensely at her phone screen that she didn't notice an Audi pull up beside her.

The car window lowered, and the person inside looked over at her.

A few days ago, the temperature in Beijing had suddenly dropped. It was extremely windy in the evenings, and since Ji Yi didn't have her jacket with her, she shivered in the cold.

Seeing as she was shivering, the person in the car gradually started to furrow his brows.

Since she still wasn't able to hitch a ride, Ji Yi was just thinking about upping the ride price on her taxi-hailing app when she got a call.

It was her mother.

Without hesitation, she took the call.

"Xiao Yi, did something happen to your cla.s.smate? Is it serious?"

"It's nothing serious..." A gust of cold air blew in, causing Ji Yi to let out a loud sneeze.

The man in the car furrowed his brows even harder and stared intensely at Ji Yi without blinking like he was contemplating something.

"That's good. I thought something big happened..." Her mum's voice clearly relaxed a little, then she changed the subject, "...Xiao Yi, what do you think about Jichen?"

Ji Yi didn't quite understand what her mum was saying as she let out a "Hm?".

"Although you haven't finished your second year of university yet, it's not like you don't know that you were forced to take three years off from school because of what happened... You're not young anymore, so you should consider what to do about your love life..." Her mother rambled on over the phone for quite a long lecture.

Ji Yi knew roughly what she was getting at, but just as Ji Yi was going to reply, she let out another loud sneeze.

The man inside the Audi instinctively pushed open his door.

"...Xiao Yi, I think Jichen isn't bad. Listen to Mama. Think about it, alright?" Her mother finally got to the point.

"He Jichen?" Without a second thought, Ji Yi let slip, "He and I could never happen!"

The fingers of the man who was just about to get out of the Audi trembled for a moment, then suddenly relaxed.

"Why not? Jichen graduated from a prestigious university, his family background is good, he looks good... What's more, your He Ayi and I have known each other for so many years; we know him very well. If he and you got together, your father and I wouldn't have to worry, so why don't you consider it? Also, when your He Ayi and I were pregnant at the same time, we already talked about it. If we had a boy and a girl, they'd get married. Tomorrow, I'll give your He Ayi a call. She'll be delighted..."

Four years ago, He Jichen treated me like trash. If mum really calls his mum, wouldn't she essentially be shamelessly making me marry him even after he humiliated me in every way possible?

Because she was so agitated, Ji Yi raised her voice and her tone became strict and firm, "Ma, I'm going to say this one more time. When I say 'he and I can never be together', I mean it! I'll consider anyone but He Jichen!"

As Ji Yi's voice fell, she heard the loud sound of a car door slam.

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