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Following Yan Yizhen's gaze, Su Xing spotted a hidden lake about a hundred meters wide inside a grove. In relation to the thousand meter sized Evil Smiting Hall,1 this lake was not at all large. The jungle was layered and the cliffs were encircling. If one did not carefully look, they genuinely would not find a trace.

To be able to make Yan Yizhen's expression somewhat moved, this lake was not ordinary.

This lake was a giant circle. In the lake's center was a luxuriant little island that divided the lake into a wonderful Taiji pattern,2 one half was yin and the other was yang.

Su Xing recalled that among Yan Yizhen's Star Beasts were the ones called the "Yin Yang Carps" that dwelled in the Yin Yang Lake. These sort of Yin Yang Carps were a very perfect Star Beast for Yan Yizhen. Furthermore, capturing it would not be so difficult as the Void Dragon False Phoenix, but besides that the appearance of this lake was somewhat ordinary, before he came to Evil Smiting Hall he crammed on the two extreme environments of the Yin Yang Lake that had "one frigid" and "one warm" the Yin Yang Carps lived in.

Su Xing descended onto one side of the islet in the lake's center. The lakewater was extremely clear, and he could make out countless carps swimming about in the water, but these carps were ordinary, not the least bit as imposing as the legendary Star Beast "Yin Yang Carps."

"Master, reportedly, the Yin Yang Carps will only show their form after a.s.similating the male and female qi of Yin and Yang." Yan Yizhen's tone was undisturbed. Star Beasts were a Star General's life-cast beast, and she had several memories pertaining to the Yin Yang Carps.

"a.s.similate the male and female qi of Yin and Yang? How's this done?" Su Xing blushed with shame.

Yan Yizhen pondered, gazed at Su Xing a little. "Slave Servant will first go see whether or not the Yin Yang Carps can be found."

When Su Xing saw this, he did not have a better solution.

Yan Yizhen gently threw off her maid skirt, exposing a set of small underwear. Her twin peaks stood tall, as if they were about to burst out from her clothes, completely unable to conceal her sensual appearance, and a pair of undertrousers3 just happened to conceal her shameful place, making one's blood vessels swell.

Her skin surpa.s.sed snow and competed against frost. The scars left behind by her excellent fighting talent did not appear at all on Yan Yizhen's skin.

Yan Yizhen stooped, her vermilion pupils showing a gentle expression. Her short hair was neat against her ears, refined and distinct. On Yan Yizhen's glossy back, under the light of Evil Smiting Hall's sun, a dark red tattoo practically covered the girl's snowy back. Under the light, it was like a fire burning, exceptionally enchanting.

In that instant, it was somewhat unreal.

"Master, Slave Servant shall go down first?" Yan Yizhen softly said. She was generously exposed in front of Su Xing's eyes, not minding the sensual scene she laid bare.

"Wait a moment." Su Xing looked at this big lake, saying: "Since this is the Yin Yang lake, then with the lake's island as the center, you'll look at one half, and I'll look at the other."

Yan Yizhen did not object. She then took a deep breath, and like a mermaid dove into the lake, her splash being restrained. There were nearly no waves.

Through the limpid water's surface, Su Xing could clearly see the girl's snow white body cruise under the water, deftly and sharply. The schools of carp in the lake successively scattered in alarm. The maid seemed to dance in the water, graceful and refined.

Su Xing took a deep breath, also took of his clothes, and jumped into the lake.

The moment he entered the lakewater, Su Xing instantly felt the Star Energy in his whole body was seemingly disappearing. The entire world seemed to fade from existence, and there was a sort of feeling where his mind went blank. After several seconds, he recovered. It seemed this lakewater had problems, as expected.

Su Xing swam over, carefully observing the countless schools of carp.

The appearance of these carps was not at all odd in the slightest. Besides the fishes' bodies being extremely long, the fish scales were exceptionally glossy. Su Xing wanted to go grab them. These carps were extremely slippery in their evasion. Besides these carps, there were many aquatic plants in the lake. These aquatic plants were very inconvenient. When Su Xing chased several of these carps, a moment of carelessness would leave him entangled by the plants. These aquatic gra.s.ses also were seemingly intelligent, winding around Su Xing's whole body.

Underwater Su Xing was incapable of exerting Star Energy. He could only go tear them off, yet these plants would return. The thorns stuck into his skin with some pain. Su Xing's hand grabbed at them, ripping apart a bunch of gra.s.s. At this time, a storm suddenly blew past underwater. Su Xing turned his head to look, only spotting a tide pouncing towards him. This lakewater was not like any other. These countless water gra.s.ses also formed a storm.

Su Xing thought, f.u.c.k, and he adopted a battle stance.

Just at this moment, an unstoppable hurricane tore the aquatic plants to shreds. Yan Yizhen already swam towards him. The maid was just like a sharp sword conquering every obstacle. Countless water plants endlessly were sucked over and wove into tightly wrapped cage to trap Yan Yizhen. When Su Xing saw, he immediately swam over, palm chopping through.

Very quickly he reached Yan Yizhen's front. The two glances at each other, placing their backs against each other with tacit understanding.

In the water, the girl's soft and supple b.u.t.t stuck to his, a sensual feeling.

The two of them joined forces, very quickly cleaning out these spirit gra.s.ses guarding the water's depths.

The lakewater washed away.

Su Xing and Yan Yizhen breached the water's surface and took deep breaths.

"Did you find anything?" Su Xing asked.

Yan Yizhen apologetically shook her head.

"I didn't see anything special either. Let's get out first." Su Xing said.

Climbing ash.o.r.e, he sat on the beach. Su Xing wiped his face. At this time, Yan Yizhen also swam over. At the moment, the maid was dressed very erotically. Due to the water plants' evil, those light underpants already were shredded with many holes, as if countless rags covered the girl's body. Originally, the body not covered with clothes now had even less to cover it with. There was close to no difference to being naked.

Su Xing grew warm, and his eyes were glued.

Yan Yizhen lowered her head and saw her own appearance yet remained unmoved. Perhaps to her, being seen by her master was not at all a big deal.

"What do we do now?" Su Xing asked somewhat worriedly.

"Master, why not wait until the time Yin Yang alternates. Perhaps the Yin Yang Carps will appear." Yan Yizhen thought.

When Yin and Yang alternated was when the sun set and the moonlight arose. This time in Liangshan Continent was called the Time of Yin and Yang.

Su Xing thought and could only do this.

The Yin Yang Carps were not only the Skilful Star's exceptional Star Beast, they were even more of a legendary Spirit Beast in Liangshan Continent. The times it would appear had always been very mysterious, always with certain conditions. To reap without sowing was impossible.

Looking at the sky, there was still some time before Evil Smiting Hall's Time of Yin and Yang was reached.

"Master, do you need Slave Servant to attend to Master with a bath?" Yan Yizhen saw they still had time and thus respectfully spoke.

Su Xing gasped, and then he contrarily smiled; "Little Yi, you lie down. This time, just let me serve you."

"This is something that Slave Servant ought to do." Yan Yizhen shook her head in refusal.

"This is an order." Su Xing smiled, not allowing her to refuse.

Yan Yizhen still was somewhat hesitant.

"I learned some ma.s.sage finger techniques from Suwen. Little Yi, try them out to see how they are." Su Xing rubbed his palms.

"Slave Servant follows orders."

Yan Yizhen's back lied down upon a long towel.

The girl's s.e.xy curves made Su Xing discover that he was unexpectedly a bit nervous. He took a deep breath, extended a hand to gently take off and undo the strings of Yan Yizhen's underwear. Losing the cover of the underwear on her upper body, the girl's spotlessly white back was plainly visible and exposed to Su Xing's eyes.

The state of mind of even the Su Xing who had plenty of experience with erotic sights was disturbed.

Yan Yizhen's skin was very snow white, but in that instant her clothes were undone, there was a close to white dazzling sight. Under the sunlight, the she was l.u.s.trously delicate. Su Xing eased his mind, his heartbeat unable to help but somewhat accelerate.

Regardless of how it was put, this was but the first time he was this intimate with Yan Yizhen since after the bath in the Mirror's Flower Stream. That time was because of some reasons, so it seemed that erotic married couple's bath in actuality was not that pa.s.sionate. But this time was completely different. In a clear and refreshing autumn, with no one to disturb them, they wholly could relax and enjoy this.

"It is better to let Slave Servant do it." Yan Yizhen said in a low voice.

The girl also showed rare nervousness. The Skilful Star's state of mind probably was no better than Su Xing's.

"I've never talked to Little Yi at all. You've been at my side, yet I've wronged you." Su Xing sighed.

"Slave Servant is not wronged at all." Yan Yizhen softly replied.

Remembering that Yan Yizhen always was silently at his side, Su Xing smiled. He wholeheartedly relaxed, no longer minding that much. His fingers gently swiped across Yan Yizhen's glossy back. When his fingertips touched the woman's spotlessly white back, a sort of electric current filled his whole body.

Su Xing trembled, and he took a deep breath. Her body practically was an unimaginable softness. Just by barely touching, the blood inside his body sped up, and a sort of hormone even more presented a breakout tendency.

This kind of odd feeling was not inferior to when Shi Yuan and Wu Xinjie used the Fine Lady's Essence Gathering.

The dark red tattoo on Yan Yizhen's back was alluring like fire, as if it was a phoenix of nirvana. Tracing the patterns on its surface, his fingers gently stroked. Yan Yizhen's breathing quietly sped up.

The red tattoo seemingly had some mesmerizing magic power. Su Xing could not help exploring down her body, following along the lines of her body with kisses. The movements of his fingers did not pause, tenderly stroking whatever brought him enticement.

"Master…" Yan Yizhen moaned.

"Ah? I'm sorry." Su Xing was roused from losing himself, and he apologetically spoke.

Yan Yizhen turned around, and her underwear fell. Those plump twin peaks stood tall. She completely did not have any intention to cover them. Yan Yizhen's cheeks were crimson, her cold pupils containing a rarely seen unfocusedness.

"Next, let Slave Servant serve Master." Yan Yizhen said.

"En." Su Xing had no way to decline. "Don't you want put your clothes on?"

How could he have antic.i.p.ated that Yan Yizhen would crawl to Su Xing's front like a kitten. Her vermilion pupils were very beautiful and very unfocused. The maid's lips slightly parted, emitting a fragrant air. Her two hands similarly with tender feelings leisurely stroking the wounds cut by the water plants over Su Xing's whole body. Su Xing drew in a sharp breath. Rather than say it was a painful feeling, it was more accurate to say it was a supreme pleasure.

"Master, Yin Yang Essence Qi can also make the Yin Yang Carps reveal themselves. Does Master want to try it with Slave Servant?" Yan Yizhen's tone was very seductive.

How could Su Xing not know her meaning.

"Little Yi, are you serious?" Su Xing asked in the end.

"Slave Servant is serious." Yan Yizhen climbed onto Su Xing's shoulders, her towering b.r.e.a.s.t.s sticking tightly to Su Xing's stomach, making skin contact.

Both of Su Xing's hands embraced her, and then he kissed her.

The maid kissed back, that pair of pupils that originally should have been full of detachment were now br.i.m.m.i.n.g with deep seduction, different from the other Sisters. Their Star Duel Covenants with Su Xing had all been Kiss Contracts. Having already sampled the feeling of deep kissing with Su Xing, this still was the first time Yan Yizhen deep kissed with Su Xing.

Yan Yizhen's eyes slowly closed, and for a time, she sunk in.



Evil Smiting Hall definitely is not only a thousand meters ↩ The Yin Yang symbol ↩  褻褲 ↩

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