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Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? summary:

Iruma Tak.u.mi, a 40-year old salary man, was dragged into a hero summoning just like in a template. What was his fate? The G.o.ddess sent him and the heroes to the other world separately. With the G.o.ddess’ overprotective support, he landed in a different world looking handsome, rejuvenated, and quite different from a j.a.panese. However, he wanted a slow life while working in the manufacturing trade. That was not permitted by the G.o.ddess’ special body and abilities. Would Tak.u.mi be able to live a peaceful life in a different world?

Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 85 Jan-25-20
Chapter 84 Jan-20-20
Chapter 83 Jan-17-20
Chapter 82 Jan-17-20
Chapter 81 Jan-17-20
Chapter 80 Jan-17-20
Chapter 79 Jan-17-20
Chapter 78 Jan-17-20
Chapter 77 Dec-26-19
Chapter 76 Dec-26-19
Chapter 75 Dec-11-19
Chapter 74 Dec-08-19
Chapter 73 Dec-08-19
Chapter 72 Dec-08-19
Chapter 71 Dec-08-19
Chapter 70 Nov-08-19
Chapter 69 Nov-04-19
Chapter 68 Nov-04-19
Chapter 67 Nov-04-19
Chapter 66 Nov-04-19
Chapter 65 Oct-15-19
Chapter 64 Oct-15-19
Chapter 63 Oct-15-19
Chapter 62 Oct-05-19
Chapter 61 Oct-05-19
Chapter 60 Oct-05-19
Chapter 59 Oct-05-19
Chapter 58 Oct-05-19
Chapter 57 Oct-05-19
Chapter 56 Oct-05-19
Chapter 55 Oct-05-19
Chapter 54 Aug-26-19
Chapter 53 Aug-26-19
Chapter 52 Aug-26-19
Chapter 51 Aug-12-19
Chapter 50 Aug-12-19
Chapter 49 Aug-12-19
Chapter 48 Aug-03-19
Chapter 47 Aug-03-19
Chapter 46 Jul-29-19
Chapter 45 Jul-29-19
Chapter 44 Jul-29-19
Chapter 43 Jul-16-19
Chapter 42 Jul-04-19
Chapter 41 Jul-01-19
Chapter 40 Jul-01-19
Chapter 39 Jul-01-19
Chapter 38 Jul-01-19
Chapter 37 Jun-10-19
Chapter 36 Jun-10-19
Chapter 35 Jun-10-19
Chapter 34 Jun-10-19
Chapter 33 May-15-19
Chapter 32 May-12-19
Chapter 31 May-12-19
Chapter 30 May-12-19
Chapter 29 May-12-19
Chapter 28 Apr-30-19
Chapter 27 Apr-27-19
Chapter 26 Apr-27-19
Chapter 25 Apr-27-19
Chapter 24 Apr-27-19
Chapter 23 Apr-27-19
Chapter 22 Apr-27-19
Chapter 21 Apr-27-19
Chapter 20 Apr-27-19
Chapter 19 Apr-27-19
Chapter 18 Apr-27-19
Chapter 17 Apr-27-19
Chapter 16 Apr-27-19
Chapter 15 Apr-27-19
Chapter 14 Apr-27-19
Chapter 13 Apr-27-19
Chapter 12 Apr-27-19
Chapter 11 Apr-27-19
Chapter 10 Apr-27-19
Chapter 9 Apr-27-19
Chapter 8 Apr-27-19
Chapter 7 Apr-27-19
Chapter 6 Apr-27-19
Chapter 5 Apr-27-19
Chapter 4 Apr-27-19
Chapter 3 Mar-19-18
Chapter 2 Mar-14-18
Chapter 1 Mar-10-18


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