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Chapter 418: G.o.dly Car

The sudden appearance of the Trumpchi surprised everyone and left many puzzled about how it actually caught up, but that wasn't the only reason it caught everyone's attention. Everyone had their eyes glued to the screen without blinking, for just like the Wolf King in his Porsche, Xiao Luo chose to use the inner lane at the Devil's Corner, and on top of that, he had gone into the drift at a significantly higher speed than the Porsche. If the Trumpchi wasn't equipped with the NOx injection system, as many had speculated, it would undoubtedly lose control due to the absence of centripetal force.

Losing control at this speed meant that the car would roll over the side and crash, and if that happened, then there was a hundred percent guarantee that people were going to die!

“He's a lunatic! What is he trying to do, is he trying to commit suicide?”

Lei Shijian, behind the Porsche's wheels, was absolutely shocked and horrified with Xiao Luo's reckless actions.

Shen Qingyan took a fleeting glance at the Trumpchi from her rear mirror as she steered her Maserati through the drift. “Xiao Luo, you fool, hurry up and reduce your speed already!” she cursed.

“Xiao Luo!”

Su Li screamed and went completely pale as she lost all control of her emotions. There was no way she could remain calm, knowing that her younger brother was also in that Trumpchi.

However, none of their screams would matter. The Trumpchi charged into the inner lane at a speed of more than two hundred kilometers per hour. After initiating the drift, the rear end of the SUV swung forward and skidded laterally, precisely as Lei Shijian's Porsche had done earlier, but compared to him, Xiao Luo was driving a lot closer to the inner lane's edge. The distance between the front of the car and the inner lane guardrail was less than fifty centimeters apart.

They were pushing the inner lane drift to the limits, and just like that, it was back to a three-car race!

“Would you believe it… the Trumpchi has also made the drift from the inner lane… and, h-he… he drifted through the Devil's Corner at a speed of more than two hundred and ten kilometers an hour! The distance between the car b.u.mper and the guardrail was no more than the width of a palm. Oh, my G.o.d, this is way too extreme, and it didn't roll over! That's right, you are not dreaming, that's exactly what I said—and it's not even equipped with a nitrous oxide injection system. Wow! How did he drift across the Devil's Corner at speeds much faster than the Wolf King, and still keep his car under control? Is something funny going on here… is he cheating, somehow?”

The commentator's voice trembled as he described the scene. He was overwhelmed by the Trumpchi's performance, and so deeply shocked was he by Xiao Luo's audacious maneuver that it stirred his soul.

Entering the Devil's Corner at that speed was undoubtedly going to cause the car to flip over from loss of traction and excessive centrifugal force, but how was it that the Trumpchi sustained a controlled drift? This was simply going against the laws of physics…

All the racing fans viewing from the foot of the mountain and forums had their hearts in their throats. Suddenly, there was dead silence as all eyes were on the black Trumpchi. The proverbial Dark Horse had turned up, fighting its way through, getting everyone's support, and drawing all the attention to itself.

The Devil's Corner stretched for more than two hundred meters, but it didn't take too long for a car to drift that distance. Although the exhilaration of the Trumpchi's drift was only short-lived, it was good enough to send shockwaves and leave a lasting impression on everyone.

When the drivers came out of Devil's Corner, the positions had changed drastically—and, Queen, who was initially in front, had dropped back to the last place, while the Trumpchi, which was last, was currently in second place, and leading the pack, was the Wolf King.

The current positions in the race were unbelievable, no less a miracle!

The silent crowd slowly began stirring at first, and soon loud cheers broke out as the people got fired up once again. Their reactions this time were even more intense than the first two laps, inspired by the romping exploits of the two unknown underdogs riding in the lowly-rated Trumpchi SUV. In fact, many of the fans now were squarely behind them, supporting and cheering them on.

“Unbelievable, this domestic car is simply unbelievable! It looks like it's going to do G.o.d's work!”

“Hey, it's already doing G.o.d's work!”

“This Trumpchi is like a ghost, and I'm rooting for it from now on, do your best, Trumpchi!”

Rousing cheers for Xiao Luo's Trumpchi were beginning to be heard among the crowd, one after another, and it didn't seem like it was about to stop any time soon. While, in the forum, a deluge of posts regarding the Trumpchi had already exploded, with countless messages flowing in rapidly like bamboo shoots sprouting after a spring rain. It was a compelling “David versus Goliath” match-up, and being able to catch up with the two modified supercars instantly cemented the Trumpchi's status as a “G.o.dly Car.”

Compared to the driver of the Trumpchi, Lei Shijian and Shen Qingyan both appeared dull and lifeless in the fans' eyes. The fact that a domestic car could catch up to their supercars was every bit a sharp slap across their faces. This was as good as admitting that, had Xiao Luo been driving a supercar, he would already have been streets ahead of them.

“Where did this b*stard come out from? This is way too ridiculous!”

Lei Shijian had a bad feeling about this, and his earlier self-confidence had all but disappeared. His opponent had caught up with him just by driving a Trumpchi; if he had not witnessed something like this with his own eyes, he would have refused to believe such a thing was possible, even with a gun pointed at his head.

“Boss, you can't have a breakdown now. If you lose, you'll have to compensate five million dollars to that man,” his co-driver said.

“Scr*w your mum! If you say something that unlucky again, I'm going to throw you out of this vehicle while going at full speed!”

Lei Shijian fumed when he heard those comments, for he was rather superst.i.tious, and there were many things that you couldn't say to him before or during a race. To mention something as bad as this was basically a jinx as far as he was concerned.

The man shut his mouth immediately.

Trailing in the Maserati, Shen Qingyan looked at the tail lights of the Trumpchi, still in shock. “I've underestimated this jerk once again. Li, your man, is not a simple guy. If you have a chance, you should properly investigate him,” she said, “The first time I saw him, I knew he was different, and I even heard that Yang Hongzhi is now mentally unstable and going crazy. I don't know what the reason might be, but you never know, it could be related to him.”

Su Li didn't say anything, and she stared right in front without blinking, deep in thought—he possessed unbelievable basketball skills, had mastery over four foreign languages, and now he had just displayed G.o.d-like driving skills; no matter how one looked at it, there was no way Xiao Luo was an ordinary person. Su Li suddenly felt that she hardly knew anything about Xiao Luo and realized that whatever she knew about him was merely the tip of the iceberg.

In the Trumpchi, Su Canye's face was as white as a sheet, he looked terrible, and he felt even worse. Being a compet.i.tive racer himself, he should already have gotten used to drifting at high speeds, but in the little time that he had spent riding in this Trumpchi with Xiao Luo, he finally had to admit that he couldn't handle it at all. To be more precise, it wasn't that he wasn't used to drifting, but rather, it was the death-defying way that his brother-in-law, Xiao Luo, drove that he couldn't get used to, and his head was in a perpetual spin.

There was no way Xiao Luo could catch up to Lei Shijian and Shen Qingyan on the straight course, but on the winding roads of Wild Wolf Mountain, the Trumpchi was like a dragon entering its domain. There was no let-up in speed, whether Xiao Luo was driving on a straight course or driving on the winding road sections, and he seemed to completely ignore the principles of centripetal force and traction.

Terrified, Su Canye endured the harrowing ride and kept himself from vomiting. “Brother-in-law, you're practically a monster!” he said as he stole a glance at Xiao Luo.

“Shut up!”

Xiao Luo scowled and looked straight ahead, not wanting to be distracted.

“Alright, folks… we're heading towards the serpentine bend now, a tricky, continuous S-shaped section of the course, so let's see what kind of performance this Dark Horse can put up,” the commentator said, “Ladies and gentlemen, please do not blink, because, at the upcoming S-shaped course, we can see for ourselves how the Trumpchi was able to catch up earlier. Okay, let us all stay alert and have a good look…”

The commentator, a tall and skinny young man, was now suddenly giving more attention to the Trumpchi. For, like everyone else, he was extremely curious how this Trumpchi had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and how it was able to catch up despite falling so far behind in the early part of the race.

Everyone had their eyes on the large screen, paying full attention to the race and hardly daring to breathe or blink an eye. They had a strong hunch that this Trumpchi would reveal its true potential soon and would charge all the way to the finish line.

“Keep dreaming, as long as I drift towards the inner lane every single time, he can forget about overtaking me!”

Lei Shijian was getting updates through his co-driver's phone and was aware of everyone's sentiments. The posts were coming in fast and furious, and he wasn't pleased with what he heard. As a right turn came up, Lei Shijian immediately took the right lane to initiate his drift, thereby negating any chance Xiao Luo had of overtaking him.

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