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After leaping off the building, Lin Qiao took out the notepad and wrote a few words, then raised a hand to point at the hotel. The others then read her note—'There's a hotel building.'

"Hotel building? That will do. How far is it?" Asked Mrs. Lin. Lin Qiao showed her two fingers in response. 

The others glanced in that direction. They didn't see any hotel building in a few hundreds of meters around them, so they guessed that it was two miles away from where they were. 

"Two miles?" Lin Hao tried confirming. 

Lin Qiao nodded, then habitually gave him a thumbs up. Lin Hao glanced at her thumb with a weird look, then turned to look at Lin Feng and Mrs. Lin and said, "It's only two miles away. We can walk there."

"Jingchen, please carry Brother Tianxing." Then, he suddenly shouted to one of the few soldiers who had been silently standing beside him. The tall and strong soldier named Wei Jingchen immediately wore his rifle to his chest, then rolled up his sleeves and walked over, squatting before Yuan Tianxing. 

After that, the others helped Yuan Tianxing up and put him on Wei Jingchen's back. 

Lin Qiao began moving toward the hotel building ahead of the others. In fact, she wanted to bring all of these people into her s.p.a.ce, but it wasn't the time to do that. These people weren't familiar with her yet, so they definitely wouldn't be willing to enter her s.p.a.ce.

Lin Wenwen walked to Cheng w.a.n.gxue, then said to Lin Feng, "Brother, I'll hold my sister-in-law. You don't look good. Are you feeling unwell?"

Lin Feng didn't reject her, but delightedly pushed his wife to his younger sister. After that, he slowly walked to the side. "I'm fine, don't worry!" He said. 

"Is it fine for us to follow him?" At that moment, the leader of the group of soldiers came to Lin Hao's side and asked, his hands holding his gun. Lin Hao looked at Lin Qiao's back and responded, "I'm not sure either." 

"It's alright! He won't hurt us," Du Yuanxing came over and joined the conversation.

"Why are you so sure?" Lin Hao looked at him and asked. Du Yuanxing chuckled, then narrowed his small eyes and replied, "Do you know what he eats?" 

Hearing that, Lin Hao immediately stared at him with a weird look and said, "He's a zombie. Doesn't he eat human beings?"

Du Yuanxing shook his head and said, "No. He only eats animals, not human beings."

The other few people all looked at Du Yuanxing confusedly. 

"Isn't he a zombie? I thought zombies only eat human beings. Can higher level zombies live on animals now?" Lin Hao asked with surprise.

During the past few years, he and his families believed that zombies could upgrade only after eating human beings. They had never seen any zombie attack and eat animals. 

The scientists in their base had run experiments about that. They locked some ordinary zombies with living animals, but after days, those animals continued to be alive as those zombies ignored them. However, once human beings approached, those zombies would immediately burst in roars and try to pounce on them.

All the bases had been trying during the past few years, but still, no one managed to figure out a way to resolve the zombie virus infection. People didn't even know how the virus evolved, and how could it trigger superpowers. 

"That is something I don't know for sure. But earlier on, I saw him hunt animals," said Du Yuanxing. 

Lin Wenwen came closer and said, "How do you know he doesn't eat human beings? Maybe he has eaten human beings but just didn't let you see."

Du Yuanxing paused slightly, then replied with confusion, "Yeah, that's possible. But, I still believe that he won't hurt human beings. At least, he has saved my life. He's a good zombie!"

The others felt a little speechless. 'A good zombie? Really? Who knows what he got close to you for?' Lin Wenwen thought. 

Du Yuanxing had no idea that the others felt that he was silly. He glanced at Yuan Tianxing who was carried on Wei Jingchen's back and said, "So, why did Deputy Chief Yuan show up here? He was missing for a month, right? He was gone when the base was attacked."

Lin Hao glanced at Yuan Tianxing and thought of his condition. "Brother Tianxing has been injured for about a month," he said, "and some of his injuries are new. I guess something happened to him while he was missing. He's lucky that he's still alive. He's injured so badly, yet he still came for us. I wonder what he has been through."

"No wonder we couldn't find him when the base was attacked," said Long Qingying. "I guess he was attacked. After all, he has been at Chief's side, and is keenly observant. He could have caused some hindrance for the enemies' plan."

She was just making a guess, but little did she think that what she said had really happened. 

Lin Qiao was walking at the front while listening to their conversation. She was surprised that Yuan Tianxing had survived after the apocalypse, and had been with the other Lin Qiao, possessing a level-six superpower now. In Lin Qiao's memories, he was never an ordinary man. 

She guessed that Yuan Tianxing's earth power would be very useful when reconstructing buildings. Du Yuanxing's power was rare as well. She didn't understand why the base didn't hire them as public officers. After all, their powers could be highly helpful for the base. 

While walking, the group of human beings suddenly discovered that all the surrounding ordinary zombies would automatically move away from Lin Qiao. 

That weird zombie was like a human-shaped zombie expeller! 

A while later, Lin Qiao stopped abruptly, then raised her head to look in another direction. 

"What's wrong with him?" The people who followed behind her stopped as well. They kept a distance of about two meters from her while watching her moves confusedly. 

At that moment, Lin Qiao suddenly turned back, pointed where the hotel building was located, then made a few hand gestures quickly. After that, she turned back and hopped onto the roof of the two-story building next to her, leaping toward the area that she had looked at earlier on and disappearing soon. 

"He… seems to be an ex-special forces soldier." Lin Feng said with a weird expression.

"Brother, what did he mean?" Lin Wenwen and the other few who hadn't spent their time in the army didn't understand Lin Qiao's hand gestures, so they looked at Lin Feng bewilderedly. 

Only Lin Feng and the few soldiers who didn't have superpowers understood Lin Qiao's meaning. 

Lin Feng glanced at the area that Lin Qiao headed to, then looked at the hotel and said, "He told us to go to the hotel without him. The hotel is safe, and we can go over there without worry. He needs to leave for a second, but will meet us at the hotel very soon."

Hearing his words, Lin Wenwen and the others nodded. "Wow! Brother, you actually know what he meant."

Lin Feng glanced at her and replied impatiently, "Have you forgotten what kind of job your sister and I did back in the old world?" 

While speaking, he kept moving toward the hotel.

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