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After coming out of her s.p.a.ce, Lin Qiao glanced at the few people squatting around Yuan Tianxing, then turned to find that her big brother was staring at her with a strange look. Lin Qiao knew that he was picturing something in his head, because that look on his face was very familiar to her. 

He was her big brother, and they grew up together. So, she clearly knew that the look in his face meant, not to mention how obvious it was. 

She looked at Lin Feng and figured that he might be imagining something about her. She didn't mind, just turned to hand the cup of water to Du Yuanxing. 

"Should we give him more?" Du Yuanxing took over the cup and asked. Lin Qiao pointed at Lin Feng, then at the cup in his hand, then raised three clean fingers. 

Seeing that, Lin Feng asked without thinking, "Do you mean that you gave me three cups of water like this, and then I was cured?"

Lin Qiao nodded at him. 

Du Yuanxing fixed his eyes on Lin Qiao's hand and said, "Your hand is quite clean. Don't all zombies have dirty hands, because of all the blood and dirt…"

"Alright, just hand me the water first." Lin Hao, who had been waiting for him to pa.s.s the water, couldn't help but say out. Du Yuanxing hurriedly gave him the water. 

Lin Hao took over the water and started pouring it into Yuan Tianxing's mouth. While doing that, he said, "I think this water is very helpful for healing Brother Tianxing's internal injuries. It hasn't shown any obvious effect on the trauma, but is still effective."

Hearing that, the others looked at Lin Hao with glowing eyes, then turned to Lin Qiao with surprise. 

Lin Qiao was looking at Lin Hao in astonishment. She was surprised that the latter was able to sense the energy in the lake water. Soon, she began wondering if her little brother had super sensations. 

Lin Hao poured the second cup of water into Yuan Tianxing's mouth, then handed the cup to Lin Qiao without waiting for her to get it herself. Lin Qiao knowingly took two steps forward to get the cup, then stepped back and flashed into her s.p.a.ce again. 

This time, the others didn't step back to avoid her. 

"Granny," Lin Xiaolu raised her head to look at Mrs. Lin and asked, "can his face be fixed?"

Mrs. Lin knew that she was talking about the zombie's face. The little girl's question made her begin wondering. Since the water could cure injuries, why didn't the zombie fix his face with it? Or, was the water only effective on human beings?

She thought for a moment, then replied to her granddaughter, "His body isn't the same as ours. Perhaps, his face will recover in the future."

Hearing their conversation, the others had the same question as Mrs. Lin did. They too didn't understand why the zombie didn't heal himself with the water. Was it because he was a zombie?

Lin Hao looked at them, knowing what they were thinking. Abruptly, he said, "He doesn't have life-force. I think that's why the energy contained in the water isn't effective on him."

He turned to point at Yuan Tianxing, then continued, "The energy contained in the water has been restoring Brother Tianxing's body very quickly, and stimulating his life force. Two cups of water aren't enough for him. He needs another cup. After drinking the third cup of water, the energy in his body would be saturated, and then its effect won't be so obvious."

Mrs. Lin looked at him and asked, "Are you saying that Tianxing can only absorb the energy in three cups of water? Like, the fourth cup of water will be ineffective on him? Your brother recovered quite quickly, but why hasn't Tianxing woken up yet?" 

"Do you remember how long did the zombie and my brother disappear just now?" Lin Hao spoke. "My brother was still unconscious when the zombie brought him out."

"The most important for now is for us to find a clean place to settle down as soon as possible. It's getting dark soon. We need to find a shelter to hide from zombies before dark. Also, we need to let Tianxing get some good rest. Tomorrow, we'll make some plan." Lin Feng said. 

Hearing him, the others all nodded. Lin Wenwen looked at him and Cheng Wagnxue, then said, "You and w.a.n.gxue need to rest as well. I wonder if the zombie's water can heal w.a.n.gxue's foot."

While speaking, she fixed her eyes on Cheng w.a.n.gxue's legs, who shook her head while smiling and said, "I'm fine."

"Yeah, it's afternoon already." Du Yuanxing agreed, "We should find a place to rest. We don't need to worry about zombies though. As long as he and that young female zombie are with us, the others zombies won't dare to approach."

He said that based on what he had experienced during the past few days. The other zombies all avoided them once seeing them. 

"Alright! Let's wait for him to come out the. After Tianxing has taken the third cup of water, we'll start looking for a place to get over this night… hem…" Lin Feng coughed while speaking. 

"Alright, Lin Feng, stop talking! We'll do what you said. We'll find a place to get over the night." Maybe because he was talking too much, Lin Feng's body seemed to be a little stressed. Noticing that, Mrs. Lin immediately interrupted him. 

At that point, Lin Qiao showed up and handed Lin Hao the cup of water. After Lin Hao poured the water into Yuan Tianxing's mouth, she took the cup back. Then, she flicked his hand, and the cup disappeared. 

"Eh… Lu Tianyu, right?" Du Yuanxing said to Lin Qiao, "We prepare to find a place to rest. I wonder if you have any recommendation."

Lin Qiao was stepping back. Hearing Du Yuanxing's words, she glanced at the group of people, then turned her head to sniff at the air. She didn't catch any useful scent, so she turned around and walked to the tree nearby. From four or five meters away, she suddenly ran up and hopped onto the tree. After that, she stepped on the tree and leaped onto the building next to the tree. 

Watching her climbing onto the tall building like a nimble monkey, the others were amazed, feeling that it was so convenient for her to do that. 

Among the group of human beings, only Lin Feng and Yuan Tianxing were capable of that. As level-six superpowered human beings, they were able to support their bodies with their powers and make themselves faster and nimbler; the others couldn't do the same. 

After climbing onto the roof, Lin Qiao stood on the highest spot to look around at the surrounding buildings. They were at the edge of the city. This area wasn't busy in the old world, but still had some large malls, supermarkets, and hotels. 

Lin Qiao spent a short while looking, then found a tall building two miles away. The signboard on that building was partially blown away by the wind, but was still recognizable as the signboard of a hotel. 

She glanced at the hotel, then immediately turned back to leap down from the top of the ten-story building, and landed on the ground like an agile cheetah.

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