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"Did I create trouble for you by being there?" Soohyun questioned while the two of them walked through the hallway.

"No," He answered.

Minhyun's words caused for the ends of her lips to curve up to form a smile, and swinging both of her hands forward and backward, she vocalised, "Although the situation was quite awkward, I really enjoyed it and got to learn about lots of new things. In the future, I want to accompany you more."

"The Leaders mostly hide their fated ones and keep them completely protected, thinking of them as their weakness. But that is not how I take you to be, and I plan to utilise you fully," Minhyun voiced out, "I don't like useless people."

Lee Soohyun chuckled and stated, "Hearing that from you does not surprise me, but I like that thought process of yours. Although being hid away sounds good, it is too boring for my taste."

Soohyun's mood was slightly dim after knowing about how she will be meeting up with that Han Sungmin now, but those words from Minhyun lifted her mood. This made her enthusiastic.

She then added, "Now we can see why we are fated to be together. I would go crazy if I was being hid away by someone."

Minhyun chuckled and stated, "Someone mentioned on how I was not her type."

"Well, that someone learned to be happy with what she have got and was also aware of how her fated one could have been worse," Soohyun vocalised.

"It is pleasant to see how that someone is getting mature," Minhyun pointed out.

"That someone is indeed getting mature, but sadly, her partner is becoming more and more immature," Soohyun said teasingly while she stuck out her tongue towards Minhyun.

"I have heard that someone's fated one only acts like that around her to match with her mental age," Minhyun voiced out.

"We hear a lot of things regularly, but only fools would believe them without checking its credibility," Soohyun said as she mimicked Minhyun's voice.

Shaking his head, Minhyun made no retort to Soohyun's words, and in front of them was a chair. After knocking on to the door, Minhyun heard a 'come in' as a reply.

Extending his hand towards the handle, he held it and pushed the door open. Seeing Minhyun walk in, Soohyun stepped in behind him and took a deep breath. Nervousness began to bloom within her.

The door behind her closed, and she stood beside Minhyun. All the glee from earlier had disappeared, and seeing the intimidating man before her, she prayed for everything to flow smoothly.

Han Minhyun bowed at the man, and following him, she decided to bow at him as well. Raising her head, she tried to read the expression on Sungmin's face. Other than slight anger, she could discern the other sets of expression on his face.

"What is your name?" Sungmin questioned.

"Moon Jiwoo," Soohyun answered— her tone sounding ruder than she had intended— and this caused her to bite her tongue.

"Well, Moon Jiwoo, what you have done today was absolutely disrespectful, and such actions should not be done in the future, remember that. Your job is to keep yourself safe, and that's all. Interfering in these matters will be causing your death. Don't ever forget that you're Minhyun's weakness," Sungmin vocalised.

Holding in her growing temper, Soohyun forced out a polite smile on her face and said, "Oh really? I have heard the exact opposite from Minhyun, and about whose words to follow, I know you are well aware on whom I will be choosing."

Pushing his chair back, Han Sungmin stood up straight and questioned, "Are you planning to disobey me? Do you even know who I am?"

"No," Soohyun answered, "I apologise if I am being too frank, but I don't exactly know you. It would be quite pleasant if you could introduce yourself."

Lee Soohyun had an inkling that the man in front of her was Han Sungmin, but she was annoyed at him. Since Minhyun gave her no orders on about controlling her tongue, she was aware that she had a freedom of speech in this situation.

Looking towards Han Minhyun, Sungmin's jaws tightened, and he said, "Han Minhyun, how did you educate your fated one? You have really turned out to be a disappointment! Remember about who you are to me! Betrayal would lead to great consequence!"

Soohyun's eyes fell on how Minhyun clenched his hand into a tight fist, and she was almost afraid that she created a new type of trouble for him. That was not what she intended to do.

"I don't understand how me not knowing about you relates to him betraying you," Soohyun stated, pulling on a confused expression. 

Since she had put Minhyun into a difficult situation, it would be only fair for her to extract him from this.

"Do not interfere in the things that does not concern you, Moon Jiwoo! Be well aware of what your position is, and don't try to cross that," Sungmin warned.

"I wasn't crossing my position though," Soohyun pointed out, "Aren't you being too hostile without a proper reason?"

"Get out! I said get out at this moment, you insolent creature!" Han Sungmin exclaimed.

Seeing his infuriated state made Soohyun stifle a laughter. Those who pretended to be high and mighty got offended very easily.

Bowing towards Han Sungmin, Minhyun said, "Well then, I will be taking my leave now."

Turning his back, Minhyun was about to walk towards the other direction when Sungmin ordered, "Stop! I have told her to leave, not you. You will be staying here because we have some matters to attend."

"Jiwoo wouldn't be able to return to the room on her own, and I have to accompany her," Minhyun vocalised, "Currently, it is too late, and it would be better to discuss the matters in the morning."

Han Sungmin gave no reply to those words of Minhyun, and the two of them exited the room.

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