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Siel, can I ask you a favor for this, too?”

“Can you check the laundry?”

“Please check that the table is set well!”

I was sweating heavily because of their constant callings and I was stretching my neck out like a giraffe. Every maid was competing to look for me and were satisfied when they got the answer ‘OK' from me.

I was overloaded with so much work but I had to wait for even more work before I had the time to rest.

It was okay though. My dream was to become the top maid, and there were no other places that paid me this well.

‘The Grand Duke is generous, considering that people say that he is a bad guy.'

I was not able to continue to think since everyone was constantly calling me here and there. There were dozens of servants including me, walking around in the luxury hall.

We drew aside the ivory curtain and decorated it with roses. And then, finally we were given the time to rest.

“Siel, where is the tea?”

“Oops. I totally forgot about it. Are the white tea leaves in the bas.e.m.e.nt?”

“Make sure to prepare the tea from Lorraine.”

I quickly went down to the bas.e.m.e.nt and came back to the hall with the white leaves dried for tea. I needed to taste the tea before serving it at dinner.

As always, I heard the butler walking around and shouting to scold people.

The old butler with the long mustache was staring at me.

“You have to adjust your clothes even if you are too busy!”

I stopped lifting the teapot and looked aside furtively.

There was a narrow mirror in the hall, from which I saw myself. Turning my head, I saw my sky blue hair in a braid. I moved my ruffled bangs to the side and smoothed out my ap.r.o.n. It looked like my face was filled with solemn determination when I saw myself in the mirror.

It was the day they raised our pay so the maids looked excited even though it was so busy but instead, my face was sullen.

‘Of all of the days, why does the grand duke die today?'

There were not many chances a maid like me would be able to see him. 

He was a handsome guy.

He had immense riches, power, and honor.

In addition, the grand duke reached his majority this year. At the age of 20, he will unfortunately die. He had a more unfortunate destiny than me who was reincarnated into a maid.

I was just one of his servants. But, how was I able to predict his death? It is because I was in the novel that I have read from beginning to the end.

The villain who died in misery in the novel was my master, Duke Perse. As said from the olden times, one has to lick the villain's foot to survive. That saying was from the novel, of which t.i.tle is ‘Random Box', though. Back then, I couldn't imagine I would follow the saying. After living here for five years, now I see I completely agree with it.

‘What are the odds of being reincarnated into my favorite novel?'


My original name from my previous life was Si-eun Yeon. I was an orphan.

I grew up in an orphanage but I never felt that it was my home. I had to be out of the orphanage before I reach my adult age so I went to several foster homes.

A stout-hearted child who acts like an adult.

That was the saying that I always heard from the adults.

I graduated from a college and came through a compet.i.tion of 237 to 1. I succeeded in landing a manager position at a branch of a famous clothing company.

I was a complete workaholic who worked much more than anybody else. Some people said that I would die because I overworked myself. I was promoted to the leader of a team after working hard for 3 years.

‘There aren't many jobs that I haven't tried since I was in college.'

I never relaxed and enjoyed some time off because I worked hard, studied to earn credits, and did my best to earn some certificates.

When I got one of those rare opportunities to see a friend, I was not able to make it if there were some small issues in the branch. I basically worked overtime at night.

‘I was happy to be a reader only three years after starting my career, though……'

I was having a boring several hours, sitting in a narrow seat of an airplane for a business trip. I read the entire novel, ‘Random Box' and looked at the sky through the small rounded window.

It was before sunrise. I saw only dark clouds in the dark sky. It was like a metaphor of my life that was filled with working all the time.

‘I need to live a decent life. I live like a slave.'

I had a top credit rating. I hadn't bought anything expensive for myself. I only saved money and worked hard.

“Sieun, what do you live for? You only work and go back home and the next day, you only work and go back home again. Isn't it boring?”

A boss who is three years older than me asked me what I could get finally after my constant boring life. I did not like hearing that but it was true in a sense, so I decided to take a trip to an island after the business trip.

‘Death from overwork in the place where I went to go on a business trip……'

Just a day before I was to return to my home, I was on my way after finishing a meeting.

Argh. Is there……?

I was not able to even ask if there was someone.

My heart stopped at the door of the hotel that my company prepared for me. It was like a lie. Who knew I would die, with this monotonous life with just working? If I had known that I would die abruptly like this, I would have tried to do things that I really wanted to do.


Siel! b.i.t.c.h!”

This was what I heard when I came to consciousness. I heard an angry voice.

“If I had known she would die like this, it would have been better to just sell her to a bar!”

“Derek! Don't talk about her like that.”

The room was full of an angry and tough voice. Hearing the voice, I opened my eyes slowly.

A woman was trying to calm down an angry middle-aged man.

I opened my eyes of my reincarnated body of Siel who was a twelve-year-old girl. I started to live her life with memories of her past. They were commoners so they did not live in a palace. Instead, they lived in an old house located in the slums that was likely to be collapsed soon.

There was a dad who was a drunk, whose name is Derek. Her mother pa.s.sed away, while giving birth to her.

There was also a timid woman with him.

Technically, she was not my stepmother. They didn't have enough money to hold a wedding and couldn't be a legal couple in that sense.

In the novel, I saw that the stepmother kept on hara.s.sing her but now I could see the real problem was my father, not the stepmother.

The stepmother made clothing for aristocrats. And also, made and sold some bags if she was able to obtain some cloth.

In contrast, he was a lazy and dead-beat dad who did not make money for our family. Instead, she was the only one who made money for our living.

One day I cried saying that I would die because there's nothing to eat. My father dragged me to the street, holding my wrist roughly.

He spoke loudly in front of people there.

“Don't cry just because you're hungry! Get food even by begging!”

There was nothing to do for me as a twelve-year-old girl. So, I begged and managed to get some bread from a bakery. I brought them home and  I was slapped by my father.

“Do you think we are beggars? I used to be a butler for a baron!”

He threw away the bread that I earned very hard.

My stepmother left us because she was probably scared of him and I was blamed for that saying that I was useless. 


One day, I was walking around to get some food....


I b.u.mped into a horse-drawn carriage that was moving back slowly to stop. I flew up into the air and fell down to the ground. I lost consciousness and fainted. I was not able to endure the heavy impact on my lean body.

After two days, I was able to open my eyes. I stared at the ceiling in a haze.

It was at home. It was the same old ceiling that I saw yesterday, the day before yesterday, and the day before several days. However, I noticed something was different.


I raised my hands up to the ceiling.

I saw there were cute little hands instead of long hands.

“She's just spending our food. When she b.u.mped into the carriage of the aristocrat, she should have made a request for more money. What little compensation we got here……”

After a year of being reincarnated into Siel's body, I finally regained all the memories of my past life, Si-eun Yeon.

The accident of that day saved me.

Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to escape from that house.

- End of Episode 1-

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