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Chapter 261: Being Disregarded

Ou Mingxi's smile was a little stiff; she felt that Chi Yang had belittled her in front of her father and uncle. “I'll put your bag away for you.”

“That won't be necessary. I don't like my personal belongings to be handled by someone else.”

Ou Mingxi, “…!!” Was she someone else? She was about to be his future woman, wasn't she?

Suppressing her dissatisfaction, Ou Mingxi returned to Ou Cheng's side, a fixed expression appeared on her face.

As the daughter of the deputy governor, Ou Mingxi had a strong sense of superiority. In the past, all her past boyfriends had treated her like a valuable treasure. Chi Yang was the only one who had belittled her over and over again.

Nevertheless, taking into account his handsome appearance, he was the most attractive and charming of all the men she had been with. Not only that he had a bright future ahead of him, so Ou Mingxi finally decided to swallow her anger.

“Deputy Commander-in-chief w.a.n.g,” Chi Yang inclined his head slightly; for him this was already considered a sign of greeting.

w.a.n.g Gangyi chuckled. Not only did he not stand up, but he also leaned back in his seat instead in a prominent display of his official status.

“Little Chi, this is my brother-in-arms, Ou Chenghe, the current Deputy Governor of the Jiang District.”

With a serious look on his face, Chi Yang pulled out a chair. Only after seating himself did he incline his head towards Ou Chenghe, “Deputy Governor Ou.”

Ou Chenghe was an experienced player in the game of bureaucracy after all, and he could tell that Chi Yang was deliberately putting on a pose. As he recalled the incident that happened at the shopping mall that very morning, it did not take him long to be at ease with things.

As Chi Yang was a promising young officer, it was normal that he should have a bit of temper.

Ou Chenghe smilingly said, “You can dispense with the formalities, you're close to Mingxi after all. Just call me Uncle Ou.”

While Ou Chenghe was speaking, Chi Yang had called the waiter to add another seat at the table; the waiter quickly complied.

Everyone was about to ask if Chi Yang had invited someone else when he inquired in perfect sincerity, “Mingxi? Who's that?”

Everyone, '…'

Chi Yang continued, “Is Deputy Governor Ou acquainted with Ming Lu?”

Everyone, '… Who the h.e.l.l is Ming Lu?'

Ou Chenghe exchanged a glance with w.a.n.g Gangyi, his eyes full of questions.

w.a.n.g Gangyi knew nothing about this since he was not very familiar with Chi Yang in the first place. The special forces team that Chi Yang belonged to was not in the same location after all.

“Cough, cough… Chi Yang, we're talking about Mingxi.”

If Chi Yang had been trying to scorn the Ou family before, w.a.n.g Gangyi felt that he should stop doing so after what he had said.

Chi Yang was aware of w.a.n.g Gangyi's objective, and that was also the reason why he had invited his wife to join them. However, he was a little surprised when the topic of Ming Lu's family was brought up.

“Deputy Commander-in-chief w.a.n.g is trying to point out that I am not acquainted with Mingxi, only Ming Lu.”

Everyone, “…!!”

“Cough, cough… Chi Yang, the Mingxi your Uncle Ou was referring to is his daughter, Ou Mingxi.”

Chi Yang, “…!!!”

At the look on Chi Yang's face, everyone realized that he was not trying to be rude; he had genuinely made a mistake.

However, this incident also indicated that Chi Yang was oblivious to the fact that Ou Chenghe's daughter went by the name of Ou Mingxi, otherwise they would not have spent so much time talking about two such completely unrelated matters.

Things were getting awkward though. Mingxi could recall each encounter with Chi Yang with great clarity. On the other hand, Chi Yang could not recall Mingxi's name even after two conflicts.

Ou Mingxi's face was red with anger. She could not believe that she held no place in Chi Yang's heart. Even if they had had two disputes in the past, should he not at least remember her name?!

Truth be told, however, Chi Yang genuinely did not remember Ou Mingxi's name. He only knew about her because he had heard his wife mention this name more than once.

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