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Chapter 590: Yesterday Once More (Part One)

Tang Yun reflected faster than he did. How unexpected!

The two bullets landed on her chest, one after the other.

Her painful scream echoed, followed by the spurt of blood that covered her entire chest. The strong impact of the bullet made her involuntarily take a step back, and before Jing Yichen realized what had happened, she slipped off the cliff and fell into the river with a scream.

Jing Yichen did not hesitate any longer and jumped off the cliff as well.

He jumped off the cliff, not because he wanted to survive, but to find the girl who had taken the bullet for him.

He might have died if not for her.

Someone was willing to die for him!

Was he really worth it, though?

He had exchanged no more than ten words with her, and always regarded her presence, invisible. He did not even know anything about her.

But she was willing to sacrifice her young life for his sake!

No one had been willing to die for him. Nor had he ever been willing to die for anyone.

No one was worth the while, and he had always thought that he was not worth the while either.

He was going to find Tang Yun as long as there existed a possibility of her being alive. He was not going to let her die in this way.

He had always been a heartless man, but today, his frozen heart shook a bit.

He fell into the water and the strong impact almost made him unconscious. But never before had he felt the need to survive so strongly as he did now.

He struggled in the freezingly cold water. Four helicopters had already appeared above the hill, followed by endless gun firing. The men who had been standing there, collapsed one after another, and soon it was silent.

Jing Yichen was missing for three days, and Jing Zhongxiu had not known about him being imprisoned. The father and son had always been in a terrible relationship, and it was quite normal that they did not meet for ten days or even more. So he had no idea that Jing Yichen had been caught.

But one day, Jing Zhongxiu received a text from a stranger's number, and got to know that his son had been captured by a gangster.

The message read – Jing Yichen is with me, give me one billion yuan if you want to keep him safe. Remember to come here alone. If you don't obey, your son will die.

Jing Zhongxiu had gotten very furious. No one had dared to touch his son till date, because those who did, were all dead.

He did not care much about Jing Yiran, but Jing Yichen's life was very precious to him. He had accepted only Jing Yichen as his son, and even if they were in a bad relationship, he still cared only about Jing Yichen.

He instantly gathered all of his forces and went to recuse Jing Yichen with the help from the police forces of A City.

He saw his son jumping off the cliff from the helicopter and got so heartbroken that he almost could not breathe!

He blamed himself for being too late and the helicopter flying too slow, otherwise he could have saved his son before he took that plunge.

After the helicopter landed, Jing Zhongxiu captured several men who were still alive and realized that his son had been trapped in this living h.e.l.l in the past few days.

He sent out his men and helicopters to look for Jing Yichen alongside the surging river.

Luckily, when Jing Yichen was found, he was still breathing.

But he was seriously injured and had lost too much blood, so he stayed unconscious for a week before waking up.

The first thing Jing Yichen did after he woke up was to go and look for Tang Yun.

Despite Mu Wensheng's warning and the serious wounds, he used all of his forces to look for that woman but failed.

He did not believe that Tang Yun was dead already, since her body was never found. He would rather believe that she was alive!

Furious, he went on a rampage against all the underground gangsters in A City and the neighbourhood city.

He did not allow any suspect to slip away.

But somehow, he was very sure that the culprit who had caught him and Tang Yun was still alive, and he didn't even have an idea who that man was.

For the past ten years, he had been devoted to bringing down the gangsters, sparing no efforts to follow any clues.

And today, he finally found the culprit!

The person who was behind all of this turned out to be the mayor of B City, the former best police officer of B City and the former director of the Public Security Bureau. Ironically, he had caught the largest number of criminals during his tenure.

Yu Mo's ident.i.ty had been his perfect shelter.

If Tang Yun had not leaked the information to Jing Yiran accidentally, it would have taken him much longer to find him.

But like last time, he returned to this b.l.o.o.d.y place for some reason.

What happened eleven years ago was being repeated yet again.

He had intended to test Yu Mo the previous day because he found out that there was a close connection between Tang Shunian and Yu Mo. But he hadn't been sure if they were the same person.

He had removed an important force attached to Tang Shunian. Even when Tang Shunian lost many of his men and a large amount of properties, he had not revealed himself.

Tang Shunian had been playing two roles in the past few years, and had found a subst.i.tute for himself who could help him with his affairs, when he was not able to.

It was his subst.i.tute, who was killed by Jing Yichen, two nights ago.

When the subst.i.tute died, Jing Yichen realised that the man he killed was not the real Tang Shunian.

So, the suspicion on Yu Mo became even more.

The Old Lady of the Zhao Family had tried to cooperate with Shangguan Ning for her plan, so she had arranged the blind date between Zhao Anan and Yu Mo before any of this.

Yu Family had been the supplier to the Zhao Family, and they had been collaborators for many years. But their initial cooperation had started exactly eleven years ago.

Yu Mo did exist, but he barely showed up in public. Only a few people knew what he was like. He started to show his face in public only in the recent years, after he got injured and retired from the special forces. Then he entered the police team of B City and gradually became the mayor after eleven years.

Yu Mo had managed to conceal his real ident.i.ty for so many years, and got to know Jing Yichen, ages ago. He was in a good relationship with Zheng Jing, as well. He had a good reputation in both the legal and illegal areas. He had a large social network, otherwise he would not have become a mayor with such little experience.

What Jing Yichen had done to him the day before startled Yu Mo. He quickly devised a plan and pretended to run away, making Jing Yichen take the bait.

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