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Chapter 445: Seeking Zhao Anan

In the past, Zhao Anan often went away and tended to be gone for half a year or so.

So Zhao Zhao wasn't willing to give her much pocket money, in case she would run far away because of too much money on her.

“Zhao Anan doesn't have a lot of money with her, so she would not have gone far. I will try searching A City and UK first before expanding the scope for search.”

Jing Yichen sounded cold, but he was still steady and calm.

If his men couldn't find Zhao Anan, then Yang Muyan's men wouldn't be able to find her, either.

“Go to Zheng Jing and ask his men to help. That would speed things up.”

Mu Qing got slightly a.s.sured and answered briefly, “Okay, I will go to him.” Then he hung up the phone.

He knew that as long as Jing Yichen extended a helping hand, the possibility of finding Zhao Anan would improve. If Zheng Jing was with them, that would help greatly as well.

Zheng Jing knew about Zhao Anan being missing, but he had also thought that maybe Zhao Anan was just trying to have fun with everyone else. Only when Mu Qing came to him at home did he realize how serious the matter was.

Zheng Jing called the police office instantly and ordered everyone to start searching for Zhao Anan. Zheng Jing didn't even need to give any excuse to start the process before the entire police force set about the mission.

After Mu Qing left, Zheng Lun asked Zheng Jing, “Brother, what was Doctor Mu doing here?”

They had talked for a long while in the study and looked serious when they stepped out. Zheng Lun felt a bit worried. She had no idea about what had happened.

“Zhao Anan hasn't come home. It has been half a month and Mu Qing has failed to locate her. He is worried about Zhao Anan, so he came asking for help.”

Zheng Jing didn't conceal the truth from her. He didn't want to hide it, either. She was pretty close to Zhao Anan and they got together every now and then. Even if he said nothing, Zheng Lun would soon realize that Zhao Anan was missing. She was trying to hide herself away from Mu Qing.

Zheng Lun couldn't help but look surprised after hearing the words. She sounded a bit anxious. “So Anan is not back yet? Why is she trying to hide from Doctor Mu? She likes him, doesn't she? I think Doctor Mu treats her well too. Why leave then?”

Zheng Jing thought for a moment before finally confessing to her sister. “Lun, Zhao Anan hasn't been well. She has got an… incurable disease, cancer in her womb.”

Zheng Lun paled when she heard the last three words.

She held Zheng Jing's arms tightly and trembled as she spoke, “Brother, you… you… are lying right? That can't be possible. She… she looks so healthy, she… she doesn't look sick at all!”

Zheng Jing understood that Zhao Anan was the only girl friend his sister had since she was young. As a kind hearted girl, she simply couldn't tolerate such news.

He caressed his sister's smooth, black hair as he sighed, “I am not. Zhao Anan hasn't been well. But she is in remission now. She underwent intensive treatment in Germany for a long time before the New Year and didn't return until she had fully recovered.”

Having heard the words, Zheng Lun said with hope in her eyes, “So she is fine now?”

Zheng Jing shook his head. “It is not that simple. The cancer returned for the second time last year. She contracted cancer ten years ago. You know that the malignant tumor can return easily, right. That is why she doesn't want to drag down Mu Qing with her and always tries to separate herself from him. But Mu Qing doesn't want that. So she deliberately distances herself from him in this manner.”

Zheng Lun looked anguished. Tears trickled down alongside her cheeks.

She never knew that the seemingly healthy, happy and outgoing Zhao Anan could have got such a terrible disease.

For a second, Zheng Lun understood how Zhao Anan felt.

If she knew that she would not live for long, she would definitely not badger her brother any more. She might have the same feelings and allow the man she loved, to marry someone else and lead a happy life.

After a moment of hesitation, Zheng Lun leaned into Zheng Jing's arms.

Zheng Jing and Zheng Lun's relation was in a delicate balance at the moment. They had broken through the barrier of ignorance and now knew how they felt for each other. So they were standing by each other's side carefully and dared not take any step further.

After their mother scolded her once, Zheng Lun had refused to behave intimately with her brother.

But she was deeply affected by what happened to Zhao Anan, today.

Compared to Zhao Anan, she was already very happy. At least, she didn't need to worry about his life.

Zheng Jing stiffened and then gathered Zheng Lun in his arms.

It had been agonizing for Zheng Jing as well to look at her everyday in silence and not touch her at all.

He was undergoing the same emotions as Zheng Lun. He was luckier than Mu Qing. Although they were brother and sister, it was not a matter of life and death for them.

“Brother, can Doctor Mu cure Anan?”

Zheng Lun asked softly. She was so scared that Zhao Anan would one day leave them permanently. She got extremely upset when she thought of what might happen.

With her soft body in his arms, Zheng Jing said bitterly, “He can't either, otherwise Zhao Anan would not have gone to Germany for treatment. During the past ten years, he has spent almost all of his energy and money upon the development of treatment for this disease. There have been some achievements, but curing Zhao Anan is still not a sure shot thing.”

Zheng Lun suddenly felt a bit guilty as she said, “I should have kept her company. No wonder she looked a bit distracted when she was in the UK. I thought that she was unwell, but she said she was okay when I asked her…”

Zheng Lun suddenly thought of something at this moment. She said anxiously, “Brother, I think that Anan might still be there, right now!”

Zheng Jing brightened up and asked instantly, “Why do you think so?”

Zhao Anan and Zheng Lun shared a room when they were in the UK whilst Mu Qing and Zheng Jing had shared one room to avoid the awkwardness between the brother and the sister. Also, it was much easier for Mu Qing and Zheng Jing to help with the guests at the wedding.

“Because I once ran into her viewing the real estate information of the UK and she mumbled and said that the property market in the UK is not that cheap. I didn't think much about it at that time. But maybe she is trying to buy houses in the UK and stay there?”

Zheng Jing thought for a few seconds before saying in excitement, “This is a good lead. I will tell Master Jing and Mu Qing about it. If Zhao Anan is still in the UK, Master Jing's men will surely find her very soon.”

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