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Shangguan Ning was shocked.

She knew that Jing Zhongxiu was quite wealthy and never stingy, but a helicopter was already a generous enough gift. She couldn't possibly imagine what the real present would be when the helicopter was just an attachment.

Jing Yichen swept her into his arms with a smile. "Let's go and find out."

The helicopter went flying for three hours and then landed on a small isle.

Jing Yichen led Shangguan Ning to the island and explained to her. "This is an isle located at the Golfo de San Miguel of Spain, close to the northern coastal area of Ibiza. Now, it has been named Chen Ning Isle."

Shangguan Ning got so surprised that her eyes widened. "Are you saying that dad has given us an island?

The isle in front of their eyes looked enormous and the surroundings were very beautiful. Apparently, the development had been completed under the team of Golfo de San Miguel of Spain and it was ready for living right away.

It was indeed a generous gift!

This isle located at such a wonderful geographical place was worth more than what money could buy.

Jing Yichen led Shangguan Ning further onto the isle and showed her around.

It was spread across approximately 560,000 m2 and had been developed into an ideal residential area with complete functions and facilities. There was a luxurious villa, a manor, a water pool and a wine cellar.

The isle was located at an excellent place which received 300 days of sunshine. It even boasted of the wonderful view of Mediterranean sea.

Shangguan Ning was shocked by the facilities and the scenery after a small tour with Jing Yichen.

Every piece of the facility had been modernized and it would be amazing to live here.

The warm climate and the broad vision of beautiful landscape would make it difficult for anyone to want to leave from here.

The employees on the isle were all Spanish people. Although Shangguan Ning didn't speak much Spanish, she could still manage to converse with them by using some simple, daily phrases.

But she didn't need to worry about anything. Jing Yichen was multilingual and acted as the translator.

A top-notch chef had been hired from Spain who could make authentic Spanish food, much to Shangguan Ning's delight.

There was a golden beach, a thick and green forest as well as many treasured wild animals. There were tortoises, fish and seagulls everywhere. It was serene and addicting.

Jing Zhongxiu had even prepared diving facilities, a yacht and a sailing boat. Jing Yichen drove the yacht and took Shangguan Ning in the sea.

Shangguan Ning had wanted to go diving but Jing Yichen didn't agree with it.

She was pregnant and Jing Yichen didn't allow her to take the risk.

They spent almost half a month on the isle before heading back.

They didn't take the helicopter, but took the flight from Spain to home.

When they were on the plane, Shangguan Ning suddenly thought of a question as she leaned against Jing Yichen's shoulders. "We will only spend a few days here, each year. Won't it be a waste if the island remains vacant otherwise?"

Jing Yichen showed a small smile. "My wife is indeed a wise woman who knows how to save money."

He softy scratched her beautiful nose and said with a gentle tone, "Don't worry, it won't be vacant. We will offer renting of the place and the isle will bring us enough income. And the income will be all yours!"

Shangguan Ning accepted the offer without hesitation.

She and Jing Yichen had not separated their accounts. It would not matter whose income it would be.

They slept on the plane and when Shangguan Ning opened her eyes, the plane had already arrived at A City.

It was Lee Duo who came to pick them up. Tiger and Lu were both in the UK and wouldn't return until the following day.

People tended to get tired after a long time in the plane. The couple arrived at home, took a shower, ate a light snack and went to rest.

A while later, Jing Yichen's phone rang all of a sudden.

His ringtone was not loud, but Shangguan Ning still woke up.

Jing Yichen patted her back and said softly, "It is fine, go on and sleep. It is from Mu Qing."

He got off the bed and walked to the living room to answer the call.

Jing Yichen decided that if Mu Qing was calling him for fun, he was definitely going to make Mu Qing regret having made the call!

But Jing Yichen knew instantly that something had happened after hearing Mu Qing's voice.

"Master Jing, you must help me!"

Mu Qing sounded really tired and his voice was hoa.r.s.e, totally different from his usual sunny self.

Slightly frowning, Jing Yichen asked with a low voice, "What is it?"

"Anan… is gone…"

Jing Yichen frowned even deeper as he said in a cold voice, "What do you mean that she is gone? Speak clearly!"

"After she attended the wedding, she had been spending time with Zheng Lun whilst I was with Zheng Jing, busy drinking with those people. So I couldn't see her. When we returned home, I didn't see her then, either. She said that she would go home with her mother and not me."

"So you just found out that she is not back?" Jing Yichen sounded cold. Had Zhao Anan done it deliberately again?

"No, as soon as I returned, I went to Family Zhao, but Aunt Zhao was surprised too. She said that Anan claimed to return home with me, so she had no clue."

Jing Yichen knew what was going on.

Zhao Anan lied to both sides and then sneaked away.

This girl had gotten smarter and bolder too!

"I have been searching for her for so many days. At the beginning, I thought that she was just playing around and would return soon. But half a month has pa.s.sed and I have still not seen any sign of her even after a thorough search of A City!"

Mu Qing sounded guilty. If he had insisted on leaving with Zhao Anan or bothered to ask Zhao Zhao earlier, Zhao Anan might not have gotten the chance to sneak away.

"What did you do to her?"

Jing Yichen sounded very cold. Zhao Anan had been doing so well a while ago. She should not have run away without a reason, unless Mu Qing annoyed her somehow.

Mu Qing had agreed to marry Yang Muyan years back, because of which Zhao Anan was away from A City for many years. Although they had broken up at that time, it could be seen that Zhao Anan cared a lot about Mu Qing.

Mu Qing denied instantly and said, "Master Jing, I swear to G.o.d that I have no feeling for any other woman. I am devoted to her only for my whole life. I have done nothing to betray her!"

He didn't care about what Jing Yichen was thinking any more. Instead, he just spilled out the worries hidden in the bottom of his heart. He was worried that Zhao Anan would be in a dangerous position if he didn't say anything now.

"Anan is angry with me and she is trying to hide from me. I can accept that. But Yang Muyan threatened to not let go of Anan in front of me and I am worried that if she ever lays eyes upon Anan, she might be in a dangerous position!"

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