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Chapter 443: The Wedding (Part Three)

Shangguan Ning's tears trickled down alongside her face. She didn't wipe them but said what was hidden inside her heart for a very long time. “I, Shangguan Ning, accept Jing Yichen as my legally wedded husband. From today on, I will have you, for rich or for poor, in sickness or in health, I will always love you, respect and cherish you until death do us apart. I swear to G.o.d and make this promise to you!”

These were the most ordinary and common vows of marriage, but for Jing Yichen and Shangguan Ning, these words were full of sincerity.

In fact, their love itself was a vow. They loved each other not because of money or looks.

Jing Yichen lifted Shangguan Ning's veil, wiped her tears, lowered his head and kissed her.

It was a soft kiss, serious and warm.

“Oh G.o.d, let's pray for all the married couples, so they can remain dedicated to each other, forgive each other and experience increased happiness every single day. Jing Yichen and Shangguan Ning are going to start their life as a wedded couple and wish that they can receive your help and the support and spend their lives together in health. Wish their happiness lasts forever. Amen!”

Everyone seated followed the Bishop and said, “Amen.”

Shangguan Ning looked at Jing Yichen with clear eyes. She looked joyful.

Jing Yichen's eyes had an indulgent look in them. When the ritual ended, he took Shangguan Ning's hands and walked out of the church, slowly.

The wedding was followed by a banquet at the hotel. The couple changed into the Chinese styled costumes and expressed grat.i.tude towards everyone present.

The banquet lasted for more than two hours and the guests finally caught a clear sight of the bride. She was extremely beautiful and elegant. She looked like she belonged to a n.o.ble family.

Soon everyone got to know who Shangguan Ning really was. She was the daughter of the former Deputy Mayor, Shangguan Zheng, who was no longer alive. Her uncle Shangguan Xing was not such a big businessman whilst her uncle Huang Lihan was far from being an aristocratic man, although he had some properties of his own.

That was to say, she married Jing Yichen and became part of Family Jing, not because she had a powerful background but because of her own abilities.

Jing Yichen apparently cared about her and drank all the wine that was toasted to them. Shangguan Ning was not allowed to drink even a single drop. He kept her protected all the time as if he didn't want her to be disturbed even slightly.

Shangguan Ning seemed to be someone who was used to being taken care of by Jing Yichen in this manner.

Many people were shocked by how charismatic Shangguan Ning must be to have him behave like this towards her.

There had always been a rumor going around in A City that neither of the two brothers of Family Jing had a heart. One was completely cold and indifferent towards women and the other was always with a new woman.

But now it seemed that the rumour had been baseless.

Jing Yichen didn't look like someone who was cold and indifferent. He had a totally different att.i.tude towards everyone else from Shangguan Ning!

One thing was clear after witnessing the wedding – Shangguan Ning enjoyed a high position in Family Jing and she must not be annoyed under any circ.u.mstances.

After the banquet, the guests left one after another.

Jing Yichen had already brought Shangguan Ning back to the room to rest.

Dressed in a long, red dress, she looked very pretty with the ruby earrings and necklaces adorning her ears and neck.

Jing Yichen removed his overcoat and gathered Shangguan Ning in his arms.


Shangguan Ning shook her head. “No.”

She was not tired. She had been in a very excited state throughout the day and quite cheerful too. She didn't need to deal with the toasts or manage the guests.

Jing Yichen should be the one, tired.

He had showered, but she could still smell alcohol on him.

He had drunk a lot of wine and accepted all the toast presented to him, without hesitation.

But he was still sober after drinking so much.

“I didn't know that your capacity is so good.”

Shangguan Ning laughed and looped her arms around his neck. Then she kissed him softly on the lips.

Jing Yichen smiled. “Your husband is good at everything, including drinking wine! But you look energetic. Why don't I see that when you are in bed?”

Shangguan Ning had not expected that he would talk about that kind of a thing. Flushing, she gave a soft hit on his chest, released herself from his arms and went to take a shower.

When she came out of the bathroom, she found Jing Yichen falling asleep on the bed.

Shangguan Ning got a bit concerned – he must have gotten rather tired these past two days!

She tiptoed to his side and snuggled up to him.

Jing Yichen swept her into his arms out of instinct and went back to sleep.

It was already dark when they woke up.

Jing Yichen checked his watch and found that it was already seven in the evening.

He woke up Shangguan Ning and the couple went to eat dinner.

Jing Yichen had prepared dinner with roses and candles. There was a sea of flowers in the dining room.

Surprised and joyed, Shangguan Ning got very excited with hands over her mouth.

Jing Yichen pulled the chair like a gentleman and gestured to her to sit down. “My wife, please sit down. The dinner is served, please enjoy it.”

Shangguan Ning looked at him in astonishment. She got up and thanked him with a kiss. “Thank you, my love. I am so happy to have such a romantic post-wedding life!”

Jing Yichen kissed her back and said with a smile, “My wife, it is my honor.”

After the dinner, Jing Yichen brought her to the balcony of the hotel.

Not far in the distance, a splendid firework lit up the sky. Delighted, Shangguan Ning teased Jing Yichen. “It seems that this is all you could come up with.”

Jing Yichen swept her into his arms and smiled. “Oh well, I am not so good at pleasing women. I will practice more in the future and learn more variations!”

It was a romantic night and Shangguan Ning had a good sleep in Jing Yichen's arms.

They got up, ate breakfast and then Jing Yichen said with a smile, “Father has given us a wedding present. Let's go and take a look.”

Then he brought Shangguan Ning to the rooftop of the hotel.

A brand-new helicopter was sparkling in the sunshine on the platform.

Startled and happy, Shangguan Ning said, “Has dad given us a helicopter?”

Jing Yichen shook his head with a smile. “Baby, you look down on our father. A helicopter would be too little for him as our wedding present, it is just an attachment!”

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