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Chapter 1089 - The Silent Spring Day

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The fierce snowstorm gradually died down.

Only with no wind could the snow stick.

The snow covered more and more names on that stone wall.

The Heavenly Dao Academy was deathly still.

After some time, Zhuang Zhihuan finally walked out from behind the several hundred snowmen.

This was the first time since the Orthodoxy cavalry had surrounded the Heavenly Dao Academy that he had actually stood in front of the teachers and students.

Because the speaker was the disciple he was most proud of: Famous Name Guan Bai.

It was also because many people had already become snowmen, leaving him no place to hide.

He looked at Guan Bai with cold and indifferent eyes.


"Because Teacher is wrong."

"According to the information from the Mausoleum of Books, it should have been the Holy Maiden that arranged for you to return to the capital."

"His Holiness wrote me a letter beforehand."

"You've been watching the entire time?"

"Yes, because I had to make sure."

"Make sure that I was wrong?"

Guan Bai gazed with mixed feelings at his beloved teacher as he said, "Correct, because no one has the right to use the lives of others to satisfy their own way of thinking."

Zhuang Zhihuan was quiet for a very long time. Finally, he said, "So… you were just making sure."

Guan Bai's eyes became much calmer as he said, "Because at the very start, I did not believe that Teacher was this sort of person."

Zhuang Zhihuan understood everything. He softly said, "It seems that His Holiness really does value you. He actually used so many forces just so you could watch this play."

Guan Bai replied, "His Holiness is merciful and did not wish to see the Heavenly Dao Academy burned to ash for Teacher's ambition, so His Holiness treated me with great patience."

"Ah, ambition…"

Zhuang Zhihuan gazed into the distance, though it was hard to say whether he was thinking about Wenshui or the hometown he had not visited in ages. He repeated that word again.

Guan Bai wanted to know why he was sighing so emotionally.

After some time, Zhuang Zhihuan looked back to him and said, "Yes, I have ambition, and a great one. After all, I have the appropriate ability, a very high cultivation level, and powerful strength. And I'm also very young, so why can't I pursue it?"

Guan Bai sternly said, "Teacher once taught me that one could achieve the Great Dao from the straight, so there was no need to pursue the bends and twists."

Zhuang Zhihuan indifferently said, "Senior Brother Mao treated me extremely well and I also had a relationship with the chief branch of the Tang clan. If I stood on His Holiness the Pope's side, I could also have obtained what I wanted. I could have kindled my ambition into a true wildfire, burning it most beautifully."

Guan Bai said, "This is precisely what I don't understand."

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