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Chapter 1087 - Three Divisions of Cavalry on the March

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

At the black-clothed girl's gaze, He Ming suddenly calmed down. He was so relieved that he even smiled.

But his right hand was still raised in the air, ready at any time to clench into a fist and order the two thousand black-armored heavy cavalry to attack.

The girl moved her gaze to the still-disorderly cavalry. She seemed to think of something, her brows knitting together.

In a gust of wind, she vanished.

The rest of the wind once more took up the dust rising from Mount Mo and sent it drifting toward the cavalry.

The dust was scattered in the wind, making no shape or form.

Countless milky white rays of light suddenly pierced out, making the dust seem like white gauze.

These rays of divine Qi came from the bows and arrows in the hands of the cavalry.

It was not the divine ballistae concealed in the middle of the cavalry that was their most frightening weapon, but these Sacred Light arrows.

Had the black-clothed girl sensed the Sacred Light arrows and chosen to retreat?

A deputy general came up to He Ming. As he looked toward the direction in which the girl had vanished, he placed his hand on his sword and said, "Quite the fast reaction."

There was a clear unwillingness in this comment.

The black-clothed girl had appeared too suddenly and landed too quickly. Neither the true experts within the heavy cavalry nor the array masters had time to react.

In the deputy general's view, if the girl had been just a little slow in leaving or if a similar situation occurred, the black-armored cavalry would definitely have a chance to hold her.

Even though the girl had displayed such terrifying destructive powers.

He Ming gazed silently in the direction the girl vanished.

He did not agree with the deputy general.

The black-armored cavalry had crisscrossed the world and never once tasted failure. They naturally had ways to deal with experts. He was even confident that they could contend with an expert of the Divine Domain for a time. The problem was, if he guessed correctly, that girl just now was not an ordinary expert, but a dragon…

"What? That was a dragon?"

Divine General He Ming's words were so shocking that the deputy general and the surrounding officers found it hard to speak.

He Ming said with a slightly bitter voice, "Yes, and it should be a Black Frost Dragon."

The deputy general was even more stunned, and then speechless as he subconsciously grabbed his hair.

If the girl in black really was such a being, then she had not retreated out of fear, but because she was going easy…

Yes, one could have guessed this the moment she landed on the summit of Mount Mo and not launched an a.s.sault directly on the cavalry. If she had let the cavalry first enter Mount Mo before she began her a.s.sault, this plus the innate pressure she placed on the Dragonhorses would have made the black-armored heavy cavalry suffer almost unbearable casualties, even if they were not completely destroyed.

Since ancient times, the bane of the black-armored cavalry had never been those Divine experts who rode on clouds and remained untouched by the world, but dragons.

It was said that a thousand years ago, when Emperor Taizong was building up the black-armored cavalry, he had developed and even trained them in methods specifically for dealing powerful dragons.

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