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Chapter 1079 - The First Person to Kill

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

A rapidly flowing river surrounded the Mausoleum of Books, just like the moat around Luoyang.

The flat and treeless ground between the two factions was actually a bridge across this river, though the breadth and thickness of the bridge meant few people realized this.

A seal that had existed since ancient times made it incredibly difficult for people to fly in and around the Mausoleum of Books.

w.a.n.g Po, by standing there, seemed to be saying, 'With one man standing at this pa.s.s alone, ten thousand men cannot pa.s.s.'

The problem was that many experts, a.s.sa.s.sins, and Daoists had already entered the Mausoleum of Books.

What did he want to do by standing there?

w.a.n.g Po explained, "If they do not reach an agreement, I will strike."

Yes, this was the answer.

He stood here not to guard the Mausoleum of Books, but so that he could launch an attack at his opponent at any time.

The faces of the princes flickered at these words while the Prince of Zhongshan's eyes turned even gloomier.

The Prince of Xiang said with a bitter face, "The Holy Maiden wants to take revenge for Imperial Mother. Do you really intend to go crazy with her?"

w.a.n.g Po appeared rather surprised. He had not expected the Prince of Xiang to still refer to the Tianhai Divine Empress as 'Imperial Mother'.

The Prince of Xiang knew what he was thinking and explained, "Imperial Mother was not my mother by birth, but I am still her son. I entered the capital with the venerable Daoist because I believed that her esteemed self had committed an error, not because I personally had a grudge against her. It was just like how I promised Zhu Luo that you would not be allowed to live, but have I done anything to you in the last few years? It's all for the overarching situation."

These words were spoken with such sincerity that even those brothers of his who knew exactly what he was up to almost believed him.

w.a.n.g Po laughed but said nothing.

Seeing his response, a county prince couldn't help but scold, "What are you being so arrogant for! I'll have you die here today!"

Many troops of the Imperial Court had been gathered here, as had many experts, and with the Divine Domain expert that was the Prince of Xiang, this was a force that was reasonably capable of killing w.a.n.g Po.

The problem was that battles were always the most complicated of activities. Even a battle against one person was anything but simple.

Let alone the constantly shifting situation of an actual battle, even the moment the battle would begin had still not been decided.

The Prince of Xiang said, "You should know that there's no way a fight will start today. There's no need to put on this appearance."

These words seemed rather incomprehensible, but w.a.n.g Po understood. He smirked and asked, "Then what are you doing here?"

The Prince of Xiang sighed. "One has to contribute a little thought."

w.a.n.g Po asked, "What sort of thoughts?"

"Ambition, of course."

The Prince of Xiang grinned. "If the venerable Daoist does not doubt His Majesty, nothing will happen, and it naturally won't be our affair. If he does have doubts, I have to make some preparations."

w.a.n.g Po said, "Your Highness is quite frank."

The Prince of Xiang was just prepared to continue speaking when several dozen bright sword cries came from within the Mausoleum of Books.

Everyone looked over, their expressions turning serious.

Just like the Prince of Xiang had said, the current situation seemed tense, but there was a fundamental difference between it and the situation from three years ago. The two sides would not necessarily begin to fight.

If this really was the case, why had those sword cries arisen?


Shang Xingzhou stood on the Divine Path.

Xu Yourong stood higher.

Shang Xingzhou took one step forward.

The South Stream Temple sword array instinctively responded, silently beginning to work.

Countless streams of light appeared in the sky, tracing all sorts of unfathomable and indescribable orbits in the air.

Several dozen sword cries rose.

These sword cries did not originate from swords rubbing against the air. Instead, they came from sword intents compressing and then releasing the air.

It was clear and soft, but also incredibly deep.

It was like a clear stream dropping down from a cliff, flowing into an extremely deep mountain stream.

Several dozen sword glows circled around Shang Xingzhou's body.

Shang Xingzhou extended a finger that exuded a soft light.

Steel tempered a hundred times could become an object so flexible that it could wind around one's finger.

The several dozen sword glows went from straight to slightly bent. Although they did not scatter, an extremely small s.p.a.ce opened up between them.

Shang Xingzhou's left foot landed.

The sword cries ceased and the sword glows receded.

A chilly spring wind swept away the dust on the Divine Path.

It was like nothing had happened.

But Shang Xingzhou had climbed up one step.

He lowered his head to look at his Daoist robe.

A tear had appeared on the lower hem.

The might of the South Stream Temple sword array had somewhat exceeded his calculations.

Xu Yourong was also rather surprised. According to her calculations, the cut should have been a little deeper.

The first strike of the South Stream Temple sword array was not even able to cut off a corner of his clothes?

The battle did not begin here. This had just been a probe.

The final result had left both sides greatly dissatisfied, so they decided to give up on direct confrontation.

Shang Xingzhou said, "I am very curious as to how you managed to persuade w.a.n.g Po."

Xu Yourong replied, "I guaranteed to him that my method would result in the least amount of people dying. He guaranteed to me that no matter what I did today, he would support me."

Shang Xingzhou noted, "It seems that you have a deep understanding of his path of the blade."

Xu Yourong said, "I understand that fellow more."

The fellow she referred to was naturally Chen Changsheng.

He took w.a.n.g Po as a model. Even after learning the Halving Blade Style, he still conducted himself according to w.a.n.g Po's path of the blade.

Xu Yourong understood Chen Changsheng, so she naturally understood how to gain the trust of someone like w.a.n.g Po.

Shang Xingzhou calmly said, "Do you think that you also have a deep understanding of me?"

Xu Yourong said, "For three years, I have always been attempting to understand you."

Shang Xingzhou had to admit that she had prepared for her job very well.

Today's situation, the method by which she threatened, would not have succeeded with anyone else. It was only useful against him.

She knew what he cared about the most. More importantly, she had the ability to destroy them.

Shang Xingzhou said, "At most, you can only delay me for an hour."

This was the conclusion he had obtained from climbing one step.

Xu Yourong said, "One hour is enough."

Shang Xingzhou shook his head. "This is the capital, not Wenshui."

He was referring here to the events that had taken place several months ago in the Wenshui Tang clan. Tang Thirty-Six had only needed two hours to find evidence incriminating the Tang Second Master and take care of the Tang Second Branch's power, but this was because he had the Tang Old Master's tacit consent and the difference in strength between the two sides was so great that there was no hope of resistance.

But this place was the capital, and the Imperial Court still held the upper hand in terms of power. If the two sides broke into hostilities, a true battle would a.s.suredly occur.

Xu Yourong said, "I have already made preparations."

Shang Xingzhou faintly smiled and asked, "How do you plan to fight this battle?"

Xu Yourong said, "First, I will kill Prince Chen Liu."

This was an unexpected answer.

She did not choose to first take control of the Imperial Palace, nor did she choose to attack the ministries. Instead, she had chosen the most straightforward of methods: killing someone.

Moreover, she did not want to kill the Prince of Xiang who was right outside the Mausoleum of Books, nor did she want to kill the Prince of Zhongshan, who wielded great authority in the military. Nor did she want to kill the Divine Generals who held the actual reins of power. Instead, she wanted to kill Prince Chen Liu.

Although Prince Chen Liu was by no means lacking in reputation, his strength was not too remarkable, and the power and influence he possessed were also not in vitally important areas.

Why had Xu Yourong chosen him?

Why was it that when Shang Xingzhou heard her choice, his eyes turned deep and profound?

Chapter Notes:

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