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Chapter 1047 - How Is This Good?

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Before she went off to South Stream Temple to study, Xu Yourong had left many famous deeds in the capital. In her young and tender years, she had jumped into the Luo River, claiming that the Moon was there. She would often climb the stone pillars in the front of the Li Palace, stating that she wanted to see the stars. And there was one time where she almost jumped into New North Bridge's abandoned well when no one was looking.

It was said that just as she was about to jump into that well, the Divine Empress had saved her.

At the time, Xu Yourong had not even reached five years of age.

The people of the capital knew of these matters like the backs of their hands. In their view, they had watched Xu Yourong grow up. She was the capital's most beloved daughter, so when they learned of her engagement after the Ivy Festival, they had been so enraged at Chen Changsheng, put so much pressure on the Orthodox Academy.

When the little Black Dragon thought of the Divine Empress, she felt a subconscious fear. After a moment, she came to her senses and said, "From a certain perspective, she really did change your life."

Xu Yourong faintly smiled. "Perhaps."


Without the Tianhai Divine Empress, the Phoenix-blooded Xu Yourong still might have reached her current level of success.

But n.o.body could deny that the woman who had once dominated the continent had changed the lives of many people.

Mo Yu was the epitome of this.

Without the Tianhai Divine Empress, how could this lonely woman whose entire family had been executed have been able to become the Grand Lady Mo whose authority could be felt in all levels of society?

As he gazed at the ten-some orange lanterns hanging over the gate, giving off warm light, Chen Changsheng thought of the changes in the last few years and couldn't help but emotionally sigh.

Many years had pa.s.sed since he had come from Xining Village to the capital, and he had known Mo Yu for quite some time, but tonight was his first visit to the legendary Orange Garden.

He could sense the powerful array in the Orange Garden, and he could also sense the spies and guards ensconced in the surrounding darkness.

It was clear that even though she was about to marry that prince, still many people did not wish to see Mo Yu return to the capital, and held a deep wariness and hostility toward her.

Chen Changsheng had no intention of concealing his tracks. Raising the Yellow Paper Umbrella, he walked up to the gate.

The gate of the Orange Garden opened, then closed, accompanied by two creaks and several flakes of snow.

As the gate opened and closed, the darkness suddenly fell into turmoil. Ten-some figures flew through the snow to various places in the capital.

The Pope had left the Divine General of the East's estate and gone to the Orange Garden.

In a short time, the entire capital was informed of this news, and it was naturally reported to those princely estates lining the Road of Peace.

In the worst-positioned and most unremarkable princely estate, the Prince of Louyang was like an ant on the rim of a hot pot, constantly walking in circles. The window of his study was wide open, letting the occasional snowflake come in, but this could not lessen the sweat coming from that plump and round face.

He suddenly stopped and looked at a woman. With a sour face, he asked, "What do I do? What do I do?"

The woman was very confused. "Your Highness, this means that His Holiness the Pope highly values the Princess. Nothing could be better."

The Prince of Louyang gave her a resentful glance and said, "You also know that she's a princess…"

"Good heavens." The woman finally understood what he meant. With a shocked face, she said, "Is Your Highness jealous?"

The Prince of Louyang snorted for some time, but he could not bring himself to speak. His meaning, however, was crystal-clear.

If this woman were not his aunt who had hurried over from Ru Province to supervise his marriage, he would not even dare make this sort of implication.

Everyone said that the princes of the Chen clan had already regained their power, but he was the worst of the lot, and his rival… was the Pope.

The woman huffed, "Everyone knows about the relationship between His Holiness and the Holy Maiden. What nonsense is Your Highness thinking? If not out of respect for Princess, how could His Holiness agree to officiate this wedding? If not for this relationship, would His Majesty have a.s.signed you a place as important as Taichang Temple?"

These words made the Prince of Louyang immediately forget his jealousy, but the just-stymied sweat began to pour out once more. Sobbing, he said, "The people from the Tianhai clan and several county princes are all staring at that position. I didn't expect His Majesty would let me go. Seeing as how I've offended so many people, I really can't see how this is good."


Chen Changsheng glanced at the window, only seeing that it was still snowing.

He cared a great deal about cleanliness, but he still did not understand why women liked to take baths on such cold days.

Mo Yu truly deserved her reputation as the most famous beauty of the Tianhai government. She had just gotten out of the bath and her face was clean of makeup, but her appearance was still like a painting, her beauty moving.

If one discussed the famous events in the capital over the last two years, the most famous was probably Mo Yu's return.

Those Chen clan princes who hated the Tianhai Divine Empress to the bone had not given her any trouble for several reasons.

The Mo clan had suffered a tragic fate in the previous government, causing Mo Yu to gain the sympathy of many of the older ministers.

More importantly, she had been summoned by the emperor to return to the palace.

And Shang Xingzhou, out of respect for her grandfather, that famous Grand Scholar, had given his silent consent.

And there was another important reason: she was about to get married to a prince surnamed Chen, and it was that most annoying, useless, and least threatening prince.

"I still don't understand why you're marrying him."

Chen Changsheng's question was one that everyone else in the capital was asking.

No matter what they felt to Mo Yu, whether it was love or hate, she was still Grand Lady Mo.

Everyone felt that the prince was not a good match for her.

"What's so bad about him? He's innately honest, has no ambition, I knew him when I was little, and most importantly, he's willing to trust me unconditionally."

Mo Yu sat by the bed, using a soft cotton towel to wipe her damp hair. She casually continued, "Back when the capital was in such chaos, he brought those subordinates that his brothers forced on him with the intention of coming to the Orange Garden to request my protection. In truth, he was the one that wanted to protect me. I have to return this affection."

Chen Changsheng knew of this matter, as did everyone in the capital.

On the night of the coup of the Mausoleum of Books, ten-some princes entered the capital, taking enormous risks to separately a.s.sault the various ministries and strategic locations. As for the Prince of Louyang, he brought his experts all around the capital as he fled, not daring to do anything, not daring to kill anyone. He only wanted to find the Orange Garden, but he ended up getting lost.

This was not some beautiful story, but a comedy, a joke.

Many people thought that the Prince of Louyang was just a joke.

Chen Changsheng also felt this prince to be too mediocre and useless, not at all a good match.

"What's it mean to be a good match? It's fine as long as he treats me well."

Mo Yu suddenly remembered something and said, "In the future, you should treat him better as well. Don't be so rude."

Chen Changsheng said, "I'm just advising from the standpoint of a friend. Since you don't agree, I naturally won't bring it up in the future."

Mo Yu glared at him and said, "I'm talking about the Prince of Luling's estate. Just look at how badly you scared him, and you even knew he was a coward."

Chen Changsheng himself did not know why he had treated the Prince of Louyang so rudely in the Prince of Luling's estate.

"He was acting as a messenger between you and your master and ended up with nothing good. Truly unfortunate."

Mo Yu said, "You were wrong in this matter."

Chen Changsheng replied, "I won't act like that in the future."

Upon seeing him promise, Mo Yu actually became unhappy. "Come over."

Chen Changsheng froze for a second, then asked, "To do what?"

Mo Yu replied, "I want to hug you as I sleep."

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