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Chapter 976 – In the Heavens Is a Capital of White Jade1

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

w.a.n.g Zhice was a true celebrity of the continent.

Amongst the demi-humans, he was probably the most famous human.

In the northern expeditions against the demons, he was the vice commander of the combined human and demi-human armies, but in reality, he was the highest commander.

When they were small, the tribal leaders and generals had heard their elders recall his deeds countless times.

w.a.n.g Zhice's deeds from back then had already made him a legend of the generation, inspiring endless awe and reverence in them.

However, the word 'awe' was a word that combined both respect and fear.

Only in death could one be a legend. If alive, they were pressure, because, in the end, w.a.n.g Zhice was a human.

It was hard for the personages present to believe the Deer tribe Grand Duke's claim that Shang Xingzhou and Chen Changsheng might be acting. If this was a trap, it was far too complicated, involving too many parts. Even the coup of the Mausoleum of Books was nothing but a part of this trap. Who could construct such a heaven-shaking scheme? Not even someone as strong as Shang Xingzhou could do it.

But w.a.n.g Zhice was still alive.

If he had laid down this trap for the sake of the Human race, what then?

The stifling and tense air in the hall made the Bear tribe leader somewhat irritated. He sternly said, "If the Human race is so strong as all of you say, their schemes so terrifying, then have you ever imagined what sort of attack we would suffer once we broke the alliance?"

The Deer tribe Grand Duke sneered, "As long as our alliance with Xuelao City becomes reality, the humans can get as angry as they want, but what will they be able to do? At most, they will issue a few imperial edicts severely reprimanding us, unless they're really courageous enough to attack both us and Xuelao City at the same time?"

Madam Mu expressionlessly said, "War requires courage, but starting one has nothing to do with it. That is dictated by the situation. I do not like war, so today, I am suggesting a way to avoid plunging the continent into the flames of war. This is the reason for my decision to ally with Xuelao City."

These words caused the hall to fall even more silent. Those tribal leaders and generals who initially opposed the alliance had begun to waver.

The Shi clan leader narrowed his eyes even further, making it hard to tell if they were like golden willows or slender blades.

He knew that in the current circ.u.mstances, it would be incredibly difficult to change the situation, but when he recalled his conversation with Xiaode from last night, he felt like he could only persist.

"I have already seen Xuelao City's sincerity."

He raised his head to Madam Mu and asked, "But how can the demons trust in our sincerity? A treaty of alliance with no trust has little meaning in my view."

Madam Mu calmly gazed back and replied, "I believe that you should have understood well the intent of the Heavenly Selection ceremony."

The Shi clan leader's expression remained unchanged as he replied, "Must we truly marry Princess Luoluo off to this young Demon Lord? Must we call a demon His Majesty?"

This was his, as well as the tribal leaders and generals', most pointed criticism.

If the Demon Lord was allowed to marry Princess Luoluo, would that not mean that once the White Emperor returned to the sea of stars, the Demon Lord would become Emperor of the Demi-humans?

Madam Mu calmly gazed at the Shi clan leader and answered, "A marriage alliance does not mean that the inheritance of the throne is involved."

A marriage alliance between two Imperial clans had always been the simplest and most effective way of forming an alliance.

This sort of matter had happened countless times in the past. Many demi-human princesses had once been married off to Xuelao City.

The tribal leaders, generals, and ministers in the hall found the matter of a marriage alliance more acceptable, but Madam Mu's words had still not resolved the most crucial issue.

The whole world knew that it was difficult for the White Emperor and Madam Mu to have children. After so many years, they only had Luoluo, a daughter.

If the princess was married to the distant Xuelao City and the Demon Lord, who was the ultimate victor in the Heavenly Selection ceremony, would not inherit the throne, then who would be the next White Emperor?

Madam Mu's hand lightly caressed her belly as she said, "It will naturally be my and His Majesty's son."

When she said this, her expression did not change. It was still cold and lofty, but now imbued with a divine majesty.

The Xiang clan leader intoned with a solemn expression, "Congratulations, Your Majesty. Congratulations, Empress."

This sudden news had so stunned the demi-human personages that they could not speak. Only now did these words prompt them from their stupor, and they began to bow and give their blessings and praise.

The Shi clan leader once more recalled his conversation with Xiaode. He could not help but sigh as he thought, I have already done all I can, but is it still not enough to alter the ending?

The Xiang clan leader turned to the people within the hall and asked, "Does anyone have anything else they wish to say?"

The Bear tribe leader gripped his metal staff, his hands trembling, and slammed it against the ground.

With a thud, the earth quaked and dust plumed.

His eyes turned red as he stared at Madam Mu. "I have nothing to say, but I still object."

The Shi clan leader silently thought for a few moments, then said, "I also object."

Soon after, a general of the He clan famed for his bravery took off his helmet and impa.s.sively declared, "I object.'

The demi-human Prime Minister, who had remained silent ever since the preparations for the Heavenly Selection had begun, stood up and said in his timeworn voice, "I will only agree once I personally meet His Majesty."

"I also object."

"I as well!"

The Xiang clan leader remained unmoving as these cries rose and fell.

Madam Mu slightly raised her brows, her starry eyes devoid of emotion.

She was somewhat surprised that there were still so many voices of opposition.

But this did not matter.

This was a decree issued by both her and His Majesty.

Moreover, this decree had gained the support of the Xiang clan leader, who led the Council of Elders.

How could some random noise stop the surging great river from flowing west?

The court debate concluded. Almost forty percent of the gathered tribal leaders, ministers, and generals had objected to the demon alliance, but the decree was sent down nonetheless.

A Grand Scholar of the Abyssal Pearl Pavilion who had attended the Grand Examination in the capital one hundred years ago was nervously writing out the formal decree.

The demi-human personages who had debated in the oppressive atmosphere for a long time walked out of the stone hall to rest for a while.

And then, they saw the young Demon Lord.

The sky was a clear blue, the edge of the platform a thin line. He stood beneath the lonely figure of the pear tree.

He had already taken off the tattered bamboo hat. It sat by his feet, almost buried under the white pear blossoms.

His face was handsome, white as jade. His robes rustled in the wind as if about to take flight.

With this scene and this person, nothing could be more beautiful.

A general stared at him with a murderous gaze, as if he would charge over at any moment.

A tribal leader warily stared at him, as if he would turn and leave at any moment.

A minister forced a smile and looked towards him, as if he would get on his knees and bow at any moment.

Regardless of what sort of emotions they felt, they all had to admit that the young Demon Lord was truly an extraordinary individual.

A Demon Lord standing alone in the Imperial City of the Demi-human race while still so calm and indifferent truly inspired admiration.

Ritual music came from Whalefall Platform down below.

The mood over the observation platform instantly became dignified.

The decree had been finished.

The Heavenly Selection, the marriage alliance and the treaty were about to be formally proclaimed.

Proclaimed to the world.

At this moment, the ritual music suddenly became a little disordered.

Perhaps it was because of those footsteps.

Several dozen palace maids and attendants arrived at the observation platform.

They were led by Luoluo.

She gazed at the Demon Lord beneath the pear tree.

The Demon Lord gazed at her.


1. This line is from the longest poem written by Li Bai, which has the long Chinese t.i.tle of '经乱离后天恩流夜郎忆旧游书怀赠江夏韦太守良宰'. The poem begins with Li Bai imagining himself ascending to the heavens, to the capital of white jade where the Celestial Emperor resides, where Li Bai is blessed with immortality.↩

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