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As soon as words left my lips, golden streams of aura flooded out from Indra's entire figure. It was the same story back then with Surya; those from must've had a thing for the golden colour.
Waves of powerful Status formed a complicated network with Indra as their centre. Ripples of electrical energy crashed into me, and I could hear Indra's laughter at the same time.
Indeed, this was a mighty power that no Constellation would dare to go up against. A violent suppressive force that ripped through one's body, pulverised it, and crushed it.

[Great Fable, 'Demon World's Spring', has begun its storytelling.]


[Great Fable, 'Torch that Swallowed the Myth', has begun its storytelling.]

….I was withstanding it.
Sparks danced in the air like fireflies. I brushed past the currents of the electrical energy and took a step forward, then another one after that.

[Many Constellations are startled by your 'Status'.]

Constellations on the other side of the battlefield were looking at me with wide-open eyes.

[Exclusive skill, 'Bookmark', is activating!]

[Fifth Bookmark has been initiated!]

[Exclusive skill, 'Lightning Transformation' Lv.23 (+13), has been initiated.]

[Your current physical const.i.tution is different from that of the applicable character.]

[Your 'Status' has overcome the physical const.i.tution penalty.]

I arrived before Indra's eyes as the blinding flashes of light continued to go off.
My powerful kick to his stomach resulted in the opened eyes there to go 'pop' one after the other. Other eyes looked at me in pure shock as if they couldn't accept this situation.
Not that surprising, really.
It was impossible for a newbie Fable-grade belonging to a small Nebula to exercise this much Status, after all. Indeed, it was impossible to exert this much power with only the two Great Fables that I managed to acquire.

[Great Fable, 'Kaixenix Archipelago', is aiding you.]

[Great Fable, 'Underworld', is providing you with Probability.]

['A Single Story' you have compiled has almost reached its 'Climax'.]

However, the story was different now.
With my two Fables and Kaixenix Archipelago's Fable, as well as Underworld's Great Fable all working together, I could exhibit power on a similar level to a Constellation who had completed their 'Climax', at least within the confines of this 'Great War of Saints and Demons'.
[How can you, with that much Probability…. You b.a.s.t.a.r.d...!]
The current me wouldn't lose against an upper-rank Fable-grade Constellation.
[I am Sakra devanam Indra! The leader of the eight lokapalas, and the king of !]
….Even if that Constellation just so happened to be the king of those G.o.ds.

[Constellation, 'G.o.d-King of Thunderbolts', is activating 'Thunderstorm of Heaven and Earth'!]

Eyes found all over Indra began emitting bright light, and the entire world became awash in pure whiteness. The sky was seemingly writhing within the lightning itself.

I dashed towards that spectacle of a thunderstorm.

[Probability you've used far exceeds the limit by a great degree.]

[Blessing from Nebula, , is protecting your Incarnation Body!]

[Vajra] and [Unbreakable Faith] collided. Indra's lightning and the Status of 'Lightning Transformation' opposed each other as grey sparks danced in the air. My sword was pushed back by Status and flew up into the sky.
A smile of satisfaction crept up on Indra's face.
However, the sword was just a diversion from the get-go. I didn't miss that moment the sword was sent flying and powerfully stomped on his leg.
Just as Indra's ma.s.sive figure crumbled, I grabbed the b.a.s.t.a.r.d's collars and slammed him down to the ground. He crashed head-first and gasped out in pain, unable to withstand the impact force.
I easily climbed on top of him now that he had lost his balance, and began pounding on his face with my bare fists. Accompanied by the sounds of flesh being squashed, lumps of Fables poured out from Indra's mouth.
[The measly Underworld dares to, Olympus' measly little low-ranked Nebula dares to....!]
[Measly 'Underworld'? You want to belittle my family, is that it?]
The number of Constellations actually affiliated with was less than ten. Even then, there was a reason why other Constellations feared this Nebula.

[Nebula, , has handed down the divine punishment of wrath!]

[You see, my parents? They can get really terrifying when they are angry.]

[Constellation, 'Queen of the Darkest Spring', nods her head.]

[Blessing from the Constellation, 'Father of Rich Night', is protecting you.]

Perhaps as a display of his final struggle, a baptism of electricity exploded forth from Indra's body. My skin began burning up like charcoal, and my heart being electrocuted pounded away irregularly. My vision flickered like a broken lamp, too. I gritted my teeth.
This level of lightning? Compared to what I had to go through at Kyrgios's hands, this was nothing.
I extended my hand out, and [Unbreakable Faith] that got flung away during our initial clash returned to my grasp. I powerfully stabbed Indra's heart with the blade enveloped in the pure-white magical energy.
Along with the sound of 'Pu-shu-shuk!', Indra's Incarnation Body writhed. How much time pa.s.sed by like that? The trembling body eventually stopped moving and sagged powerlessly.
I leaned closer and whispered to his ear. [Try reviving again and again. I'll just keep killing you.]
And then, a series of messages cascaded down.

[Constellation, 'G.o.d-King of Thunderbolts', has suffered horrible damage to his true body!]

[Constellation, 'G.o.d-King of Thunderbolts', isn't summoning any other Incarnation Bodies!]

[Constellation, 'G.o.d-King of Thunderbolts', has given up on the applicable scenario!]

[Another defeat has been recorded on the Constellation 'G.o.d-king of Thunderbolts' Fable.]

[You have become one of 'G.o.d-King of Thunderbolts' mortal enemies.]

[A portion of Constellations of the are in awe of your achievement.]


[Nebula, , has been inflicted with terrible damage!]

[Nebula, , is being swallowed up in the storm of Probability's aftermath!]

Every Constellation on this battlefield witnessed a Nebula tasting defeat right in front of their eyes and closed their mouths shut.

[You have achieved an unbelievable accomplishment!]

[A new Fable related to 'Nebula' is germinating in you!]

I raised my body up from Indra's corpse, leading to the Judges commanding the battle formations as well as the Underworld's soldiers to kneel before me.

[Your Incarnation Body has suffered serious damage!]

I also felt like collapsing on the ground right about now. Just from thinking about that made me realise how incredible Yu Jung-Hyeok was.
He managed to defeat Indra in the Half-G.o.d Body State with one attack without the blessing of .
Obviously, I must not lose to him.
[Is there anyone else who wishes to tour the depths of the ?]
I couldn't display any weakness in this place. Plenty of enemies remained, and I was the Underworld's Prince, after all.

[Constellations of the battlefield are fearful of you!]

I saw the Constellations previously fighting against hesitantly retreat now. Constellations that had been looking down on me from high up in the sky were now scared of me.
Of course, not everyone was like that; unlike the Constellations from and , the party from for visiting.
[Constellation who likes to change genders argues that will suffer losses in this battlefield, unrelated to the worth of his own name.]

Well, this was a mess, alright.
In any case, I became pretty sure of who that 'Constellation who likes to change genders' was by looking at the unfolding situation.

[Constellation, 'G.o.ddess of Love and Cats', argues that by leaving this battlefield, they will suffer losses related to the Great Fable of the 'Great War of Saints and Demons'.]

[Constellation who likes to change genders argues that that might not be the case.]

And so, just how long did they argue back and forth for?

[Constellations of have come to a decision.]

A short while later, I spotted Selena Kim's complexion brighten on the other side.
She quickly opened her lips. "Constellation-nims are agreeing with us. does not have any intentions to fight against you and ."

[Nebula, , makes it clear that there is no reason to fight you.]

I had no idea how that Constellation managed to convince his uptight, stubborn fellows of Asgard, but there was no denying that this friendly offer would be good for us.
I nodded my head, and Constellations affiliated to and all withdrew their Status at once. I, as well, cancelled the [Demon King Transformation].

[Constellation who likes to change genders is looking at you.]

[Constellation who likes to change genders is praising his own accomplishment.]

...For sure, without that Constellation's help, an unnecessary fight might've broken out. I briefly lowered my head as a sign of my appreciation.

[Constellation who likes to change genders wants a reward.]

"....Do you want coins from me?"

[Constellation who likes to change genders says he has a very small favour to ask.]

"A favour, you say?"

[Constellation who likes to change genders adds that this favour is nothing serious.]

A small, nothing-serious favour, was it. I was getting more worried, instead.
I pondered it for a bit, before making my reply. "If it's not a favour that will harm , then I can do it."
I carefully studied the modifier attached to the indirect messages, before adding something else. "And yes, it must not be about changing genders."

[Constellation who likes to change genders says that it definitely isn't a favour like that.]

If it wasn't, then well.
I nodded my head, and a sound similar to a child laughing could be heard coming from the sky next.

[All beings in the 123rd regional conflict no longer hold any intention to fight.]

Constellations from have lost their will to fight, while only a small number of Constellations from had partic.i.p.ated from the beginning – and they were unable to carry on due to Yu Jung-Hyeok. On top of this, both and currently were not intending on fighting each other, either.

[123rd regional conflict has been forcibly concluded.]

[Applicable regional conflict's outcome can't be decided.]

[Lack of will to fight by the partic.i.p.ants of the applicable battle has been confirmed.]

[Applicable regional conflict has been excluded from the category of 'Great War of Saints and Demons'.]

With this, the 123rd regional conflict had drawn to a close.

[Chaos Points have risen by 5.]

[Warning! Chaos Points have surpa.s.sed 70!]

The Chaos Points had already gone past 70.
There was no way that Metatron and Agares wouldn't feel the heat with things like this. Especially so with the former, who had seen the destruction of during the 1863rd regression turn.
Thinking of partic.i.p.ating in the next regional conflict with my other companions in it, I looked up at the Gates in the sky.

[117th Gate is currently in activation.]

[119th Gate is currently in activation.]

One was where Jeong Hui-Won and Yi Hyeon-Seong were, while the other Gate was Han Su-Yeong's.
I quietly stared at the two Gates, before choosing which one to enter and walked into it.
But then….

[You can't enter the applicable Gate.]

I can't? Why not?

[Applicable Gate's regional conflict has been concluded.]

…..The battle had ended already?
I looked behind me and found Anna Croft staring dazedly at the Gate.
"Kim Dok-Ja."
The moment I heard her, my heart grew cold.
Regional conflicts of the 'Great War of Saints and Demons' with no victor among 'Good' and 'Evil' were treated as invalid and would enter the 'forced conclusion' sequence.
However, this regional conflict had simply been 'concluded'. Meaning...

[Victor has been decided in the applicable regional conflict.]

….Meaning, that entered the Gate in question had failed in their mission.

[Death penalty will be applied to the defeated partic.i.p.ants of the regional conflict.]


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