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Chapter 430: Soul Drummer, Online Creation (1)

In the corridor above the dance floor, Tadashi Miyamoto was drinking wine.

He raised his wine gla.s.s and looked down at the commotion below.

Then, he raised his head and gulped down a large mouthful of strong wine.

“The more I drink, the more I worry!” He sighed.

As a major transcendent being, he naturally had reason to worry.

Today, it was the Fusang Emba.s.sy's ball.

The ball was something that came from the Land of Qin during the hundred-year war.

To be more precise, it was brought by the prisoners of war from the Land of Qin.

During the hundred-year war, the Federal Empire had captured a large number of n.o.bles from the Land of Qin.

These n.o.bles naturally received very good treatment.

All of them were comparable to the n.o.bles of the Empire.

Who asked these people to ransom them?

Moreover, according to the example of Land of Qin, as long as they signed the contract, their expenses during the period of being captured would be recognized.

Naturally, these captives lived an extremely comfortable life in the war camp.

As they were filled with warmth and l.u.s.t, the ball naturally appeared.

The n.o.bles and military officers of the Federal Empire were also invited to partic.i.p.ate.

As a result, it went out of control and quickly swept through the country, sweeping the world.

Until now, it had developed into a dance hall, a nightclub, and so on but the most important and most formal thing was a dance party held in the main hall.

There was no free time to talk and laugh!

Thinking of this, Tadashi Miyamoto poured himself another mouthful of wine.

Unfortunately, a transcendent being wouldn't get drunk.

Any alcohol would instantly decompose. That was the powerful liver function of a transcendent being.

Therefore, he was also lying to himself but if he didn't do this, what could he do?

He looked down at the dance floor again.

They were all second-generation, silkpants.

It wasn't worth mentioning!

At every moment here, Miyamoto's loyalty felt like years!

“Since ancient times, heroes have been wronged…” Miyamoto's loyalty muttered, “So, Feng Tang is easy to become old, and Li Guang is hard to seal!”

Thus, he poured himself another mouthful of wine.

He naturally had a reason to be melancholic!

What day was it today?

It was the day of the Fusang Kingdom's reception ball.

In the main hall, there would be heroes from all over the world.

There would also be the Polish Prince, Vice Admiral Hurricane Ludwig.

There would also be Brigadier General Xinfu Yanagawa of Fusang who would be arriving.

Perhaps there would even be a strong person from the Federal Empire personally overseeing things.

In the blink of an eye, they might have gone through countless rounds of secret battles.

All sorts of exquisite and peerless magic art would be exchanged.

This was an extremely precious feast for any extraordinary person.

It could even be called a lifetime of lessons!

The secret battles between generals.

Psionic power was quietly blossoming.

One had to control the intensity and influence.

This would inevitably reveal all sorts of techniques and strategies.

As long as one learned a few of them, one would be able to enjoy them for the rest of their lives!

How would it be like sitting on a cold stool and drinking wine?

This was practically exile!

With this in mind, Miyamoto poured himself another cup.


He caught a glimpse of a figure from the corner of his eye.

He suddenly stood up and looked down at the dance floor.

A man wearing what seemed to be a mask slowly pa.s.sed through the crowd.

The lights of the dance floor fell around him as if he had fallen into a viscous dark abyss, as if he had fallen into a lightless h.e.l.l.

He walked quietly.

In his perception, psionic power surrounded him like the wind.

It was as if he was the king of psionic power.

“Who is it?” Miyamoto stared at him, “Is it a certain immortal G.o.d's bloodline?”

However, the person had already walked past the dance floor and went to the music stage behind the dance floor.

“What is he doing?” Miyamoto became nervous.

He watched the person walk up the stairs step by step.

The dancing lights shone on him and the two security guards on the music stage walked towards him.


A cat meow covered everything, including the screaming music, the dancing crowd and the noise.

Tadashi Miyamoto swallowed his saliva.

The wine gla.s.s in his hand fell to the ground and shattered.

“True G.o.d!” Fear came from the bottom of his heart.

At this moment, he finally saw a cat in that person's arms.

A true G.o.d-level cat!

Tadashi Miyamoto was extremely shocked!

Ling Ping'an carried his pet and walked across the dance floor to the music stage.

His fingers moved agilely.

Countless music scores appeared in his mind.

In an instant, they turned into nothing and became an inspiration that he couldn't grasp.

However, this made him even more excited.

Some things that he had forgotten were remembered again.

“I remember that I once played music for thousands of people in a dream…” he recalled a dream that he once had.

The endless audience was crazy about his music.

At that time, he was the most beautiful person in the world.

The flow of traffic, the focus of attention.

In that dream, the audience screamed and cheered.

Vaguely, there seemed to be countless worlds celebrating.

That feeling was extremely sour and refreshing.

That feeling was extremely exhilarating!

And now!

Ling Ping'an raised his head and looked at the two security guards who were walking towards him.

They were pulling out their stun batons.

Ling Ping'an laughed. “Don't disturb the artist's creation!”


The cat in his arms meowed softly.

He was in complete agreement with his master's decision!

And the two security guards seemed to understand at this moment how stupid their actions were!

That was right!

It was stupid!

How could they obstruct the creation of a great artist, the best musician in the world?

No way!

That was a crime!

A crime against art, a crime against the art of music!

Therefore, they came to a sudden realization. They understood and moved aside.

This was good!

Ling Ping'an smiled and looked at the two security guards.

From their faces, Ling Ping'an saw their respect for themselves, their reverence for art and their worship of music.

Thus, he nodded his head.

He walked straight to the musicians who were playing disc and drum.


The kitten meowed softly.

The musicians immediately sensibly moved aside.

They seemed to understand who should be left on the stage.

Who was the main character on the stage tonight.

Very smart!

Thus, Ling Ping'an easily took the microphone from the singer's hand.

Then, he looked at the dance floor.

The dance floor had already quieted down.

He looked at the musicians and singers who were unable to speak because they had seen a great artist and were in a state of excitement.

He raised his hand.

Thus, he grabbed the microphone.

He said, “Gentlemen, ladies…”

“Next, please enjoy my latest creation…”

“This is an incomparable musical feast!”

There was no applause, no cheers.

How could this be?

Ling Ping'an asked, “Why is there no applause? Where are the cheers?”

In an instant, clap, clap, clap, clap..

Spa.r.s.e applause sounded, and then, it was like thunder.

The crowd whistled and many people even cried.

Ling Ping'an looked on with great relief.

“It seems that I really do have a musical talent!”

As for when did he have a musical talent?

Liu Ling, Li Bai, Su Shi…

Which one of them wasn't a genius with overflowing musical talent?

Now, he was possessed by so many poets.

Naturally, he was the number one musical genius in the world!

Didn't they see that the audience's hands were already red from clapping, but they still didn't want to stop. Even tears were flowing out. Did they still need to cheer?

So, there was no need to think about it.

Of course, in his heart, he had a faint idea that something was wrong.

His rational voice seemed to say, “Quickly stop… Don't make a fool of yourself!”


Why should he be afraid?

I'm Liu Ling.

The drunk Liu Ling.

The Liu Ling who had taken the five-stone powder.

The Liu Ling with disheveled hair!

Five-stone powder?

Ling Ping'an hesitated for a moment.

He felt that he was like a famous scholar of Wei and Jin Dynasty who had taken Wu Shi San.

He was completely unrestrained and had no scruples at all.

“Is his nature so terrifying?”

“I don't care!” He thought, “I'll talk after I'm satisfied… Anyway, no one can recognize me when I'm wearing a mask!”

So, he walked toward the musical instruments one by one.

He examined them one by one.

If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen the instrument!

To create good music, you must have a good musical instrument!

So, he looked at a drum.

He immediately liked it!

A drum!

This was a good thing!

He liked it very much.

And on the dance floor, the audience was still clapping.

They clapped desperately.

Tears and snot kept flowing out because of fear.

In everyone's eyes, the music stage was already h.e.l.l because the king from h.e.l.l was standing there!

Even though he looked like a human.

Even though he didn't seem like he had any power.

However, the Black Cat Demon in his arms was baring its fangs and brandishing its claws.

Behind the Cat Demon, a strange pyramid was rising.

The outline of the pyramid was reflected in everyone's eyes.

In the pyramid that was surrounded by light, the Black Pharaoh had already raised his scepter.

A blood moon shone on the pyramid.

An indescribable monster crawled out of the Blood Moon.

It was deformed and terrifying.

The fear from the soul occupied everything!

Therefore, no one dared not to applaud.

And no one dared not cheer.

Everyone seemed to understand something.

If they didn't do as they were told…

Then the monsters in the Blood Moon would crawl to reality and tear them apart!

Ling Ping'an listened to the applause and cheers.

He stretched out his hand and touched the drum in front of him.

The audience was too enthusiastic.

He had to create good music to repay the audience's enthusiasm.

He thought for a moment and patted the drum in front of him lightly.


The sound of the drum was pleasing to the ear!

The sound of the drum rumbled!

The sound of the drum was like thunder!

The sound of the drum was like electricity!

Ling Ping'an recalled a legend.

“In the Eastern Sea, there was a flowing wave mountain that went seven thousand miles into the sea. On it, there were beasts that were shaped like oxen. Their bodies had no horns. And with one foot, they would enter and exit the water, causing wind and rain. Their light was like the sun and the moon and their sound was like thunder. Their name was Kui. When the Yellow Emperor obtained it, he used its skin as a drum and the bones of a thunder beast as a pedestal. His voice could be heard for hundreds of miles and he used it to awe the world!”

He smiled, “Good drum! Good drum!”


He raised his head and looked at the audience.

He solemnly announced, “Everyone, please be quiet!”

“The concert has begun!”


The kitten in his arms jumped onto the front stage of the music stage.

He was ready to listen to his master's supreme music.

The entire dance floor was silent.

The audience was very supportive!

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