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Chapter 308: Vest

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In the morning, the temperature was a little cold.

Ling Ping'an put on his jacket and socks. He also wore a pair of cotton slippers.

He stood in front of the mirror and looked at his appearance.

It was alright!

It was just that…

He leaned forward and looked at the pair of eyes in the mirror.

“Why do I feel that my eyes have changed…” he studied himself carefully.

In the past, his eyes were small eyes that all myopic patients had.

After taking off his gla.s.ses, his eye sockets would still be slightly sunken.

But now, his eyes were full of energy, big and bright.

Ling Ping'an rubbed his eyes. They were still so bright and big.

‘Could it be that my eyes have changed because my myopia has recovered?' he thought.

This was the only explanation.

Therefore, he put on the pair of gla.s.ses he bought.

Well, this time, he looked much more comfortable.


The pet beside his feet meowed softly, as if it was happy for its master.

Ling Ping'an chuckled.

Although he was face blind, he had no concept of beauty or ugliness.

However, his eyes had become bigger and brighter. No matter what, it was still a happy thing.

“Let's go… Let's go…” Ling Ping'an walked to the kitchen on the cotton mop and untied the plate on the spice bowl that he soaked last night.

A strong fragrance immediately a.s.sailed his nose.

“It smells so good!” Ling Ping'an became happy when he smelled the fragrance.

If he used such fragrant spice water to roast meat or make hotpot, it would definitely be great!

He went over and looked at the water in the bowl.

The entire bowl had already been soaked in the perfume until its color had changed.

The water had also become golden yellow due to the perfume. He lightly touched it with his hand and tasted it in his mouth.

Ling Ping'an's eyes could not help but widen immediately.

His lips and tongue were filled with a strange fragrance.

This fragrance was very unique!

There was a hint of sweetness in the spicy, but there was no stimulation.

However, the taste was still very mellow, and it lingered between the lips and tongue for a long time.

“This is practically a specially made spice for barbecued meat!” Ling Ping'an said.

Using it to brush on the barbecued meat would definitely be unparalleled.


The kitten beside his feet meowed softly.

“Tonight…” Ling Ping'an looked at his pet and knew that this fellow's craving was acting up, so he said, “Us brothers, let's taste the brand new barbecued meat and instant-boiled meat for aunty first!”


The kitten was very happy and its meow was very light!

Ling Ping'an then reached out and picked up the spice ball from the water.

After soaking it for a night, it had shrunk by about one-third.

Did that also mean that it could also make two bowls?

Ling Ping'an cleaned the water stains on its body before putting it into a box, which would be kept in a cabinet.

Now, he was very satisfied with the spice ball that he exchanged for the book last night.

The taste was already worth it.

To a gourmet, the new delicacy was always worth spending money on!

Wearing cotton slippers, Ling Ping'an walked downstairs and opened the shop door.

Then, he couldn't wait to sit down at the counter.

He wanted to see how many collections had increased last night?

For every author, the new book season was an exciting thing!

The computer started to boot up with a buzzing sound.

After two minutes, the system was finally ready.

Ling Ping'an closed the pop-ups one by one, then opened the web page and entered the author's backstage.

When he was choosing the account, he accidentally chose the vest that he used when he first wrote the article.

The system quickly jumped.

In the author zone, the vest name that he created a long time ago appeared: Xuan Jun.

Ling Ping'an looked at this long-lost alias.

He smiled.

“Xuan Jun. . Xuan Jun. . Long time no see!”

This was his first alias.

Of course, everything would be b.l.o.o.d.y when he first started on the road.

Ling Pingan was no exception. He used this alias to write three books, each of which was filled with tears. He didn't even have the right to sign a contract.

Then, he decisively changed to Ping An's alias.

And this was already the third one.

He shook his head and exited this alias. Then, he logged back into his new alias.

He clicked into the author section, and a number that made him happy appeared in the collection Box: 52!

When he looked at it last night, it looked like it was only 42?

Ten collections in one night!

“Yes! Yes!” The young web novelist's confidence was greatly boosted.

He knew that if this went on, his ambition of being the sixth white of the central plains might not be realized.

However, it was not a problem for him to earn some HP.

Xiaoman was walking on a road that had been abandoned for a long time.

On both sides of the road, broken carriages were lying on the ground.

In the gra.s.s, the tracks left by the wild rabbits and field mice could be clearly seen.

There were no traces of humans or demons, and more and more of these little things appeared.

In the distance, Xiaoman saw a few vicious dogs staring at her.

These pets that humans had raised in the past had long recovered their wildness and become predators.

Xiaoman shook her head and casually waved her sword.

The pack of wild dogs was so frightened that they picked up their tails and fled far away.

She continued forward, following this road to the city ahead.

That was Green Mountain Town!

It was once the most prosperous market in Green Mountain County.

There were even a few shops set up by the Green Mountain Sect in the market, which specialized in selling magic pills, intelligence reports, and low-level cultivation methods to the free-traveling pract.i.tioners.


After the fall of Tian Qing, everything was reduced to ruins.

Green mountain town was reduced to the Devil's Den of a powerful Asura.

The b.l.o.o.d.y Queen!

This was the t.i.tle of the Asura!

It was said that the asura was originally a geisha in the Yihong courtyard of green mountain town.

After the fall of Tian Qing, the Asura invaded the town on a large scale, cooperating with the heavenly demons to sweep through the mortal world.

The Green Mountain Sect was annihilated overnight, and tens of thousands of civilians were slaughtered by the asura and the heavenly demons.

Holding her sword, Xiaoman pa.s.sed through the path full of weeds, which had even been taken back by the weeds and trees. Slowly, he walked toward the Green Mountain Town.

The wind whistled by her ears.

The whisper of the mysterious Lord came from the bottom of her heart.

“Those who look up to the Dao will succeed, and those who look up to the Dao will be soaked…”

The whispers were repeated one after another.

Xiao Man's pupils were slowly occupied by the Soul Fire, which danced in her pupils.

This was the preparation before the battle.

Because she had already sensed the enemy.

The smell of the twisted, crazy, and stinky Asura.

They had also noticed Xiao Man.

These things that had been twisted into shriveled and deformed monsters crawled out from the ruins.

They might have been farmers when they were alive, so they still held hoes in their hands.

However, their skin, which was as dry as tree bark, and their bodies, which had all their bones deformed, made them look like the legendary evil ghosts.

In fact, the Asuras were the image of evil ghosts in the void!

“Roar!” After feeling the fresh flesh and soul, these things began to howl.

“Another piece of meat delivered to our doorstep!” said Asura.

It had encountered such a situation before.

There would always be humans or demons that wanted to end their lives because of certain unhappy happenings.

Hence, the foul-smelling saliva kept flowing out of its mouth.

This piece of meat was very fresh and tender!

Moreover, the soul was too delicious!

This was indeed a rare delicacy!

It could not wait any longer.

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