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Chapter 307: Soul Devouring

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

He watched the customer slowly disappear into the thick fog with a flashlight.

Ling Ping'an sighed softly. “I hope this customer can buy a few more books the next time he comes…”

Holding the jelly-like spice ball in his hand, he gently tossed it and placed it in front of his nose to sniff it.

This thing really smelled good!

“Oh right…” Ling Ping'an suddenly remembered something. “I just forgot to ask the customer how to use this thing…”

However, it didn't matter.

Spices were only used for soaking, steaming, adding, and frying.

Holding this thing, Ling Ping'an pulled the shutter down.

When he turned around, the kitten Bastet was already waiting for him in front of his pants.

“Little Darling…” Ling Ping'an smiled and stroked its head. “You must be tired too…”


Ling Ping'an smiled and took out the towel it was sleeping on from the cupboard. Then, he took down the plate from which this fellow was eating.

He poured a bit of cat food into the cat plate.

Then, the little cat obediently climbed onto the towel and slowly ate its cat food.

The little thing was easy to raise. It only needed to eat a plate of cat food every day.

It just didn't grow much. It had been raised for a month, and it was still the same size.

Could it be because of the breed?

Ling Ping'an didn't quite understand this.

Up until now, he still hadn't figured out what breed this little cat was!

But, it didn't matter.

Ling Ping'an looked at the little guy eating cat food and reached out to turn off the lights.

“Goodnight!” Ling Ping'an said to his pet.

Then, he took his phone and walked to the stairs. Under the light of the phone, he walked up.

“Creak, creak…”

The stairs shook and made a series of scary sounds.

The little cat sleeping on the towel slowly ate the cat food.

The amber cat eyes reflected the bookstore.

The kitten could feel…

There was something different in the bookstore tonight.

If it observed carefully, the kitten could feel that time and s.p.a.ce were being distorted.

And this was the world created by the nameless fog and the silver key.

It was impossible for anyone to distort this place.

Besides its master, there was almost no other person.

So, the kitten gently lay down. It understood.

Its master's awakening rate was higher.

Perhaps, after a while, one of its incarnations might awaken.

Thinking of this, the kitten immediately closed its eyes, not daring to think about it again.

Because, perhaps at this moment, one of its master's incarnations was staring at it.

As a G.o.d, Bastet knew very well what the so-called incarnation was.

Holding the strange iron magic tool in her hand.

Xiaoman slowly walked through the fog.

Light shone into the fog.

The fog became thinner, and the road ahead could be seen clearly.

This was a road that Xiaoman could not understand.

Was the road made of some kind of divine ability?

With the light from the magic tool in her hand, Xiaoman could even see that in the distance of the fog, there were stone poles that looked like road signs, standing on both sides of the road in the fog.

They could emit some weak light.

Xiaoman looked at those creations and took a deep breath.

She understood that this world in the fog was not just inhabited by the mysterious person in the fog.

There were probably other guests.

However, what was the relationship between these people and that strange person?

Ruler and minister?


Xiaoman looked at the iron magic artifact in her hand again.

It was a wonderful thing. With a light push of a b.u.t.ton, it could activate the light source, illuminating the dangerous fog and guiding her home.

Not only that!

Xiaoman held the artifact in her hand and shone it in all directions.

She saw vortexes spinning in the distance of the fog.

Those vortexes…

Xiaoman took a deep breath. She roughly knew that each of those vortexes probably led to an unknown world.

Perhaps some of them even led to the nest of the Sky Devil, which was a void.


‘With the help of this fog, can that strange person connect to the myriad realms in the heavens?' Xiaoman thought, her heart filled with inexplicable shock.

She looked at the vortexes.

Then, she lowered her head.

The calamity of the heavens had caused the sky fiends to surge into the world, causing the Heaven and Earth to fall into a calamity!

How could she dare to spy on the other worlds?

What if she caused another catastrophe of the Sky Devil?

She could only take the magical artifact in her hand and walk back the way she came.

As she walked forward, Xiaoman did not dare to look around anymore.

Finally, she walked out of the fog.

The sunlight shone down from the sky, dazzling everyone's eyes.

When she looked back, the fog behind her was rapidly shrinking. In the blink of an eye, it had disappeared.

Xiaoman held the magic tool in her hand. She remembered the action of the mysterious bookstore weirdo when he opened it.

She gently tried to push a b.u.t.ton.

The Magic Tool was closed.

She put the magic tool away.

Then, she looked at the gray book in her hand.

Under the sunlight, the words on the cover fluttered in front of her eyes.

They turned into small sharp swords.

One after another, they drilled into her body.

In the blink of an eye, the book in her hand had disappeared.

A strange whisper came into her ear, “Those who look up to the Dao are like those who are immersed in the Dao. They all know things, but they don't know the Dao…”

This voice was like a Daoist reciting scriptures in a Daoist Temple.

It was also like the sound of wooden fish in front of Buddha.

Xiaoman saw that figure again in this low voice.

The figure of a mighty figure named Xuan Jun was reflected in her pupils.

A Daoist technique appeared in Xiaoman's soul.

This was a Daoist technique created by Xuan Jun before he cultivated the way of the sword.

There was nothing else apart from the sword.

Xuan Jun practiced the sword and forged himself into a sword.

His body, skin, flesh, tendons, bones, emotions, emotions, and six desires were all swords.

He could kill enemies, but he could also subdue his own demons to suppress his own evil.

If he wanted to do that, he would need an unimaginably powerful soul!

Only in this way could he forge his own body into a sword.

Thus, Heaven and Earth were heartless and treated all things as dogs!

Even Xuan Jun was so heartless that he could sacrifice all lives!

Thus, he created this rudimentary soul devouring Dao technique.

His principle was: a single burning fire can burn all things, if all things die, where is the fire? A single breath of Dao can burn all things, if all things die, where is the Dao?

Therefore, with his fire, he wanted to devour others' souls!

Xiaoman slowly raised the sword in her hand.

Under the sunlight, three feet of ordinary iron slowly reflected rays of sword light.

Suddenly, a light fire appeared on the blade of the sword.

It was her soul fire!

It was also her soul devouring flame!

“The move of a G.o.d is not called the will of a G.o.d!” Xiaoman looked at the faint soul flame and said softly, “The move of the will is not the will, but the soul!”

“Therefore, all living beings use their souls to control their souls…”

“However, they are more than enough!”

“They intimidate the enemy's soul and make up for my shortcomings!”

“This is the way of Heaven!”

The Way of Heaven made up for the shortcomings even though it was more than enough!

That was right!

Xiaoman gently shook the blade as soul fire blossomed.

With her as the dot, all flowers, plants, and trees within a three-step radius of her HP would wither.

This was a secret technique that specialized in devouring souls!

Even the souls of flowers, plants, and trees could be taken!

Therefore, Xiaoman knew that she could also devour the souls of Sky Devils!

However, Sky Devils were not flowers, plants, and trees. They would not sit around and wait to be killed.

She needed to kill!

She needed to kill a heavenly devil and use its soul as food!

She would kill them one by one. One day, the Soul Devourer would definitely succeed!

And because of that, she would form her core!

When the Soul Devourer succeeded, the sword core would form on its own.

The core was a killing core. The quality of the golden core was related to the quant.i.ty and quality of the enemies that were killed and devoured!

Holding the sword, Xiaoman took a deep breath.

She knew that she should go there to cultivate.

Since the fall of heaven, the Sky Devils had flocked into the world.

Following the large-scale invasion of the Sky Devils were the void creatures known as Asura.

They were like the Sky Devils, shapeless and shapeless, crazy and twisted.

However, they were not as powerful as the Sky Devils and could not steal the powerful bodies of cultivators, so they could only change their target to weak mortals.

Although they were not as powerful as the Heavenly Devils, they were more twisted than the heavenly devils.

Countless prosperous cities were turned into demon caves by these monsters.

Therefore, Xiaoman understood that she should go there.

She should go to those former cities and look for those asuras to sacrifice their swords!

In the past, even if she had the ability to kill an Asura, she did not dare to kill it.

That was because Asuras were like heavenly demons, they were immortal.

If she killed it, it would only be banished back to the void.

Then, it would make a comeback and steal another mortal's body.

Thus, she could only imprison or seal these monsters.

Putting her sword away, Xiaoman walked toward the village with big steps.

Ling Ping'an walked into the kitchen and turned on the lights.

He took out a vegetable bowl from the disinfectant cabinet.

He threw the spices into the bowl.

“I'll try it first…” he thought, so he took the bowl and put a bowl of water under the tap.

Then he put the bowl next to the gas stove, took a dish, and covered the bowl.

“I'll come again tomorrow morning…” he said.

If everything was normal, he should be able to get a bowl of spice water tomorrow.

Maybe it could be used to roast meat or something.

After doing this, he turned off the kitchen light.

Then, he opened the refrigerator and took out a bottle of beverage, which took a big gulp.

This kind of Rosia drink was really delicious.

Ling Ping'an took it and sat on the sofa.

As he drank, he opened his phone.

There were two unread messages on his phone. Ling Ping'an opened it and saw that it was from his aunt.

It was still the sun, the beach, and the sea.

Along with the picture, there was also a very ostentatious message: Little Ping'an. Look, where am I staying?

Ling Ping'an looked at the location she sent.

Federal Empire, Xiangshan Autonomous Prefecture, Xiangshan Hotel.

He swallowed his saliva and could not help but say, “This ancient culture research inst.i.tute actually has such good benefits?”

“I'm out on vacation, and there's actually Xiangshan Hotel to stay at!”

This was a bit extravagant!

Xiangshan Hotel was a famous hotel even in the Metropolitan Territory!

It was said that the guests were either rich or n.o.ble!

However, Ling Ping'an shrugged his shoulders. It wasn't like he had never stayed in such a hotel before.

The fellowship party he had attended in the Guangnan Governor District was a well-known five-star hotel in Yaodu.

In the end, other than having a bigger house, better facilities, and better service, it was no different from other hotels.

Besides, to Ling Ping'an, it was all about sleeping.

It didn't matter where he stayed.

In fact, he even felt that the bed at home was more comfortable than those so-called big hotels.

Therefore, he replied, “Aunty, have fun!”

Just as he put down his phone, the other party's reply came.

“Little Ping'an!”

Ling Ping'an looked at the reply on the screen. He shook his head and ignored it.

That aunt of his!

Even though she was older than him, she was actually… far inferior to him in terms of maturity and conduct.

Sometimes, Ling Ping'an even felt that he was the elder.

On the other hand, his aunt was a child who had yet to grow up.

Just like now…

“Being impulsive isn't something an adult would do…” he pursed his lips and smiled.

After all, that great aunt was far away in the Pacific Ocean.

She wouldn't fly back to kill him.

Therefore, Ling Ping'an picked up his phone with a clear conscience and walked back to his bedroom.

It was time to sleep.

Xiaoman finally returned to the familiar village.

It was an abandoned village from the outside.

The houses were covered with spider webs.

Many of the courtyard walls had collapsed.

Xiaoman walked to a dry well in the middle of the village.

Then, she gently knocked on the cover of the dry well with her sword.

She knocked slowly at a predetermined frequency.

Knock, Knock, knock..

Soon, someone who heard the noise poked his head out from the ground beside an abandoned courtyard not far from the dry well.

When this person saw Xiao Man, he was pleasantly surprised. “Xiao Man! Are You Okay?”

Xiao man nodded. “I'm Fine!”

She asked, “How's the village?”

That person said, “It's been hard on you to send the message in time. We managed to hide in the second underground level through the secret pa.s.sage in time…”

When Xiaoman heard this, a gratified smile appeared on her face.

The humans after the fall of the heavens had an extremely tough life.

The Sky Demon and Asura were monsters that loved flesh and blood and souls.

They chased after the human race and other creatures everywhere.

The weakness of the human race was exposed in this catastrophe.

The human race was not like the demons, who could turn into their true forms when necessary and hide in the mountains, forests, underground, or even deep in the pool.

The human race could only dig underground and rely on layers of warnings to avoid the enemy.

However, the human race, be it cultivators or mortals, could not hide underground for long.

The human race needed food, s.p.a.ce to move, medicine and various cultivation resources.

Therefore, they had to come out and move.

Once they were discovered, they could only abandon their existing strongholds and flee to another backup refuge.

Fortunately, the demons would sometimes lend a hand and even take in human refugees.

This was the reason why the human race had not gone extinct even after the fall of heaven.

In fact, the population had even recovered a little!

That person looked at Xiaoman and suddenly said, “Xiaoman…”

“You know the rules, right?”

Xiaoman nodded. Of course, she knew the rules.

“I came back to take a look. I'm relieved that everyone is fine!” She revealed a brilliant smile.

It was as if she was consoling the other party and herself.

In order to prevent the sky demon from infiltrating the crowd and causing the destruction of the entire village.

The human race had long established a set of rules.

One of them was that those who had come into contact with the Sky Demon were not allowed to return to the village.

They had to self-exile.

The people in the village would also be relocated later.

This was because the sky demon was very cunning and strange.

There was once a shelter with a population of 100,000. Because a sky demon had infiltrated it, the entire city had been wiped out by the sky demon overnight!

Many examples also proved that many people who had their bodies stolen by the Sky Demon did not know that they had been stolen by the Sky Demon, and their souls had been devoured by the Sky Demon.

He still thought that he was a human.

He was even willing to go through fire and water for the sake of the human race.

Until the Sky Demon suddenly acted up and directly appeared.

This was the sorrow of this world.

In order to survive and continue, countless people sacrificed everything.

They even chose to self-exile.

It was not only the human race, but also the monster race!

Xiaoman really wanted to tell the other party that not only was she fine, but that the core formation stage sky demon had been completely eliminated.

But she knew that he wouldn't believe her.

To be able to come out and see her was already the greatest trust of everyone in the village!

Because under normal circ.u.mstances, they wouldn't even meet.

Xiao Man took a deep breath and said to him, “Uncle, I'll leave my master and senior sister to you and everyone else!”

“When the Sky Demon and Asura have been eliminated, perhaps we can meet again!”

That person laughed bitterly and did not answer.

The Sky Devils and Asuras were eliminated?

If it was at the beginning of the fall of heaven, perhaps some people would still believe it.

Because at that time, there was still a considerable amount of power in heaven and earth, and there was even the help of the surviving immortals and G.o.ds.

But now…

There were not many nascent soul stage cultivators!

Whether it was the human race or the demon race, they could only live in seclusion.

This result was actually done on purpose by the Asura and the Heavenly Devils.

They were raising the living beings in the world like livestock.

Xiaoman was full of confidence.

She then held the sword in her hand and turned around. “Uncle, please believe it!”

“One day, the world will be safe again!”

Because of this, Xiaoman knew what price she had to pay.

In her soul, Xuan Jun's shadow was still chanting slowly.

“Those who look up to the Dao will succeed, and those who look up to the Dao will be immersed…”

One after another, the chant entered her heart.

Xiaoman understood that she had already stepped onto a path of no return.

She could either die on this path.

Or she could become a monster on this path!

Soul devouring!

The world was heartless and treated all living things as dogs!

Xuan Jun is heartless and sacrifices all living things!

Just this sentence of enlightenment had already revealed what kind of person Xuan Jun was!

He was a monster that was even more twisted than the Sky Demon.

On the day of Dao completion, she might replace the sky demon and become the greatest danger and the most terrifying thing in the world.

Nevertheless, Xiaoman had no choice.

If she wanted to destroy the monster, she could only become a monster!

She could only talk about the future in the future.

Now, the most important thing was to survive.

She had to use all means to beg for life!

As for the Sky Devils and Asura, they weren't willing to be reasonable or give her a way out.

So, she could only become a monster and kill them all first!

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