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Chapter 306: Jindan Is the Spice

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“One hundred and twenty yuan…”Xiaoman took a deep breath.

She tried hard to understand the meaning of the other party's words.

She knew that it should be a unit of some kind of currency.

Just like the spirit stones, spirit talisman, spirit sh.e.l.l, and so on.

However, Xiaoman also knew that this kind of currency was definitely not some common object like spirit stones or spirit talisman.

This was because before the fall of the heavens, it was said that the immortals of the thirty-third heaven did not use the spirit stones of the mortal world as currency.

This was because, to them, there was too much impure Qi in the mortal world, and it was not good for cultivation.

The immortals used immortal jade and divine talismans as their goods.

Therefore, this person's currency must also have something special.

It must be referring to some kind of treasure that contained great strength.

But what was that?

Xiaoman began to think seriously.

The Manual of Dao stated that yuan was the beginning of Qi.

Therefore, yuan signified the renewal of everything.

Could it be related to this?

Was the currency formed from the first wisp of clear Qi at the beginning of creation?

If that was the case…

Xiaoman knew that she would never be able to take it out even if she was beaten to death.

That was because…

After Zhulong created the world, the heaven and earth were separated. The clear Qi rose while the turbid Qi fell.

There was no trace of the original clear Qi in the heaven and earth.

Even if there was, it would probably have to go to the heaven to collect it.

But the problem was that even before the fall of the heavens, the heaven was where the immortals resided.

Now, it had even turned into a huge hole.

It was the place where the Sky Devils came and went.

Even if it was an immortal, entering it would most likely result in death!

Hence, Xiaoman could only lower her head and uneasily twist it.

However, her hand was tightly clutching the book in her hand.

She really could not bear to give up this rare opportunity.

Xiaoman knew that this might be her only chance!

It was also the last chance for the creatures of Heaven and Earth!

If she missed it, she would probably never be able to come to this fog again and see the master of this fog, the ruler and ruler of this place.

Ling Ping'an looked at Xiaogun opposite him… Yes, when the little girl heard the price, she lowered her head uneasily. Her little face was red, but her little hands were tightly clutching the book.

She was like a little girl who had met her beloved toy.

He immediately understood.


Another one who didn't bring any money!

He scratched his head and felt that he was a little unlucky.

However, Ling Ping'an looked at this customer and recalled the rules he had set not long ago.

Thus, he said softly, “Customer, it's okay if it is inconvenient…”

“I accept a mortgage here…”

“I also accept barter…”

“Perhaps you can use an item of equivalent value as a mortgage. Next time, bring money to redeem it…”

“You can also use an item of similar value to exchange…”

“What do you think?” Ling Ping'an tried his best to make his voice as calm as possible so as not to hurt Ling Ping'an's pride.

After all, a person needed face, and a tree needed skin. Especially a young lady, face was the most important thing!

Xiao Man lifted her head in disbelief.

Her face was filled with pleasant surprise.

This eccentric person's breadth of mind was truly beyond her expectations.

To think that he could actually accept such a valuable sword scripture as collateral, and even allow him to barter with it.

It was too unbelievable.

Was this the magnanimity of the ancient Immortals and G.o.ds?

Thinking about it, it seemed to make sense.

The powerful ancient immortals had lived for G.o.d knows how many years.

His age might even be older than the heaven and earth.

Before Zhulong created the world, even before Zhulong arrived in this world, he had already existed here.

In the eyes of such people, all sorts of things in the secular world and the mortal world were nothing more than a grain of sand in the vast ocean. They were not worth mentioning.


‘What can I use as collateral to exchange for it?'

Xiao Man thought.

She had nothing on her.

Other than the sword in her hand, she was left with a few spirit stones and a spirit talisman.

It was still a very low-grade item.

If she were to take it out, it would only humiliate this person!

Other than these items, perhaps..

Only her physical body and soul might be worth some HP.

But, how could the body and soul be pledged?

Suddenly, Xiaoman remembered that she had another thing.

Although it was very low-level, although it might not be worth mentioning, at least it was still worth mentioning.

So, she carefully and cautiously took out the Jindan that she had picked up earlier.

“Sir…” she took a deep breath and said uneasily, “You see, can I exchange this thing with you?”

She lowered her head and said with extreme shame, “I know this thing is a bit too crude…”

“But I only have this thing now, maybe it's still worth a bit of money…”

The Jindan was condensed by the cultivation of a core formation stage cultivator.

Each of them was an extremely precious treasure.

Xiaoman knew that in front of this person, she was probably not even considered as gra.s.s.

Moreover, this thing was actually his.

It was the spoils of war from his guards, but she was lucky to obtain it.

However, Xiaoman really had no other choice, and this was the only thing left for her.

Ling Ping'an looked at Xiaogun… The thing that the little girl handed over.

It was round. It seemed to be some kind of amber?

He took it and pinched it in his hand.

Then, he shook his head. It wasn't amber!

Because this thing was very soft, just like jelly!

He tried to put it in front of his nose and sniff it. The smell was very fragrant. It was a little like something cooked with various spices.

‘Some kind of secret spices?' Ling ping'an thought. The world of chefs in the federal empire was full of talents. Each family had their own secret recipes and secret spices that were not pa.s.sed on to the public.

Smelling this flavor, Ling Ping'an felt that his tears were about to flow out from the corner of his mouth.

His mind was even more connected to several delicious dishes.

Spicy ribs…

Braised fish…

And mutton shabu!

Especially mutton shabu!

If he put this thing in during shabu, it might be able to suppress the smell of mutton!

Ling Ping'an liked to eat mutton very much.

But unfortunately, most of the mutton in Guangnan had a smell that made him unhappy.

And his tongue was extremely sensitive. The slightest smell of mutton would immediately destroy his appet.i.te and appet.i.te.

This made him not eat shabu-shabu mutton for many years.

The last time he ate it was when he was in university. A cla.s.smate in the northwest brought him a few catties of northwest mutton during winter vacation.

It was really delicious.

There was no smell of mutton at all!

What a pity!

After graduation, everyone went their separate ways. Now, they had forgotten about that cla.s.smate. They only remembered that the mutton was really delicious!

Ling Ping'an also tried to buy all kinds of authentic mutton called the northwest and frontier on the Internet.

The comments in the online shop were all delicious and did not smell of mutton.

But after buying it and eating it, the whole piece of mutton was thrown away.

Mutton! It was too mutton!

Thinking of this, Ling Ping'an put this thing away and said to the customer, “Then that's it!”

If this thing could indeed suppress the mutton's smell, then this exchange was worthwhile.

That was because, in the past two years, he had thrown away about one to two thousand pieces of mutton because of the smell.

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