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Bei Chen slowly walked toward Ye Xuan with a beam of green light glittering in the center of her right palm.

She certainly would not look down on Ye Xuan. It should be said that she would never despise anyone when she was here! No matter what kind of people she faced, she would go all out!

Looking at the Bei Chen who was coming toward him, Ye Xuan felt a little depressed in his heart. "This guy seems don't know how to play the game!"

Without much thinking, he immediately lifted his sword and floated out.

"Since she doesn't want to give it up and make peace with me, then we'll fight!"

This was the att.i.tude of Ye Xuan!

Seeing Ye Xuan be ready to fight, Bei Chen's mouth corners slightly lifted up. Her body suddenly became illusory. The next moment, a residual shadow flashed across the field.


In a blink of an eye, there came a sound of bombing. Ye Xuan returned to the door of the bamboo house immediately.

But Bei Chen stayed put!

Ye Xuan's right hand held the Ling Xiao Sword tighter, and there was a solemn expression in his eyes. "The strength of this woman is not ordinary!"

In front of Ye Xuan, Bei Chen also looked a little solemn. A real master could tell how strong his opponent was as soon as they fought the first round. The first confrontation with Ye Xuan also gave her a rough understanding of Ye Xuan's strength!

Bei Chen was about to strike one more time, but at this moment, the Ninth Princess came out of the bamboo house unexpectedly.

Bei Chen stopped, while Ye Xuan was stunned!

The Ninth Princess walked to the side of Ye Xuan and she looked icily at Bei Chen not far away. "Do you want a one-to-two fight?"

With this, she put her right hand on the golden saber at her waist.

The golden saber trembled slightly, and a wisp of Saber Light flashed out!

Bei Chen chuckled. "You displayed the Martial Art Skill at the Earth Stage but you are only in the Ascending Realm. Your body would bound to suffer from its side effects because of this and it will take at least two days of you to recover. So now you are just making an empty show of strength!"

After she finished saying this, her whole person drifted toward the Ninth Princess and Ye Xuan.

Very decisively!

Seeing Bei Chen make her move, Ye Xuan tiptoed lightly and his whole person spurted forward with his sword. However, his strike was directly blocked by Bei Chen's palm. In the center of her palm, there was a faint green light!

At this moment, Ye Xuan slid gently and cut to Bei Chen's waist at a strange angle. However, Bei Chen reacted faster. She instantly drew back her jade-like hand and dodged Ye Xuan's sword. But immediately after that, Ye Xuan cut sideways toward Bei Chen with his sword!


There were Sword Lights glittering on Ye Xuan's sword!

Taking a step back, Bei Chen escaped this sword strike in time. But it was just then that a beam of golden saber light violently chopped down toward the top of her head!

Bei Chen's eyes narrowed, and then she pressed her hand down sharply.


A streak of green light swept out of her body.


As the golden light of the saber fell down, the green light instantly shattered. But Bei Chen had already withdrawn to dozens of meters away!

Bei Chen fixed her eyes at the Ninth Princess in the distance. "You dare continue to strike!"

The Ninth Princess sneered. "In any case, I am a descendant of the royal family. Can't I have some special life-saving means?"

Upon hearing this, Bei Chen's dark eyebrows slightly frowned. But soon, her eyebrows stretched and she smiled. "Can you? Well, let me see, how many more strikes you can make?"

After she said this, she was about to attack. Right then, the Ninth Princess suddenly jumped into the air and her right hand firmly held the golden saber at her waist tightly. The next moment, a powerful force of coercion stormed out of her body!

"The Martial Art Skill at the Earth Stage!"

Seeing this situation, Bei Chen's eyes narrowed slightly. The next moment, she turned around and jumped here and there, then she vanished right in the sight of Ye Xuan and the Ninth Princess.

Obviously, she did not want to risk a head-on confrontation with the Martial Art Skill at the Earth Stage of the Ninth Princess! It was not that she was afraid of the Ninth Princess. If both of them were defeated and wounded by the fight, neither of them would gain. Only the others could profit from their dispute!

Many people were waiting to pick up the benefits!

Seeing that Bei Chen retreated, the Ninth Princess stopped in the air and then she fell steadily beside Ye Xuan. "Let's go in!"

Ye Xuan nodded and he followed the Ninth Princess into the bamboo house. Just after entering the bamboo house, the Ninth Princess fell backward. Ye Xuan was greatly shocked and quickly supported her. At the moment, blood was coming out constantly from her mouth corners!

In a rush, Ye Xuan carried the Ninth Princess to bed. Looking at the Ninth Princess whose mouth corners were still bleeding, Ye Xuan murmured, "Is this scroll of Martial Art Skill at the Earth Stage even more important than your life?"

The Ninth Princess shook her head. "You don't understand!"

Ye Xuan sunk his voice to say, "I only know that if you go on like this, you will die!"

The Ninth Princess looked at Ye Xuan. "Do you know what kind of situation Jiang Country is in now?"

Ye Xuan was silent.

The Ninth Princess slowly closed up her eyes. "Inside the country, there are a lot of aristocratic families. Each of them administers in their own way. The young generations in these families care only about their families, and they never spare a thought for the country. What's more, above the aristocratic families, there are two colossuses, the Drunken Fairy Building and the Cangmu College. These two colossuses recruit talents in the country without any scruple. Those who have joined in the two forces, how many of them are willing to fight for the country?"

Speaking of this, she opened her eyes and looked at Ye Xuan. "Do you know why Jiang Country dare not fight with Tang Country? It is because of that in Jiang Country, people have no unity. Once we start a war, we can't engage those people! Once Jiang Country collapse, people who belong to Cangmu College and aristocratic families would be fine. But what about the civilians at the bottom? Are there any people in the Drunken Fairy Building and Cangmu College willing to protect those civilians?"

Ye Xuan uttered a sigh. Before he was about to talk, the Ninth Princess said, "The majority of the most lucrative businesses in the country are in the hands of the Drunken Fairy Building. They almost have monopolized all kinds of business. Therefore, the national treasury is in a deficit state all year round. Now I get this Top-grade Martial Art Skill at the Earth Stage. If it's auctioned off, the national treasury can be filled for at least three years."

Speaking of this, she shook her head slightly and said, "I have tens of thousands of soldiers who have received no pay for two months."

Ye Xuan glanced at the Ninth Princess. "Are you here for this reason?"

The Ninth Princess whispered, "What else reason?"

Ye Xuan thought about it and said, "I know that you have your own difficulties. Have you ever thought that if you are alive, everything will be hopeful; but if you are dead, everything will be meaningless."

With this, he glanced at the outside of the bamboo house. "That woman must have not gone, or there must be more people coming here. What's more, just as the woman said, some bigwigs from the above are already green-eyed. In this case, whoever takes the Top-grade Martial Art Skill at the Earth Stage will be targeted."

The Ninth Princess closed her eyes slowly. "You can leave!"

Ye Xuan's brows frowned. There was a long silence and then his look cooled down. He looked directly at the Ninth Princess. "Take out the Top-grade Martial Art Skill at the Earth Stage!"

Upon hearing his words, the Ninth Princess opened her eyes, in which there was a trace of disbelief.

Ye Xuan looked even colder. "Hand it out!"

After watching Ye Xuan for a long time, the Ninth Princess laughed at herself in the end. "It seems that I have underestimated the charm of the Martial Art Skill at the Earth Stage. But I did not expect that both I and An Lanxiu have misjudged you!"

After that, she moved her jade-like finger gently. And soon, a black scroll fell before Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan looked at the black scroll. It was very smooth, but he couldn't see what kind of material made it. He opened the scroll and several big characters jumped into his eyes: Top-grade at the Earth Stage: Silent Dying Fingers.

Without another look at it, Ye Xuan took up the scroll. He got up and walked outside the bamboo house.

The Ninth Princess just looked at Ye Xuan, and her eyes were ice-cold. She remained silent for a while and she took out a black stone. Holding the stone, a wisp of Occult Qi was infused into it. Right after that, she slowly closed her eyes. "Lanxiu, Ye Xuan can't be trusted!"

Thousands of miles away in a mountain, a woman in snow white stopped. She took out a black stone. Staring at the black stone for a long long time, she suddenly turned around.

"Miss? You have made an appointment to compete with the Monster Commander!"

Behind her, someone yelled.

However, the woman in snow white did not turn to look.

After Ye Xuan left the bamboo house, he jumped a few times and came to the top of the palace. He glanced around and looked at the scroll in his hand. He laughed and said, "I finally got it!"

After that, his body flashed by and drifted away to the distance.

"It's the Martial Art Skill at the Earth Stage!"

Someone shouted in the darkness. Immediately, several residual images ran to the place where Ye Xuan had stayed. The one who led was Bei Chen. In addition to Bei Chen, the man and the woman in previous were also there. The strength of them was so strong that even Bei Chen was scared of them!

Ye Xuan ran pretty fast. In a blink of an eye, he had rushed out of the Sword Lord's Abode. Then he fled to the deep forests with the group of people chasing after him.

As for the Ninth Princess, no one had ever paid attention to her!

Everyone's eyes were on Ye Xuan because he had the scroll of the Martial Art Skill at the Earth Stage!

Ye Xuan ran wildly all the way. He specifically chose thick forests and places with complex terrains to enter. Just because of this, Bei Chen and the others failed to catch up with him the first time! Not only that, but he managed to pull away from them by making use of the complicated mountain terrains!

However, Bei Chen and the others obviously had no intention to give up. They ran crazily after him all the way!

But Ye Xuan jumped around the mountains like an agile monkey. He didn't fight with them. He ran immediately when he saw anyone of them. So he kept running and running until the night came!

As the night fell, Ye Xuan smiled.

After the daylight faded, everything was in the pitch dark. But there was no difficulty for Ye Xuan in the dark because he had got used to mountains under the night.

However, the appearances of Be Chen and the others become serious. Most of them had experienced in the mountains, unlike Ye Xuan who had battles in the mountains almost all the year round, they barely fought under such a circ.u.mstance. As the darkness fell, Bei Chen and the others were somewhat feared, not just because of Ye Xuan, but they were afraid of each other!

After all, things like being stabbed by someone in the back happened all the time outside!

In the darkness, Ye Xuan hid up in a dense old tree. He took out the figurine that looked like Ye Ling and smiled tenderly. "I will be back soon."

"I'm afraid that you can't!"

Just then, a voice suddenly came from the side.

Ye Xuan's eyes narrowed, and he turned his head suddenly. Not far below his right side stood a woman.

The woman was Bei Chen. Except her, there were a man and a woman down his left side.

Ye Xuan's face fell. "How could you find me?"

Bei Chen's mouth corners slightly lifted up. "Because we have support from people in high positions, do you understand?"

Ye Xuan was going to talk, but at this point, something strange abruptly happened in the field.


With a crisp slap was sounded, something pushed the whole body of Bei Chen dozens of meters away. When she stood up, a red pawprint appeared on her right face.

Everyone, "..."

Ye Xuan was also startled, but immediately he said solemnly, "Actually, I also have support from people in high positions!"

Bei Chen and the other two, "..."

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