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It was true that after Ye Xuan released the Conceptual Battle Skill, the momentum and the powerful force of coercion Ye Xuan send out were very scary!

The Conceptual Battle Skill!

People in the Qing Continent who had comprehended the Artistic Conception could be honored as marvels and geniuses!

When Ye Xuan rushed to a few meters away before the man, he punched violently toward the man!

The Punch Collapse!

This punch was mixed up with the momentum and the Conceptual Skill.

As soon as Ye Xuan launched the punch, the sound of the explosion was heard in the field.

Opposite Ye Xuan, the man squinted his eyes. He didn't want to take any chances. Without delay, he tightly clenched his right hand and then launched a fierce punch toward the ground!


The ground burst open. Myriad broken stones rose up into the sky like countless sharp arrows and these stones wrapped Ye Xuan in!


In a flash, numerous gravels were ground to dust. Ye Xuan appeared abruptly in front of the man and punched hard against him!

Straightforwardly and violently!

Before the punch arrived, the Punch Momentum had already cracked the surrounding ground behind the man!

The man's eyes slightly narrowed. He didn't brace himself to take this punch. Instead, he pedaled on the ground with his right foot. His whole person retreated dozens of meters to pull himself away from Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan didn't continue to fight but backed to the side of the Ninth Princess. With the Conceptual Battle Skill inside him pouring out like a flood, he glanced around coldly. "Anyone else?"

All the people watched Ye Xuan with solemnity!

There was also a dignified color in the eyes of the man and the woman in the distance, the man especially. After he played against Ye Xuan just now, he found that the strength of Ye Xuan's punch was beyond his imagination!

Standing by Ye Xuan, the Ninth Princess glanced at him. In high fighting spirits, she yelled, "Come on, kill them!"

With this, she pulled out her golden saber. But Ye Xuan suddenly took her arm and ran away together with her.

They ran really fast. In a twinkling of an eye, they were dozens of meters away already...

Staying at the same place, everyone looked totally bewildered.

"Run... Run away?"

"Won't he fight?"

Everyone stared at each other and they didn't get it until seconds later!

"We are fooled!"

In the field, some people roared. Soon this group of people chased after Ye Xuan and the Ninth Princess in the distance once again.

Among them, the man and the woman were the fastest. They took the lead!

Ye Xuan took the Ninth Princess with him and they ran wildly all the way. After all, he had a fairly good physical body.

In the rush, the Ninth Princess abruptly asked, "Aren't we going to fight?"

Ye Xuan rolled his eyes. "But we can't beat so many people!"

"So, did you bluff just now?"

Ye Xuan said seriously, "It should be called a strategic retreat!"

The Ninth Princess lifted her mouth corners a little. "What a good strategic retreat... It's only that, can you let go of my hand?"

Hearing this, Ye Xuan's face flushed out of embarra.s.sment. In a hurry, he loosened her hand.

Their speed was very fast and soon they escaped from the exit. However, the moment when they were out, their face changed greatly because a residual image appeared on the left side of the Ninth Princess like a ghost. Meanwhile, a cold light cut to the chest of the Ninth Princess!

This cold light was as fast as lightning!

At this critical moment, Ye Xuan was greatly shocked. Instinctively, he pulled the Ninth Princess over and then slammed against the cold light with his body!



A figure was knocked out by Ye Xuan with his body. However, a jet of blood spurted out from Ye Xuan's chest!

The Ninth Princess glanced at the wound in front of Ye Xuan's chest and she was stunned.

Ye Xuan didn't check the gash on his chest. He threw an ice cold look on the people opposite. He knew the person who struck. It was the man in the black robe who sat on the stone steps before the palace gate. He stared at Ye Xuan and smiled ferociously. "Trying to be a hero? You..."

Just at this moment, Ye Xuan suddenly rushed to him.


A tearing sound rang out in the field!

That was the sound of the physical body tore the air!

Seeing Ye Xuan rush toward him, the man in the black robe looked even more ferocious. Unexpectedly, he lifted his hands hidden in his sleeves.

"Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Two rays of black light shot out at a high speed!

They were two small sharp arrows!

Ye Xuan didn't evade, and he just let the two sharp arrows shot him in the chest. After piercing an inch or so into Ye Xuan's body, the two small arrows stopped. Seeing this scene, the expression of the man in the black robe changed drastically and he instantly forgot the next move he had planned because he did not expect that Ye Xuan would not evade! Just then Ye Xuan punched directly toward him!

Ye Xuan put all his strength in this punch!

The black robe of the man was instantly shattered merely by the momentum of the punch he just launched.

The face of the black robe man changed drastically. Now it was too late for him to withdraw, so he could only lift his arms to block Ye Xuan's fist.



The arms of the man in the black robe were directly fractured by Ye Xuan's punch, and his whole person knocked against the mountainside dozens of meters away! Just when the man was about to get up, Ye Xuan appeared before him. The man in the black robe was greatly frightened. In hot haste, he threatened, "I am the Prince of the Ning Country. If you dare..."

At this time, Ye Xuan said emotionlessly, "The Prince of the Ning Country? I don't f.u.c.king know him!"

When his words sound just fell, Ye Xuan kicked in the head of the man.


The man in the black robe flew straight out, his blood running in torrents!

Ye Xuan grabbed the bag which was hung on the man's waist, and then he came back to the Ninth Princess. At this time, the man and the woman already chased out. Without any hesitation, Ye Xuan took the Ninth Princess and they turned to run!

The man and the woman did not give up. Immediately, they ran after Ye Xuan and the Ninth Princess and there were five or six people behind them.

On the road, Ye Xuan and the Ninth Princess rushed wildly. On Ye Xuan's chest, there was blood overflowing.

Although his physical body was very strong, it was not invincible. The man in the black robe was at least in the Ascending Realm. It was already very horrible that his physical body could stand the man's all-out attack!

If an ordinary person was cut by that cold light, his body would be straightly cut into two pieces!

Not long after they ran, Ye Xuan and the Ninth Princess stopped again because a woman was standing not far from them!

"Bei Chen!"

Seeing Bei Chen, the faces of Ye Xuan and the Ninth Princess fell!

Bei Chen threw a glance at the Ninth Princess and Ye Xuan without any nonsense. The next moment, her whole person suddenly became illusory!

Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan was about to take the shot but the Ninth Princess pulled him behind her. Then she stepped forward and drew her saber to cut. "Tear the Wind!"

When the Ninth Princess' saber fell, a ray of saber light flashed past the field.


A sharp piercing voice sounded in the field. It was the sound of the Saber Qi tearing the wind!

In front of the Ninth Princess, a green light directly engulfed the Saber Qi!

A moment of silence.


An invisible airwave suddenly broke out in the field. The Ninth Princess retreated back to Ye Xuan. Bei Chen also stopped over 10 meters away from Ye Xuan and the Ninth Princess!

Between them, countless bottomless cracks emerged on the ground!

Bei Chen looked narrowly at the Ninth Princess. "They say that you are a born commander, but it never occurred to me that your skill in using a saber would be so sharp. It is really a surprise to me!"

The Ninth Princess glanced at Bei Chen. "You have got something else. You should know that your greed will lead you to death!"

Bei Chen chuckled. "But I'm very tempted by the Top-grade Martial Art Skill at the Earth Stage!"

In the meantime, those people behind Ye Xuan and the Ninth Princess also caught up!

This time the faces of Ye Xuan and the Ninth Princess completely clouded over!

The Ninth Princess cast her eyes on Ye Xuan who was nearby. "What do you think?"

Ye Xuan glanced at Bei Chen as well as the man and the woman not far away. He thought about it and said, "Well, I think we can sit down and talk. Personally, I am very willing to communicate with you..."

With this, he looked at Bei Chen and the others. "What do you think?"

Everyone, "..."

Staring at Ye Xuan, the Ninth Princess gave him a thumbs up. "That's very impressive!"

In the distance, Bei Chen studied Ye Xuan. "I think there must be something wrong with your brain!"

Ye Xuan, "..."

At this time, Bei Chen walked slowly toward Ye Xuan and the Ninth Princess. Meanwhile, those people behind Ye Xuan and the Ninth Princess also came toward them.

Obviously, Bei Chen, the man and the woman as well as the others, they had reached a consensus that they must kill both of Ye Xuan and the Ninth Princess first!

Ye Xuan's eyes slightly squinted. The Ling Xiao Sword inside his body began to tremble!

At this moment, the Ninth Princess suddenly rose high into the air. In the eyes of everyone, she drew her golden saber from her waist. Holding the golden saber with both of her hands, a burst of golden energy and the Conceptual Saber Skill stormed out of her body!


Great coercion appeared in the field out of nowhere.

When the coercion appeared, Ye Xuan's face changed abruptly because it was too strong. It almost instantly pressed him to the ground. But fortunately, his whole person felt much better after he released his Conceptual Battle Skill!

"The Martial Art Skill at the Earth Stage!"

In the distance, Bei Chen screwed up her eyes. "You are only in the Ascending Realm but you dare to use the Martial Art Skill at the Earth Stage!"

With this, she slowly began to draw back.

"The Martial Art Skill at the Earth Stage!"

Hearing the words, everyone in the field was shocked!

This kind of Martial Art Skill could be said to have already contained some prestige of the Heaven and Earth.

The crowd began to retreat!

At this moment, the Ninth Princess suddenly flew down from the air. A number of residual images flashed across the field. In the meantime, countless golden light from the saber was blooming in the field like the light coming from the scorching sun.

The moment when the Ninth Princess landed, not far away from her, Bei Chen's eyes suddenly shrank. Her hand gently pressed forward, and a horrible green light of energy suddenly broke out from her palm!

But the moment when the green light just touched the golden light, it exploded! Seeing this scene, Bei Chen's face changed greatly and she retreated frantically. At the same time, she launched her strikes repeatedly to resist the golden light that shot at her...

On the other side, the man and the woman also retreated incessantly. Though some of the people beside them were also retreating, their speed was not fast enough. Two of them were directly cut in half by two rays of golden light.

From this moment, the ground in the field was cracking layer upon layer!

For a while, the Ninth Princess was unrivaled!

Ye Xuan stared at her in amazement!

Seconds later, the Ninth Princess appeared before him out of blue. Ye Xuan said excitedly, "Awesome, super awesome. Come on, one more. Hack them to death!"

The Ninth Princess glanced at Ye Xuan. Then her body crumpled and she fell directly in Ye Xuan's arms. The head of the Ninth Princess leaned against Ye Xuan's shoulder. "I can't cut anymore. Elder Brother, can we strategically retreat first?"

Ye Xuan, "..."

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