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Chapter 92: The Domain Female Ghost Who Escaped

“Did you succeed?”

Looking at the Domain female ghost who was engulfed by the flames, Kraang put down his hands and sat down on the ground, panting.

Teach quickly went over to help him.

Now, the two of them no longer had any strength and were in a very weak state.

If that attack just now had not succeeded in killing the other party.

Then the two of them really had no hope of surviving.

They could not possibly think that the scarecrow would come and save them in the end, right?

With his last hope, Kraang looked at the big hole in front of him that had been burned by the flames.

That attack just now had directly pierced through the entire wall of the dormitory building.

A cool wind blew in from outside. Through the flames, Kraang and Teach could vaguely see the scene outside the dormitory building.

It was a blood-red, desolate, and terrifying world.

The smell of blood spread from the outside of the dormitory building to this side.

“Oh no, we've broken the world of this female ghost.”

“How is that possible? That's the barrier of a world.”

Teach looked at the big hole in disbelief. She could not understand how a D-grade mage could do this.

Although the King Cobra was powerful, it should be able to break through the barrier of the world.

When fighting in a Domain, there was one thing to be wary of.

That was to never break through the barrier of a domain.

Because outside of the Domain, there were even more terrifying things.

That was an extremely dangerous area. Even many powerful Domain lords and dimensional lords were not willing to provoke it.

“I understand now. The Domain female ghost wants to borrow my strength and cooperate with her to create a path to the outside world.”

“Why is she doing this?”


“So that's how it is. Hehe, are you that afraid of me?”

Terrifying laughter sounded out from the corridor.

The instant this voice sounded out, the temperature of the corridor, which had been gradually rising due to the flames, seemed to turn colder.

Flanders carried a terrifying giant scythe and slowly walked over.

The blade of the giant scythe sc.r.a.ped against the wall, causing sparks to fly.

[Fear +300]

[Fear +500]

“Because there's an even more terrifying existence here. The Domain female ghost knows that she can't defeat the other party, so she wants to escape.”

The master of the Domain actually abandoned her Domain to escape.

This was something she had never heard of before.

One had to know that when fighting in a Domain, the enemy's strength would be weakened and suppressed.

And the Domain master would receive the amplification from the Domain.

But even so, the Domain female ghost still chose to escape without hesitation.

[Fear points +700]

[Fear points +300]

“Now I have to start thinking about a problem.”


“Could the scarecrow be acquainted with the Domain female spirit? Maybe the Domain female ghost was killed by the scarecrow when she was alive.”

Since the scarecrow was hiding in this school, there would definitely be victims.

One had to know that other than the disappearance of the girl's dormitory, there were many other horror stories that popped up in the school forum not long ago.

However, those who spread fear were all unilaterally banned by the school.

During the investigation, Teach had also paid attention to this point.

However, at that time, the focus of the investigation was not on any particular aspect, so Teach did not know much about it.

Now, it seemed that the source of all this was most likely the scarecrow.

“… it's very likely.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Flanders walked over as well, his scarlet eyes reflecting the two fearful faces.

“Look what I found. Why are there two puppies here?”

At this moment, Flanders had already transformed into his true form, which was the scarecrow. He approached Kraang and Teach and lowered his body.

His scarlet eyes stared straight at the two of them, scanning their bodies back and forth.

“Ah, what a pitiful puppy. How skinny are they? One look and you can tell that they haven't been eating well.”

His sinister voice evoked fear in the hearts of the two of them.

It made Teach and Kraang involuntarily shiver.

[Fear points +200]

[Fear points +150]

“Do you want to come home with me? I have delicious chocolate biscuits here.”

“Dogs can't eat chocolate.”

Teach replied subconsciously and instantly shut her mouth.

But thanks to that, the fear in her heart was alleviated.

But in the next second, an even greater fear welcomed her.

Flanders shifted his face in front of Teach, and the two of them met face to face.

[Fear points +100]

“Is that so?”

“I'm sorry, but can't you two special breed dogs eat chocolate?”

They could not win, could not escape, and could not leave.

Fear and despair were like viruses in her heart, constantly growing and spreading.

Only death awaited Teach and Kraang!

“Don't worry. He has no intention of killing us.”


Teach was a little surprised to hear Kraang's words.

Flanders turned around and looked at Kraang.

“Interesting. You were the one who caused the commotion just now. You've successfully piqued my interest.”

“What do you want to do?”

“I've always been curious. Since strange creatures can be subdued and become a part of master's power, can humans do it?”

Flanders's words were already very clear. Teach and Kraang's originally pale faces became even more terrified.

They were not idiots, so they naturally understood what Flanders meant.

“… I understand. I surrender. I'm willing to serve you as my lord and submit to you. If you die, I won't be able to live either.”

Kraang thought for a moment and quickly chose to surrender, indicating that he was willing to submit to Flanders.

In this world, nothing was more important than living.

In contrast, Teach hesitated for a long time.

However, Flanders was not in a hurry.

One of the two-man team on the other side had already surrendered.

In this desperate situation, Teach would be tortured and it will test her will.

Sooner or later, the other side would be able to stand this feeling and would choose to surrender.

As Kraang surrendered, a new island appeared in Flanders'mind.

This island was much smaller than the magic sword, but it was a little more powerful than Black.

Flanders's strength rose once again, to the level of a C+.

Looking at the evaluation of his strength on the interface, Flanders nodded in satisfaction.

Speaking of which, this was a Domain. If he could control this domain, then his strength should be able to reach B rank, right?

Thinking of this, Flanders looked at the subordinate he had just subdued.

“What's your name?”


“Let me ask you, do you know how to subdue this Domain?”

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