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Chapter 91: Flaming King Cobra

The corpse ball spun at high speed and turned into a cannonball that flew out of the King Cobra's body.


The wall collapsed, revealing the dormitory behind the wall.

The environment inside the Domain was built according to what the strange creatures had seen in the living world.

Therefore, the interior of the domain looked exactly the same as the female dormitory.

As the smoke turned into a part of the Flaming King Cobra, the real appearance of the Domain female ghost was also exposed in front of Teach and Kraang.

Seeing the female ghost floating in the air, Kraang instantly understood everything. He came to a realization, and his face began to turn ugly.

He did know whether it was an illusion or not, but the color on his face was decreasing bit by bit, and he became more and more afraid.

He did not know if it was because of fear or other reasons.

“The situation is not good. So this ball is just that strange creature's weapon.”

Hearing Kraang's voice, Teach's expression became fl.u.s.tered. She looked at the Domain female ghost in the sky nervously and fearfully.

Her tone was filled with disbelief.

“You mean forging? But isn't it a newborn? How can it know these things?”

Normally speaking, when a strange creature was born, it only had its own instincts.

But this did not mean that it was all like this.

Not long after it was born, it instantly understood something and cleverly understood its current situation.

And this was the case for the Domain female ghost. She understood its situation and used its wisdom.

However, what Kraang did not know was that the real reason why the Domain female ghost would arm herself as much as possible and even use her original body when she was alive was because of Flanders.

Ghost-type strange creatures were filled with resentment, anger, hatred, and other emotions when they were born.

This also made the first thing these ghosts did when they woke up and opened their eyes was to take revenge.

If the enslaved ghosts could not take revenge, then the resentment would be transferred to those who were not dead yet.

As for the Domain female ghost, she could take revenge, but she did not take revenge on Flanders right away.

Instead, just like the enslaved ghosts, she vented all her resentment on others.

The reason was simple. She could take revenge, but revenge would never succeed.

Her memories from before she died affected her. Before she died, she was crazily oppressed and tortured by Flanders. She died with intense resentment and fear.

This also caused the female domain spirit to know that the target of her revenge was also a strange creature with an unknown strength.

Moreover, because of the fear she had when she was alive, the fear that was carved into the depths of her soul, the Domain female ghost did not dare to take the initiative to look for Flanders.

When she was alive, Flanders was her nightmare, and after she died, it was also a nightmare that she could not forget.

Since she was born, there was not a day that she did not make preparations to take revenge on Flanders.

But it was only preparation.

The way she died was because she was scared to death. She did not have the courage to take the initiative to seek revenge on Flanders.

Acc.u.mulating her power was just to increase her sense of security.

Therefore, the Domain female ghost used everything. Her own domain, her own corpse, and the corpse and soul of the person she killed.

She crazily acc.u.mulated her power in an attempt to bring her a sense of security. However, the uneasiness in her heart seemed to have taken root and could not be erased.

Especially after Flanders took the initiative to enter.

The more arrogant Flanders was, the more afraid the Domain female ghost was.

Under such circ.u.mstances, she deeply understood that there was no way she could win against him.

For this reason, she wanted to divert her uneasiness, but she did not expect to meet resistance here.

These two seemingly weak humans were actually able to give her so much pressure.

She glared at the King Cobra in front of Kraang with a venomous gaze.

The energy and power displayed by her were not inferior to hers at all.

“I'm afraid that this strange creature is one of the top talents among all the newborn strange creatures that possessed a Domain.”

This was Kraang's evaluation of this Domain female ghost.

Controlling the King Cobra, Kraang began to organize an attack.

The ball of corpses also flew out of the ruins under the control of the Domain female ghost.

When the ball of corpses appeared again in everyone's field of vision, the surface of the ball was completely exposed.

Because of Kraang's sudden explosion, the surface of the ball was damaged.

Large areas of burns covered the surface, and some places even directly charred.

It could be seen that the core temperature of the King Cobra was very high.

When dealing with fire, normal people would subconsciously think of water.

The Domain female ghost was no exception. Using water to attack was her specialty.

The mouths of the three corpses opened, and three water pillars spurted out.

They rushed toward the flaming King Cobra.

This was what they he been waiting for.

Facing the attack of the Domain female ghost, the corners of Kraang's mouth rose slightly, and his face showed that he had everything under control.

From his previous battle with the enslaved female ghost, Kraang had already understood one of the Domain female ghost's abilities.


According to the rules of the strange creature submission, the abilities of the subdued strange creatures could be wielded and used by the master.

Since the enslaved female ghost knew how to use water, then the Domain female ghost naturally also knew how to use water.

Moreover, Kraang did not forget that before he and Teach came to this domain, they were brought in by the water of this corpse ball.

There was only one chance. Kraang did not hesitate. He stretched out a hand and strengthened his control over the Flaming King Cobra.

At this moment, his lips turned purple. His eyes were bulging and they were filled with red veins.

The temperature of the corridor was like an oven appeared once again.

This was not the attack of the Domain female ghost. Instead, Kraang controlled the flaming King Cobra to start absorbing the surrounding temperature.

Even though its body was made of flames, a white frost started to spread around the King Cobra.

The white frost spread and quickly approached the domain female ghost.

At the same time, the water fell on the King Cobra's body. The three water pillars did not pa.s.s through the King Cobra's body like they did at the beginning.

On the contrary, the three water pillars froze in mid-air the second before they came into contact, and then turned into three ice pillars.

Boom! Boom!

The Domain female ghost quickly reacted. The corpse ball spun at high speed and scattered the ice pillars. At the same time, it rotated to generate heat to prevent itself from being frozen.

Seeing this, Kraang raised his last hand.

A terrifying energy condensed in the mouth of the King Cobra.

The heat that he had absorbed earlier turned from potential energy to kinetic energy at this moment. It was accompanied by an intense flame that shot out.

In an instant, the flame enveloped the corpse ball and the Domain female ghost beside it.

Water, under such an intense attack, was completely ineffective.

The extremely high temperature vaporized the water the moment it came into contact with it.

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