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Chapter 90: Kraang's Final Trump Card

After some discussion, Teach and Kraang decided to let Flanders and the Domain female ghost fight each other first.

Then, they would take advantage of the moment when these two strange gazes were on each other to launch a sneak attack from the shadows.

It would be best to catch both of them in one fell swoop.

Of course, this was just a beautiful fantasy.

According to Teach, Flanders was very strong, and his growth rate was astonishing.

Before this, he was already able to wipe out almost all of the elites of the Sarkos City branch.

Now, against a Domain female ghost, it was needless to say, but the result could only be a complete victory.

Do not forget, the Domain female ghost was just a newly born strange creature after all.

So, Teach and Kraang could only hope that the Domain female ghost would be able to last a little longer under Flanders's hands.

However, Teach and Kraang did not know that Flanders had followed them here.

They also did not know that the Domain female ghost had once died at Flanders's hands.

If they knew this, they definitely would not think to be so naive.

This was because the Domain female ghost's target was not Flanders, but them.

And in Flanders's eyes, the Domain female ghost who had already lost two subordinates would definitely choose to attack Teach and Kraang, who were less threatening.

Kill them, then enslave and transform their souls to make up for the loss of strength.

One had to know that a once subdued strange creature dies or had left, the master's own strength would also be affected.

The Sword King was a cla.s.sic example.

When Sword Apophis left him, his strength directly fell from C cla.s.s to E cla.s.s.

“Don't you feel a little cold?”

Teach forcefully hugged her own body and followed behind Kraang.

She shivered and continued, “I know it's already cold here. What I mean is that it's suddenly even colder.”

The surrounding temperature had suddenly dropped. Such an obvious change was naturally noticed by Kraang.

He nodded, and his face became vigilant.


He lit a cigarette, took a deep puff, and finished the entire cigarette in one puff.

Then, a large amount of smoke came out of his mouth.

The cold corridor became warmer.

At the same time, an invisible barrier wrapped around the two of them, protecting them.

Covered by the smoke, Teach face turned a little redder.

It could be seen that the smoke had some healing effect.

“It's coming. It seems that we're being targeted.”

The effect of the smoke was not as simple as protection and healing.

The smoke that spread out could also act as the eyes of the Kraang and expand its senses.

However, the effect was rather vague. Many things could only be roughly sensed.

So in general, it was not very useful.

However, in this illusion, it was really a lifesaver.

Right now, in the entire domain, besides him and Teach, there were only two other strange creatures.

Among them, Kraang had already confirmed the location of the scarecrow and compared it to the direction of the target he had sensed so far.

Kraang immediately understood which strange creature was approaching them.

“Get ready.”

“The good news is that it's not the scarecrow that's coming.”

Upon hearing Kraang's voice, Teach immediately understood.

That meant that before the scarecrow and the Domain female ghost fought, they had to fight the Domain female ghost first.

Compared to the scarecrow, the current situation was indeed not that bad.

But it was definitely not that good.

A strange sound came from upstairs.

Gulp Gulp Gulp!

Gulp Gulp Gulp!

This sound sounded a little like the sound of a ball rolling.

And it was getting closer and closer!

The approaching speed was also getting faster and faster!

At this time, Teach and Kraang were on the third floor.

But in just a short ten seconds, this sound came from the rooftop to their floor.

Kraang's expression suddenly changed, and he vaguely guessed something. He seemed to understand what was coming.

As expected, along with the approaching sound, a huge ball of corpses emerged from the darkness and rolled towards them!

It was indeed the Domain female ghost, but the bodies of the other two missing people were also there.

This huge ball was made up of the three female corpses in the water tank.

At this moment, this ball made up of corpses had water stains all over its body.

It was dripping with water.

“Is this really the strength of a newborn strange creature?

It's a D+ level strange creature, its growth speed is almost as fast as the scarecrow!”

After seeing this corpse ball, Teach's expression became even more desperate.

In a one-on-one fight, no one in Sarkos City could deal with a strange creature of this level.

“Is it using its strongest move on the get-go, leaving no leeway?

Forget it, I'm going to die anyway. Let me try the power of that move before I die!”

The situation was so difficult, Kraang did not make any estimations. He completely let loose his hands and feet, intending to fight to the death with his opponent.

Kraang began to chant a spell, and at the same time, he threw out a few cigarettes from his body.

The smoke floated in the air, and he was lit up.

A large amount of smoke quickly spread, blocking everyone's vision.

The visibility of the area in front of them instantly became zero.

Gulp Gulp Gulp!

Gulp Gulp Gulp!

At the same time, rolling sounds continued to ring out.

The distance between the ball and them was getting closer and closer!

But the ball's speed was astonishing. Teach and Kraang both gave up on escaping.

The two of them.

One of them had already given up on struggling.

The other wanted to fight with all his might and unleash his last ray of life.

In a place that they could not see, a pale-faced female ghost with pitch-black eyes appeared above the ball.

The pitch-black eyes actually reflected the figures of Teach and Kraang.

If they could see this female ghost, they would definitely find that this female ghost looked exactly like the first missing person.

Obviously, it was the real Domain female ghost, the master of this Domain.

And the ball under her feet was just a toy of hers.

Under the control of the female ghost, the ball moved quickly and accurately rushed in Kraang's direction.

“What! How could this be?”

Although Kraang could not see, he could feel the direction of the ball's movement.

At this moment, he no longer hesitated and released the spell that had been fully charged.

The smoke instantly gathered, and at the same time, the surrounding temperature continued to rise.

The corridor that was originally as gloomy and cold as winter was now as if it was heated in a boiler. It was very hot.

The smoke wrapped around the ball, and under Kraang's control, it turned into a huge cobra.

After doing all this, Kraang snapped his fingers.


A spark flew out of his hand and landed in the smoke.


The originally dim corridor was completely lit up at this moment.

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