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Chapter 55: Kicking.

In fact, the university's physical education cla.s.s is just like that. There is not much gold in it. If it is not an accident to see that there are beautiful girls in their cla.s.s, the physical education teacher will dissolve them directly after they finish the warm-up exercise and call them to have free activities. Now, after half an hour, the order to dissolve them is issued, allowing them to play freely on the court with football.

Xiao Luo was not interested in playing soccer with a bunch of childish faces. He simply walked to a corner of the stadium and sat down to play with his mobile phone.

"Xiao, who let you play with your cell phone here!"

Du Pengfei and a line of people came up. Du Pengfei pointed to Xiao Luo righteously as he shouted, "Physical education cla.s.s must have the appearance of a physical education cla.s.s, put away your mobile phone."

"Don't look for trouble, or it must be you who will regret it!" Xiao Luo was still playing with his cell phone without lifting his head.

"If your mother can pretend to be X, why don't you go to heaven?"

"The poor force, a domestic mobile phone, let's relish this scene!"

"Don't sit here pretending to be dead, stand up and let's compete in football. Aren't you a drag and dare to compete with us?"

A group of people were holding the football with coldness, if not in school, if not in physical education cla.s.s, there is no doubt that they will not rush together and fight Xiao Luo.

"Get out!"

Xiao Luo raised his head, his eyes stared at them like a bloodthirsty beast.

Du Pengfei and the group subconsciously took a step back. Their body can't help but shudder. They looked at each other, and saw horror from each other's eyes, but on second thought, they are so many people apart of him, what are they afraid of.

"Yes, crazy enough to drag!"

Du Pengfei beckoned, a line of people turned to leave.

After walking more than 20 meters, Du Pengfei and the other four guys holding the ball firmly put the football on the ground. The five men walked out of a distance and then rushed to the football on the ground.

"Pull your mother!"

Du Pengfei roared, "Kick!"

The five men lifted their right feet behind them, then sent their force and kicked fiercely ...

"Wooshing Wooshing ~"

The five soccer b.a.l.l.s roared in an instant, they drew five fierce and unparalleled arcs in the air, and shot at Xiao Luo with astonishing intensity. The sound of surprises made all the people on the court feel a sense of suffocation.

Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen, who were pa.s.sing football to each other, looked tight and subconsciously closed their eyes.

Everyone knows that the five and Du Pengfei, the players are clearly not playing football, but kicking people!

The physical education teacher also found something strange here, and gasped in horror. He immediately shouted at Xiao Luo, who was sitting on the ground with his head bowed playing with his mobile phone, "Get away!"

As a football teacher, he knows more about the power of high-speed shooting football. If students bleed or faint in his cla.s.s, He's afraid even his iron rice bowl as the PE teacher will be lost.

Xiao Luo's body instinctively raised his arms and crossed on his head.

"Peng Peng ~"

Five soccer b.a.l.l.s severely hit him in five directions. The force was so fierce that after hitting him, they quickly flew out again.

"Yes, all, ha, ha, ha ..."

Du Haipeng and the line of people were very excited as they shouted.

While others on the court looked at Xiao Luo unblinkingly as he was smashed by the five high-speed soccer b.a.l.l.s. Will he be all right?

The physical education teacher swallowed hard and stared at Xiao Luo. When Xiao Luo slowly lowered his crossed arms, the stone hanging in his heart finally fell down as he caressed his chest. He ran up with fear and rapped out, "Du Haipeng, what are you guys doing? Is this playing football or kicking people? "

"Teacher, we are playing football, but the ball didn't have long eyes and flew towards that guy." Du Haipeng pointed to Xiao Luo, his full face said in a relaxed way.

"Yes, sir, we don't know what happened. The ball we kicked was out of our control."

"It must be that football likes that person too much and must have a close contact with him."

"Yes, yes, the football loves that person too much, ha, ha, ha ..."

A few people burst out laughing, in their hearts they feel their maliciousness.

"Nonsense, it's possible that others can't control the direction of the ball, but you guys don't know yet? It is because of your special skills in football that the school has made an exception in admitting you. I don't care what grudges you have against that cla.s.smate, don't do anything in my cla.s.s, or you will suffer. "

The PE teacher severely reprimanded Du Pengfei and the others, and then shouted at Xiao Luo, "Who, cla.s.smate, are you all right? Don't try to stand up nor attempt to walk ..."

His voice came to a screeching halt, because Xiao Luo slowly stood up at the moment.

As he stood up, an indescribable power of terror swung around with him as the center. At this moment, he was like a beast breaking free from his shackles and revealing his dense fangs to people.

The physical education teacher hit a vicious cold involuntarily, feeling like he was stared at by an extremely bloodthirsty beast.

"Xiao Luo is angry!" Bai Xeiwen looked at Xiao Luo.

Chu Yue also felt it, the angry Xiao Luo is very different from usual, his face of gloom can let a person fear him.

Du Pengfei and the line of people's smile slowly disappeared, some were stupidly looking at Xiao Luo.

"Brother Fei, that boy seems to be angry?" One pretended to be serious.

"It's good to be angry, I'm afraid he's not angry, otherwise we will be wasting our five good b.a.l.l.s, he he ..." Du Pengfei laughed.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha ..."

The others immediately laughed and saw Xiao Luo angry, making them feel even more vicious for the social sports major.

Just then, Xiao Luo put his mobile phone into his trouser pocket, glanced at a line of people in Du Pengfei, then, like a cheetah, ran to the front of a football on the ground in a flash, and raised his right foot to kick a crazy shot.

"Whoosh ~"

Originally motionless on the ground, like a gentle sheep, the football this moment with a gorgeous transformation, turned into a roaring beast, drawing a vicious trajectory in the air, with a crazy fierce power toward Du Haipeng's companion.

Very fast, like a flash of lightning tearing vanity!

The man wanted to get out of the way when he was frightened to find that the menacing football had hit him in the stomach when he first came up with the idea of running. Without any precaution or warning, he even rolled out with the ball on the spot like a wax gourd and rolled four or five meters away. After eating at noon, he had digested most of the food and vomited it out of his mouth.

Such a scene shocked everyone at once.

What did they saw? Shaolin soccer? Omega supreme's leg?

All the people gasped and stared at the boy who was thrown to the ground by the football.

Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen were also big eyed, their eyelashes quivering. They can't believe the picture in front of them.

The PE teacher was stunned on the spot. Bead-sized sweat rolled slowly from his forehead. Just now, the ball did not have any sharp angles and skills. It only had a strong speed and strength. It was as aggressive as a wild animal. What the f*ck was this ball kicked out by a man? It wasn't shot by a machine?

Looking at their vommiting companion lying on the ground, Du Haipeng and the others' smile instantly froze, they only feel a chill from their skull down to the soles of their feet. Finally their whole body bursted in cold.

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