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Chapter 4: Flirting with the small demon king girl

Our drinking session is still ongoing.
As I'm feeling good after getting drunk to a certain extent, I spat out the emotion and desire that was suppressed in my heart.

[Dammit, who in the world will continue working for them]

[There, there, drink some more spirit. You will forget everything once you are drunk]

[Uuu… You are so kind. Your personality is great, you have a cute appearance and has no flaws. I'm really grateful that you accompany me]

[Don't say things like I'm cute, it will make me embarra.s.sed]

The demon king and I are sitting next to each other on top of the bed.
Unlike me, she is not drunk. She has strong resistance towards alcohol.

However, it seems that her body is also getting hot after ingesting the spirit.
After drinking the spirit and possibly due to me continuous compliment, her body is sweating.

The sweat flowing down her neck is making her look erotic.

It might be due to this that I can smell sweet fragrant emitting from her. This should be her body odour but it still smells exceptionally good.

[Demon king, can I come closer?]

[N, Nnnn? Al, alright]

Due to the influence of alcohol, words of s.e.xual hara.s.sment came out from my mouth naturally.

However, instead of feeling disgusted, she showed an expression of understanding.
This fellow is really kind.

Obtaining her approval, I hug her on my chest. The demon king allows me to do whatever I want with a hint of redness on her face.

I bury my nose onto her hair. Breath in deeply. Ah, this is bad.

The sweet smell of her sweat.
I almost got caught up in her smell. Hence, I move my face away in a hurry.

[Hey, hero. Did you always do such a thing with your old comrades?]

The demon king asked me this question at time like this.

[Eh? Why do you ask such questions?]

[Well, how do I put it. Beside me, I'm curious who else you did this act with. This might be me being jealous]

[Even if you get jealous, I find such an act extremely cute]

[Stop making fun of me]

I slowly shook my head while the demon king puffing her cheek.

[You don't have to be concern as I don't have such body contact with others in the past. And speaking of which, our relationship is not that great]

I recall my old comrade which includes the mage, priest, martial artist and warrior.

We are comrades on the surface but our bond is actually weak in fact.

I feel that we are people who just happen to travel together.

[Oh? It's so weird when all of you are obviously comrades]

[Well, I did my best trying to improve our relationship. You see, we even call each other by our specialization. That is also a tradition from the older hero's party. Because it seemed so cold, I even suggested to call each other by our names]

[Is that so? Should I also call you by your real name, hero?]

[I had forsaken my name so it's fine to remain as it is. I feel that our relationship will get closer so it's doesn't matter how we call each other]

[Un, I have nothing to be worried about. Well, I'm used to calling you hero so we can keep it as it is]

[Let's keep as it is then… oh, dear. I went off topic. In any case, I had the intention to change our way of calling one another]

The hero's party is always mankind's most important fighting force to defense human.

They must abandon their own name and put their life on the life to defend human beings. Even within the party, they must keep their name a secret.

There was once upon a time when I thought to abolish this rule in order to make everyone have a closer relationship.

[There isn't any meaning thinking about this now… in any case, they don't have the intention to get closer to me. They are only thinking that everything will work out if they tag along with me since I’m overly strong even at that time]

[Since that's the case, they left everything to the hero. They don't want to do anything themselves and only follow you for the sake of fame and rewards. Is that how it is?]

[That's the gist of it. When I realized that, we have already lost. I wonder when I began to have such a thought?]

The demon king holds my hand after I sighed.
I'm healed by her kindness so I let loose more of my complains.

[Those fellows used to be great people. The mage is my mentor, taught me many things and is a good elder brother to me. He taught me many stuff. My battle tactics and proper conduct were all taught by that fellow. When I was young, I kept chasing after his back]

However, he changed.
I became strong and started acc.u.mulating results. Then, he began to ignore me. We don't have any conversation beside the bare minimum.

[The priest is my childhood friend and we followed the footstep of the mage together. Honestly speaking, she's my first love. That fellow always shows me her smile in the past but now she also look at me without a hint of expression]

[Do you still love her even now?]

[Not anymore. I forgot why I even love her in the first place. As long as she's by my side, she will continue to stay by my side. She is someone whom I should protect. This was all just my selfishness. Well, it won't change the fact that she was my first love]

[It's good if that's the case. I was almost thinking that if you still love her, I will destroy the human world due to heartbreak]

[Oi, oi]

The demon king showed a delighted expression after getting hit lightly on her head by me. So, so cute.

Her innocent smile makes me think of my two juniors.

[The martial artist and the warrior are the two juniors that I have been taking care of all along. While they don't have the talent, their determination and spirit to never give up is strong. It makes me look forward to the time when they can surpa.s.s me. However, the two stop growing once they reach a certain level]

Everyone will reach a bottleneck soon or later.
As long as they overcome it, the two will grow at grow at an absurd rate.

However, their heart became weak and they simply gave up. It became impossible to grow more than that.

This might possibly be due to the fact that I'm next to them.
I'm certain that it's due to my overwhelming strength that made the two of them lose motivation.

[Before I knew, they became apathy and live their life not seriously, becoming someone that just tag along. I realized at that time that I don't have the apt.i.tude to be a teacher]

[What are you taking about you fool? You are not wrong, it is the fault of that two couple. You don't have to blame yourself]

[I love you so much for being able to conform me]

[D, don't say things like love so…]

The demon king suddenly fl.u.s.ter.
The demon king is not used to being complimented or love so her reaction is extremely cute.

I decided that I will continue complimenting and telling her my love from now on.

T.L Well, that's not what I had in mind when I tl this novel.

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