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58  ☆Ciel’s Turn

Before my breathing was put in order, Ciel holds my hips and started invading.


I feel like Ciel’s meat rod which was inserted up to the hilt by borrowing the slime’s power, is inserted even deeper than usual with the additional a.s.sistance of my own weight.

[U… too, deep… it’s suffocating…]

[Rei, because this is a punishment… accept me properly.]

Ciel calmly conveyed as he started pumping while teasing the nipple that Dy didn’t touch.

[Ah… ah, yaah!]

Drawing it back and then thrusting it deeply inside, a coquettish voice that sounds like a cry repeatedly leaks from my throat.

[You sure are in very  high spirits, Boy. I’m also starting to have fun.]

Dy grinned, grabbed my chin and gave me a kiss.

He promptly sends his tongue in up to my throat and violates it.

[Haguh, ugoh]

Both chest and a.s.s, and then having my mouth blocked thereafter, my member once again hardens. Because I came once, I don’t think I will climax without being touched this time around but it doesn’t seem like the two of them care.

Dy, you a.s.shole, weren’t you going to make me feel good a lot today?

Unfortunately, even if I want to tell him that, my mouth is being covered.

I’ve also gotten used to Ciel’s thrusts,and the stifling feeling disappeared.

When it becomes so then all I can feel is the pleasure, the frustration of wanting to c.u.m but unable to do so is horrible.

[Nn, mnnnh~!]

[Ngh… Rei, you feel so good~… ugh!]

It looks like Ciel is also able to feel great pleasure thanks to the slime.

[Aah, I can’t… I am punishing you, so I must not let you off this easily… ugh]

Ciel once again held my hips as his sweat drips. It looks like this sweet a.s.sault will keep going.

The demon finally releases his lips from me after the very long kiss.

[Fuuh, you’re holding out today, Shii-chan.]

[Shut up, just watch quietly.]

[Then I will carefully and quietly watch just as you wish.]

Dy softly floated up and looked down at us from above.

Even though he’s floating while naked, he doesn’t look even a little bit foolish because the naked body he boldly exposed looks like a sculpture from ancient times. (TN: Except the D size, I guess. :3)

After taking a short while to calm down, Ciel resumed his actions.

Being pinned down from behind, I thought my insides will be rubbed slowly but the water surface is intensely pushed up  to the point of swaying, and it repeats after slowing down.

During the time, my erect member has never been touched even once.

I can’t even do anything to console myself even though I’m so frustrated, so I appealed to Ciel.

[Ciel… ugh, plea, I want you, to touch me…]

[Huu… I will not listen to that request.]

Even though he usually grants my wishes, it looks like he’s really bent into giving me that so-called punishment.

[Ah, Ciel…!]

[I won’t do it even if you make that face.]


Suddenly being struck deep inside, my voice immodestly ended up coming out.

[Hang on one second, Boy, leave a part for me, will you?]

Perhaps he’s worrying about my stamina which is endlessly being tortured, an exhortation came from Dy.

After Ciel pondered while holding his cheek, he asked while thrusting into me.

[Hey, Rei, did you reflect on it?]

[I. I didd, I did… that’s whyy!]

[Will you promise not to keep us in the dark and go somewhere dangerous?]

[Nh, I will,… I promise~!]

While giving my insides a rub, Ciel finally showed a smile.

[You promised, alright? Well then, Rei, shall we c.u.m together?]

Ciel pinched both of my chest and started stimulating them. Although I’m more sensitive now, the place I want to be touched isn’t there!

[Aah, Ciel, mine… touch it~!]

[…Ugh, if you c.u.m from just your chest and behind, I’ll forgive you.]

Don’t be unreasonable! So I thought, but Ciel intentionally started to keep aiming on my sweet spot inside.

The ornaments on my chest covered in slime were being kneaded, in the end, I e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed while my whole body trembled.

[Ah, uwaa…!

[Aah, Rei, Rei… ugh!]

At almost the same time, Ciel also stiffened his back and poured warm s.e.m.e.n in my stomach.

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