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50 ☆Aleph’s Turn


Ciel adjusted his breathing that has turned rough, pulled out his member, and switched places with Aleph.

[Rei, does your body not feel burdened?]

[Yup, it’s fine… ahn~]

Aleph inserts his fingers and probes around inside as if to ascertain it. The entrance opened and a line of s.e.m.e.n dripped out. His throat rumbles upon seeing the improper sight.

Aleph who read from Rei’s response that he was not in pain, thrusted his own manhood inside Rei’s body.

Because Rei seemed to want to be embraced by someone while he was drunk, he(R) raised his(R) body to hug him. Rei goes into a straddling position on Aleph who shifted his position into sitting cross-legged to attain balance.

The latch of the wig came off and the wig fell from his head from because of shaking his head so much. Rei’s impression became that of a short-haired boy who is wearing a dress.

Their bodies are connected under the dress, and when he rocks his hips upwards from below, Rei leaks out a faint voice each time.

[M, nghh]

Tightly locking their lips together, Aleph kisses Rei who was perplexed at the unfamiliar   position. Tickling his hot mouth, the entrance’s tight tension unravels.

The tone of pleasure of Rei’s sighs becomes stronger as he tightens around Aleph’s manhood moderately. Aleph, with the feeling like he’s going to c.u.m soon, rocked the youth’s hips.

Ciel who was stirred up by the distinctly exposed nape presses his lips on it  and puts his(C) hands on his(R) b.r.e.a.s.t.s from behind.

[I love1 you, Rei.]

[Mh, me, too, Ciel, I love you~]

Rei replies to Ciel’s sweet voice. Aleph also compet.i.tively expresses his love.

[Rei, I love2 you.]

[Aleph, me, too~, NHA!]

Absorbing the tip from below as if he was being gouged, Rei’s good spot is being hit. The pre-c.u.m that he(R) could not endure overflowed from Rei’s p.e.n.i.s and soaked into the white dress.

Rei’s body, which has been overly enhanced to the point that he feels it by just having a cloth graze him, was too much for him(R) to handle. Rei hugs Aleph even more strongly.

[Rei, I’m happy that you’re hugging me, but I can’t move like this.]

[Hang on to me, here, Rei, turn over here.]

Rei, who allowed his body to be turned to face towards Ciel’s direction, becomes unstable with his posture so he tightly clings on to Ciel.

[I will also make you feel good.]

He rolled up Rei’s dress and touches his hardened member.

The raised manhood peeping from the cloth was soaking wet from his own e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n, it was an obscene sight.

[Uuh, auh, yah… if you do that, I’ll c.u.m agai…!]

[Just release as much as you want.]

[He’s right, don’t hold yourself back.]

His sensations are slowly being drawn out by Aleph as if to heighten it, while his manhood is continuously being stroked by Ciel, Rei released his third c.u.m.


From Rei who let out a small scream as he clings on Ciel, the s.e.m.e.n thinning and the momentum that disappeared spilled out. (TN: I had GT-sensei’s help with this because I’m not sure. T_T)

[Hyauh~! Auu, wa…it, don’t move…!]

Every time it was thrusted up, s.e.m.e.n follows along the shaft, his body becomes sensitive because he just came.

Aleph endured not moving in consideration to Rei. Ciel stroked Rei’s head to distract him.

Estimating that he has calmed down, Aleph pushed Rei down. In response to the urge to intensely thrust into him, he slowly starts to move.

[M, hahh, uhn!]

Aleph spreads his legs widely and embraces Rei’s dressed figure. Ciel once again approaches his(R) center part with his(C) hand, but Rei shook his head and vehemently refused.

[Ah, stop, don’t touch it anymore.]


[Mn… ugh]

He’s been c.u.mming so much in such a short time that he feels like he’s gotten too sensitive. He brows furrows as he keeps trembling.

[Kuh… ugh, Rei, I’m also about to reach my limit soon.]

Aleph covered Rei with his body, then he furiously rocked his body as if he’s. .h.i.tting him with all his of heart. Being rubbed in his stomach, Rei’s member once again reacted.

[Aah~! Ahn! Haaah…!]

Rei is unable to bear it as he tightly hugs Aleph. Ciel gave Rei a kiss. He entangles their tongues pa.s.sionately that he almost doesn’t have enough time to breath.

[Rei… Rei… ugh!]

[Muh, ngh, nguuu…!

Aleph poured a thick cloudy fluid inside Rei. Rei also a bit belatedly leaked an almost clear s.e.m.e.n.


1- Ciel said 「好きだよレイ」which can translate to “Í like you” or “I love you” while 2– Aleph said 「レイ、愛してる」which only has one meaning: “I love you”.So I think Aleph wants to express that he loves Rei more through his words.

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