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54 Ciel's Family

The flickering mist is so mysterious that it steals my eyes away.

Even though I  intended to walk carefully, I got my foot caught on a root the moment I let my guard down.



Aleph who was walking behind supported me and I managed to avoid falling over.

[Tha, thank you, Aleph.]

[Are you hurt anywhere?]

[Aleph held me up so I'm fine.]

[Lucky you that the gentle swordsman-sama is with you, Rei.]

Dy teases while smiling and Aleph's eyebrows drop. Please don't fight here, okay?

[We've arrived, it's here.]

It looks like we arrived in our destination with perfect timing.

When Ciel raised his hand over the shadow, the place which looked like just a forest wavers and the village appeared.

The mist clears up in the village and the woods deeply spread can also be seen.

Here and there stood houses, the pillars of which were huge, living trees covered in luxuriant foliage. Because their roofs were the color of the leaves and their walls the color of the tree trunks, the houses looked like they had grown together with the ma.s.sive trees.

[Ciel, welcome back.]

[Elder-sama, I have returned.]

Who appeared without any sign was a beautiful elf with white hair.  The owner of the beautiful androgynous face narrowed his olive green eyes and repeatedly glanced at us.

[They're my spouse and his husbands.]

[I see… So Ciel is also in the age where you take in a wife. I have also aged.]

The Elder elf who is thinking intently then nods deeply with an expressionless face  is probably older than he looks. Profound intelligence was dwelling within those eyes.

[I welcome you, guests. Do stay in our place  to your hearts' content.]

[Thank you very much.]

When I answered, he nodded without changing his expression and turned away.

[Since we received the elder's permission, let's go to my house.]

After the elder disappeared, the residents showed their faces. Everyone looks so young, and there are only handsome men and beautiful women. It looks like we're unusual.

Well I guess that's natural, if they live in such a secluded place, strangers will rarely come.

Ciel's house is also is also combined with a big tree. It's considerably bigger than other houses and looks imposing.

There's a small field around the house, lovely flowers were also blooming.

Ciel climbs the staircase made from tree roots and opens the door that's also made of wood.

[Please, come in,]

We follow after him. The s.p.a.ce inside the house opened up wide, both outward and upward.

Even the stairs to the second and third floors were tucked away to one side.

Of course, everything is made out of wood, I somehow feel like negative ions are gonna come out. (TN: I saw this when I searched negative ions in forests)

What pulled my eyes above all were the bookshelves spread on the face of walls on the first floor.

The surfaces of the walls are covered without any s.p.a.ce, if I think about reading these books, even one year won't be enough to finish this amount.

[Although I've heard rumors, but to think it will be to this extent. It looks like it has more than the royal library.]

[It can't possibly be that many, although we probably have more valuable books gathered.]

When Aleph let out an admiring voice, someone came down from the second floor, they probably perceived his voice.

[So it was Ciel who pa.s.sed over the barriers! Welcome home, have you been well?]

[My my my, Ciel-chan! Let mama take a good look at your face. You've gotten a bit more handsome during the short time I haven't seen you.]

[Tou-san! Kasan.] (TN: Father/Mother)

A handsome man with chestnut-colored hair and green eyes, and a platinum blonde and yellow-green eyes gorgeous woman appeared.

The two looks like they're Ciel's siblings and totally not like his parents. Is this a shoujo manga?

[I'm home.]

[Welcome home. Those people are? Please introduce them to us.]

Ciel gets hugged by the beautiful woman. No, but she's not a beauty but his mother, though. (TN: Because she's his mother, she doesn't count as a “beauty”)

Elves really don't age, do they?

His father also has a slender frame like Ciel, he doesn't give off a masculine vibe.

No wonder that even when I, who was thought to be a.s.sociated with the elves, mention my age, those who met me for the first time like Aleph and that city gatekeeper in Verna easily believed it.

[He's my spouse, Rei. Also, Aleph who belongs to the same party as me and is also Rei's husband. My fellow husbands, the Dragonian Ragna, and the demon Diremolo.

Although this is a digression, it seems like Ciel has gotten close to Dy after they had a discussion about magic and he changed the way he called him from ‘demon' to ‘Diremolo' before I noticed.

It seems like Dy called him Shi-chan once and he hated it, and because magic will fly when he's called Shi-chan, he's still being called ‘Boy' until now.

There may be times when he's called that jokingly, but I will be caught in the crossfire so I wish he'd stop. Even though it should be fine to just address him normally.

[My my my my! Ciel-chan! You've gotten bigger, bringing your wife here, I'm truly happy.]

[h.e.l.lo, I'm Darrel, this is my partner Cis. Thank you for getting along well with our son. If you don't mind, I would like to hear about your stories. Of course, Ciel's various adventures and love story, too.] (TN: Read as Shisu. It looks like Ciel got his name from his parents' names.)

The father winks. He's got quite the frank att.i.tude, just why was a tsundere born from these parents, genes sure is a mysterious thing.

I can't imagine Ciel winking. Even Ragna's family's mood resembles his own.

[Good idea, please let mama hear it as well! I will prepare the tea now.]

We were guided towards the sofa in the corner of the living room and we were having a pleasant chat after a while.

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