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Li Fuchen's cultivation was currently at the middle of the fifth level Qi Stage, and because breaking through to the sixth rank of the Red Jade Technique, his qi was at its purest state so he did not need to continue refining his qi. As such, he could consume the Scarlet Snow pill now and increase his cultivation.

The Scarlet Snow pill was the size of a longan fruit it carried a flawless snow white appearance. Looking at it closely, the center of the pill gave off a scarlet aura. The aura felt like a volcano hidden inside a snowy mountain, telling people it contained surges of energy within.

"As expected of a high-tier, yellow cla.s.s pill, such mystical powers. I can't wait to find out what will happen after I absorb and refine it."

Normally, the better the quality the pill, the lesser impurity it contained. But no matter how good the pill is, there will still be a hint of impurity.

Taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen swallowed the Scarlet Snow pill.


The pill dissolved once it touched his tongue. It was as if a fountain of spring water flowed into his stomach. For a moment, Li Fuchen felt the insides of his body freezing up, the next instant, he felt an intense fire exploded. The force penetrated throughout his organs, limbs, and bones.

Li Fuchen's face twisted in discomfort, it felt as if he was frosted and ignited over and over again. At times it was the chills, then it was the heat, occasionally both heat and chills at the same time. After a period of time, Li Fuchen felt all of his nerves going numb. It was only after he circulated his qi using the sixth rank Red Jade Technique, could he stabilize the onsets of fire and ice.

The sixth rank Red Jade Technique acted like a whirlpool, violently absorbing the Scarlet Snow pill's medicinal effects. With every revolution of the complex meridians' channels, a portion of the pill would be refined. Just like a stone mill grinding soybeans.

15 minutes…

1 hour…

2 hours…

Li Fuchen could feel his qi getting stronger and more violent. His cultivation progressed from mid stages of the fifth level to the peak.

"Success or failure will all depend on this."

Li Fuchen frenziedly circulated his Red Jade Technique to acc.u.mulate qi.

When his qi reached a bottleneck, Li Fuchen controlled his qi to burst through the sixth level barrier. Just like the torrent or volcanic eruption, his qi blasted the barrier, creating a crevice. Wave after wave, the crack spread like a net and then….


The sound of something being crushed echoed from within Li Fuchen. The amount of qi contained within him rose rapidly, causing shock waves to oscillate within the room, creating a constant banging sound.

Sixth level of the Qi Stage, attained!

But there were still remnants of the pill's effect. Li Fuchen with a spurt of energy, pushed his cultivation straight to middle stages of the sixth level, and finally depleted the pill's effects.

His eyes flashed a sword like presence. Li Fuchen stretched out his right hand and tightly clenched. With a punch, the force generated from it was nothing a pract.i.tioner at the fifth level of the Qi Stage could compare with.

"With this sixth level Qi Stage cultivation strength, even some of the Cla.s.s 1 high-tier demonic beasts will die with one blade."

The progress in cultivation is different than the progress in one's combat sense. When one's cultivation ranks up, it's when you get complimented for all your efforts. The sense of satisfaction can't be clearly expressed.

This was precisely the road of cultivation, bone frames are of the utmost importance. Even if you had incredible combat experience, without a good cultivation, you would still amount to an ant. Only with continuous progress in cultivation are you able to rise to the peak of the martial world and stand over the rest.


The next morning, Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan came to visit their son with haste and urgentness. Once they took a glance at Li Fuchen, they knew he had broken through the hurdle of the sixth level of the Qi Stage.

Li Tianhan laughed heartily, "Haha! Fuchen, your soul spirit is of a higher quality than I thought. I guessed you would have required a few days before breaking through."

The effects of the herb wa able to reside in the body for a number of days and not dissipate quickly. If Li Fuchen wasn't able to rank up in one go, he would be still able to utilize the medicinal energy to slowly progress.

Naturally, whether he could  advance in level was unknown.

But the two of them couldn't have thought, Li Fuchen would breakthrough in just one night. This meant that Li Fuchen's soul spirit was of a high caliber and was long ready for the sixth level of the Qi Stage.

Shen Yuyan spoke in a pleased tone, "It may have been the trial he went through for a year, causing his soul spirit to transcend others of the same level of the Qi Stage."

"Yes, that should be the case."

Li Tianhan nodded and was convinced this was the only logical reason.

"Fuchen, your cultivation base is good enough, next should be your live combat. Recently, the Li Clan caught quite a substantial amount of Cla.s.s 1 demonic beasts. You can use them as practice."Said Li Tianhan.

"Dad, I don't require any combat practice."Li Fuchen had plans to cultivate the Red Jade Sword Style.

Li Tianhan face stiffened, "All disciples of the clan are undergoing combat practice, how could you be the exception."

"Alright then!"

Li Fuchen prepared to show a portion of his combat experience, just to put the both of them at ease.


Demonic Beasts training arena.

3 blades.

Li Fuchen took only 3 blades to settle the Cla.s.s 1 Steel Boned Jackal, this was under the restriction of his own strength.

Shen Yuyan was stunned in amazement and stammered for a moment.

"Tianhan, do you think our son is a freak? Where does his combat ability come from?"

Li Tianhan smiled bitterly, "I coincidentally heard a news that Fuchen would bring some demonic beasts materials to sell to the Demon Refinery."

"You are saying he sneaked off to the Misty Mountains alone?"

"I'm afraid so."

"That's too daring! What if something happened to him?"Shen Yuyan was fuming.

"What's the point now. Furthermore, the reason he could defeat Yang Qi and Guan Peng was precisely because of his exceptional combat sense."

After being chided by his parents, Li Fuchen at long last avoided any additional combat practice.


As the day of the genius contest is approaching, many from the Cang Lan Sect turned up at Yunwu City.

Today, two young man showed up at the Yang Clan, they were around the age of 20s and have attained the Origin Stage. They were Yang Lie and Yang Zhan.

They were Cang Lan inner sect disciples.

"Brother Lie, Brother Zhan."

Faced with these two youths, even Yang Kai who was the unmatched genius in the Yang Clan has to greet them as Brother.

Yang Lie joyously acknowledge, "Yang Kai, you are a rare 3 star bone frame holder. In this genius contest, you must take first place and bring honor to our Yang clan."

"Don't worry Brother Lie, getting first place is like retrieving what I already have."Yang Kai nonchalantly replied. In his perspective, be it Shen Tu Jue, Guan Peng, or Li Yunhai who were all not worth his attention. Even the high-profiled Li Fuchen was placed lower than the rest, after hearing news of him not qualifying to enter the Tempering Pool.

At the side, Yang Zhan turned and face Yang Qi, "Yang Qi, even though you didn't enter the Tempering Pool, don't lose hope, there is still chance to grab a spot in the top 5."

Yang Qi hesitantly spoke, "Brother Zhan, I believe top 10 is easy, but top 5?"

Basically the top 5 spots were already roughly predicted, they were namely, Yang Kai, Yang Hao, Shen Tu Jue, Shen Tu Liang, Guan Peng and Li Yunhai. 5 out of these 6 would be the top 5 contenders.

Yang Lie disagreed, "Physical strength means nothing, combat ability is of the most importance. In the Cang Lan Sect, some geniuses can exceed ranks and win against other disciples."

Hearing as such, Yang Zhan concurred, "Precisely, this why we have returned to give guidance on your combat strength. If you guys are perceptive enough, our Yang Slan could have 3 candidates entering the Cang Lan Sect this year."

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