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Chapter 566 – Support Soul Master Lan Mengqin

Liu Feng had also become much stronger. His speed was akin to teleportation, or it could be said that he already had the ability to teleport. His control over the s.p.a.ce attribute allowed his attack power to increase exponentially. Without a doubt, all of this was brought to him by the Thorn Dragon.

He had not summoned the Thorn Dragon to a.s.sist him in battle, otherwise, he would definitely be stronger.

Qian Lei rolled on the ground and stood up. He snorted and said, “Come on, let’s keep going ! Let’s see who can last longer.”

Liu Feng pursed his lips. “What are you so proud of? Don’t think that your defense is unbreakable. There are limits to any defense.”

Qian Lei chuckled. “In any case, you can’t break my defense.”

“That might not be the case.” A silver light flashed in Liu Feng’s eyes.

After the battle just now, the few of them had displayed different abilities and were indeed extremely strong. For a moment, everyone couldn’t help but be excited. Compared to the time when they challenged those stronger than them, they had undoubtedly grown a lot.

“Mengqin, Mengqin, how have you improved recently! Don’t you have a Spirit Soul as well?” Qian Lei asked Lan Mengqin, who had yet to make a move.

Lan Mengqin glanced at him and extended both her hands in front of her. A jade light flashed and the Jade Phoenix Zither appeared in her hands. She still had four rings and hadn’t broken through to the five-ring realm, but her Jade Phoenix Zither had turned into a jade green color.

Her right hand played the zither again and circles of green light rippled out. Rich life energy immediately gathered from all directions.

Shrek Academy was a place with abundant life energy to begin with, but with her ability, the entire place turned faint green.

Everyone could feel life energy entering their bodies and quickly replenishing their energy.

Lan Xuanyu got the clearest feeling as his Dragon G.o.d Transformation had consumed a lot of energy. After using it once, he had to go to Sea G.o.d Lake to cultivate and absorb life energy to replenish it before he could use it again.

Although he had only used it for a short period of time previously, he hadn’t consumed too much energy. In addition, his bloodline power had become stronger compared to before, but his life energy had been consumed by quite a bit. At this moment, when the green halo surged in, it was as if he was soaking in Sea G.o.d Lake and cultivating. He recovered extremely quickly. He was completely sure that if he used his Dragon G.o.d Transformation in this environment, he would definitely be able to last longer.

The original Lan Mengqin did not have any healing abilities, and without a doubt, this ability had come from the Emerald Swan, Bi Ji.

Even before completely becoming Lan Mengqin’s Spirit Soul and fusing with her, the Emerald Swan had already conferred to her Jade Phoenix Zither a healing effect. After truly fusing in the future, who knew how strong her true soul skills would be.

“We will have a support-type soul master in our team in the future. I’m not one, but senior Bi Ji is,” Lan Mengqin said indifferently.

“So reliable.” Qian Lei jumped excitedly.

Lan Xuanyu said, “Let’s continue and change teams this time.”

Their training continued and the battle continued. They really needed to understand each other better through this way and find their tacit understanding.


While Lan Xuanyu and his team were working together, Ying Luohong was having a headache in the Dean office of Shrek Academy’s Outer Court.

“What should we do with the first years’ final exam? Should Lan Xuanyu’s small team take the exam separately ? Our Shrek’s final exam is the best way for training the students. Xiao Qi, do you have any suggestions?” Ying Luohong asked Xiao Qi.

“I don’t, I’ll listen to you.” Xiao Qi’s reply was very simple. He really didn’t have any suggestions because he didn’t know how to test Lan Xuanyu’s team. This year’s first years were different from the previous years!

As more students fused with the Spirit Soul brought over from the Elven Planet, the overall strength of the first years had increased to another level. Some of the students who got their One-Word Battle Armor’s metals from Lan Xuanyu had already begun crafting it.

This was especially so for Lan Xuanyu’s team. How they were going to test them during the final exam was an even bigger problem. There was once the number one student of the third years, Tang Yuge, among them. Not only had she fused with a Spirit Soul, but she had also eaten an Emperor Fruit and improved her bloodline. There were even some Great Beasts like the Emerald Swan and the Abyssal Demon Dragon that had chosen to become their Spirit Souls. There was no doubt that these kids had a unique advantage. It was inevitable that Lan Xuanyu’s team of seven people would enter the Inner Court.

But they were still in the Outer Court, so how should they conduct the test? A normal test wouldn’t be of much use, but they were worried that the more stressful ones would be too dangerous and cause them harm.

Hence, Xiao Qi really couldn’t think of any solution. In his heart, he hoped to be more conservative. Even if it was easier for these children to pa.s.s the test, he didn’t want to be overly excessive and wished to give them more time to grow.

Ying Luohong said, “Teacher has already told me that although we can’t pull out the seedlings and help them grow, we must temper them more, especially in terms of their spirits. We must let them have a clear distinction between good and evil. Strength is important, but the nurturing of their spirits is even more important. Their strength has increased greatly in the year they enrolled in the school, so it is naturally easy for them to experience some changes in their mentality. We should give them some pressure and at the same time, make them experience some setbacks. Let them calm down once again.”

“I agree. I think it’s necessary to give them some setbacks. Otherwise, if their strength increases too quickly and their hearts can’t keep up, it would be easy for them to become arrogant. And if they become overly arrogant, it would be very troublesome when they carry out missions in the future. They have to be constantly reminded from a young age that they are still far from being truly strong.” Tang Zhenhua spoke. He was the second teacher-in-charge of the first years and naturally had the qualifications to discuss the final exam with Ying Luohong.

Ying Luohong glanced at him and said, “What do you suggest then?”

Tang Zhenhua shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t have any suggestions, I’ll listen to you. I don’t think it’s appropriate to carry out a mission directly. They’re still too young and don’t have their Battle Armor, so it’s easy for them to be in danger. Think about another method.”

Ying Luohong fumed. “If all of you don’t have any ideas, then what are we discussing? Tang Zhenhua, you have to make a reasonable suggestion or I will remove your position as teacher-in-charge.”

Tang Zhenhua said helplessly, “Is this considered revenge?”

Ying Luohong looked at him coldly and said, “What do you think?”

“No!” Tang Zhenhua was still very conscious of self-preservation. “Of course not. If you want me to make a suggestion, I think we should go to the Tang Sect and ask. Don’t the Tang Sect have some missions too? The more ordinary kinds. Maybe there are suitable missions that can be used for the final exam.”

Upon hearing his words, Xiao Qi’s eyes lit up. “That makes sense. The Tang Sect might have a good method. I agree.”

“Alright, then Teacher Xiao I will have to trouble you to make a trip to see if there is anything suitable for these children to train in. If there is, I will personally go and communicate with the Tang Sect.” Ying Luohong made a prompt decision and handed this problem to Xiao Qi.

“Alright, I’ll go right now.” Xiao Qi quickly stood up and turned to leave. He felt a little pressured when discussing with these two, especially after seeing the way Ying Luohong looked at Tang Zhenhua. He was really afraid that he would be a collateral victim !

“Little Hong, look at how you scared Teacher Xiao. Can’t you be gentler to me? Look at how honest I’ve been these few years, I’ve always listened to you.” Tang Zhenhua laughed.

“The meeting is over, Teacher Tang, you may leave,” Ying Luohong said indifferently.

“Xiao Hong…”

“Get out!”

“Alright.” Tang Zhenhua stood up helplessly. It seemed like he should give these little guys some extra material for tomorrow’s cla.s.s.

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