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Chapter 539– Huge Harvest

Lan Xuanyu shook his head and said, “No need, this is my gift to you for our first meeting. You don’t have to give me anything back.” As he spoke, he pulled Lan Hudie’s hand and stuffed the box into her hand.

He truly liked this little girl from the bottom of his heart. Furthermore, he kept feeling that using his Endless Life Fruits to exchange for Emperor Fruits was too huge of a loss for her.

Lan Hudie said excitedly, “Thank you, big brother, I’ll keep it then. I’ll bring it to daddy, he should need it too.”

Lan Xuanyu only treated her words as a joke. With the Beast G.o.d Di Tian’s cultivation, why would he care about a fruit like the Endless Life Fruit? At his level, what could they do?

“Big brother, I’ll take my leave first. See you tomorrow.” Lan Hudie waved at Lan Xuanyu and turned to leave. However, she was still not used to her human form and walked unsteadily. After taking a few steps, she transformed back into her white tiger form and soared into the sky.

Lan Xuanyu only returned to his senses when she disappeared.

His harvest this time was truly too great. Although he didn’t obtain a Spirit Soul, purifying his bloodline seemed to be better than obtaining a Spirit Soul ! After making his Dragon G.o.d scales number increase from one to three pieces, this would definitely increase his potential greatly.

He had always been worried that the bottleneck would be too big when he would break through to four-ring. Now that his bloodline got purified and he had the one hundred thousand-year Purple Immortal Lingzhi, he was very confident that he could successfully break through.

Furthermore, whether it was the Purple Immortal Lingzhi or the purification of the bloodline or the strengthening of the Dragon G.o.d’s bloodline, they would all increase his potential. It would be beneficial to his future cultivation, and that was the most important thing.

A faint smile appeared on Lan Xuanyu’s face as he turned around and walked towards the encampment. He wasn’t planning to eat any more Emperor Fruits since he couldn’t eat it without a sufficient amount of life energy. It was obvious from the way he absorbed it before.

He had to wait until his bloodline vortex recovered to its original size before eating another. He reckoned that he would have to wait until he returned to Shrek Academy to consume it in Sea G.o.d Lake. It would be the same for his companions.

However, when he thought about the amount of life energy required to absorb an Emperor Fruit in Sea G.o.d Lake, Teacher Tang Yue probably wouldn’t be able to give him a discount. If everyone absorbed an Emperor Fruit, just the cost of cultivating in Sea G.o.d Lake would be quite a large sum. It would probably be equivalent to more than ten purple emblems.

But it was definitely worth it! After purifying everyone’s bloodline, their cultivation would increase again. The next step would be their One-Word Battle Armor. After returning this time, he would strengthen his forging practice and quickly forge the One-Word Battle Armor metals that everyone needed. With a One-Word Battle Armor, he would truly be able to stand up straight in the Outer Court.

Although they had defeated the seniors of various other years, including the sixth years, Lan Xuanyu knew very well that there was still a huge gap between them, especially the person they had faced in the last battle. If not for Teacher Nana, they wouldn’t have had a chance at all.

In the future, if they wanted to cultivate to the level of a Two-Word Battle Armor and above in a few short years, they really could not stop for a moment and had to work hard.

The graduates of the Outer Court all have an eight-ring cultivation base, and they were still far from this goal.

At this thought, the excitement in his heart gradually extinguished and was replaced by a stronger fighting spirit. If he wanted to become stronger, he had to work hard.

At this moment, he was filled with fighting spirit.

After being in Shrek Academy for more than a year, he and his companions had experienced a qualitative leap and changed. Other than their increase in strength, it was very rare for first years to be so united in the Outer Court. The first years were now a whole.

It felt great to work hard and be united.

When he returned to the dormitory, Liu Feng was meditating on the bed. The silver veins on his skin were very clear. The silver veins on his body took the shape of a wheel with a slight sawtooth. This should represent the Thorn Dragon, right?

He didn’t even have a Spirit Soul, and he wondered if Mengqin really had a chance of gaining the approval of the Emerald Swan.

While thinking, Lan Xuanyu quietly walked to his bed and sat down. He didn’t make any movements so as not to affect Liu Feng’s cultivation.

It was noon. He didn’t know why, but he wasn’t hungry after not eating for a day. It should be because he had absorbed enough life energy. Lan Xuanyu started meditating and sat cross-legged on the bed like Liu Feng. He circulated his soul power and quietly felt the changes in his bloodline power.

What he didn’t notice was that when he began meditating and circulating his bloodline vortex and soul power, Liu Feng, who wasn’t far away, trembled slightly. The silver patterns on his body became clearer and his aura became stronger.

When Lan Xuanyu woke up from his meditation, it was already dark outside. Liu Feng was still meditating, but there were some fruits and vegetables on the table. They should have been washed clean. It seemed like Liu Feng went out to get them when he woke up in the middle of his cultivation.

Lan Xuanyu ate some fruits that tasted pretty good and continued cultivating.

Through his previous meditation, he discovered that the recovery speed of his bloodline power was very fast. Following the strengthening of the Dragon G.o.d bloodline, it seemed that the speed of the transformation of his bloodline power had also increased. His absorption speed of life energy had also increased.

Although this place wasn’t as rich as the life energy in the cave, the overall life energy in the Elven Planet was so huge that it seemed to be above the Mother Planet, so absorbing the life energy in the air was quite beneficial to his cultivation. His bloodline vortex that had shrunk by half previously had already recovered by about 10% after meditating for the entire afternoon. According to this speed, he should be able to recover to his peak state in about half a month and could eat an Emperor Fruit again.

Hence, after eating the fruits, Lan Xuanyu naturally didn’t want to waste time and it was best to recover his bloodline power as soon as possible. What he looked forward to the most was that one day, his bloodline power would be able to fully turn into a seven-colored one. At that time, he didn’t know what level of cultivation he would reach, but he should be able to use the Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd as he wished!

It was a quiet night and early in the morning, there were noises outside the dorm.

Lan Xuanyu and Liu Feng woke up almost at the same time.

He looked at the other party subconsciously and couldn’t help but laugh. The feeling of being full of energy after meditation was truly delightful, especially when cultivating in this place that was filled with life energy. Every time he meditated, he could feel an obvious improvement.

“I don’t even know when you came back yesterday. Xuanyu, my contract with the Thorn Dragon is complete,” Liu Feng said excitedly.

The Thorn Dragon had fused into his body through a special technique, but it hadn’t yet completely merged with him. He had to wait until the day he would break through rank 50. After that, with the Thorn Dragon’s cultivation, it would be able to increase his soul power by quite a bit during the process of merging while providing him with a new soul ring. At the same time, it would also bring him an incomparably powerful soul skill, allowing his strength to evolve. This was completely within expectations, so how could Liu Feng not be excited?

“Congratulations, brother.” Lan Xuanyu gave him a thumbs up.

Liu Feng laughed. “The Thorn Dragon has said that I have to cultivate with you more often. I also realized that after cultivating with you yesterday, my speed of improvement has clearly increased. It’s as if there are some subtle changes, just like how I used to feel when you were a.s.sisting me. Xuanyu, after we return, can we cultivate together more often?”

Lan Xuanyu nodded and said, “Of course, you’re welcome anytime! Our dorms are next to each other anyway, you can come to my meditation room together. If Fatty is willing, he can come too.”

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