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Chapter 538 – Three Dragon G.o.d Scales

“Yiii!” Just at this moment, Lan Xuanyu discovered another change in himself. During the process of putting on his clothes, he would naturally lower his head subconsciously. He was surprised to discover that the number of Dragon G.o.d scales on his chest had changed. It had increased!

There was originally only one piece, but at some point, they had become three identical pieces.

The three Dragon G.o.d scales formed a triangle on his chest and emitted a faint rainbow halo.

Without a doubt, this meant that his Dragon G.o.d bloodline had become even stronger. The benefits brought about by the Emperor Fruits were simply priceless! It was simply amazing. If eating two more fruits could have such an effect, that would be the most wonderful thing.

After putting on his clothes, Lan Xuanyu returned to Lan Hudie and said sincerely, “The effect of your Emperor Fruit is simply too good. My bloodline has indeed been purified. Hudie, can each person only eat three?”

Lan Hudie nodded her big head and looked at Lan Xuanyu slyly. She blinked and said, “That’s right, there can only be three. And the effect will decrease each time. If you eat a fourth one, there won’t be any effect.”

One was worse than the other! This really disappointed Lan Xuanyu, but he quickly calmed down. How could there be so many good things! This was already quite good. Also, he still had the one hundred thousand-year Purple Immortal Lingzhi that he hadn’t eaten yet. He would eat it when his cultivation would be about to break through rank 40. With his purified bloodline this time, breaking through rank 40 shouldn’t be a problem.

While thinking, he focused on his inner vision and carefully felt the changes in his body.

His soul power didn’t change much and was almost the same as before. His bloodline vortex had shrunk and its overall energy had decreased. It might be because the purification process had consumed too much of his bloodline power.

After cultivating in this place with such rich life energy for such a long time, not only did he not feel bloated, he even felt empty. It could be seen how much life energy was consumed during the process of purifying his bloodline.

It was a pity that he couldn’t continue cultivating here. Otherwise, he should be able to recover very quickly. Oh right, what time was it now?

Lan Xuanyu shuddered. He didn’t know how long he had been out with Lan Hudie, so his teachers and partners must be worried.

“Hudie, how long have we been cultivating here? Is it time to go back?” Lan Xuanyu quickly asked Lan Hudier.

She said, “It should be noon of the second day. It’s alright, daddy is only going through his tribulation tomorrow.”

“Your daddy is going through a tribulation?” Lan Xuanyu was stunned for a moment before his entire body shook and he cried out, “You, your daddy isn’t the Beast G.o.d Di Tian, right?”

Lan Hudie blinked. “Yes? Don’t you know? Didn’t you see him yesterday?”

Lan Xuanyu stared at her, dumbstruck. “How would I know that he was in his human form? But, but… your father is a dragon and you’re a tiger. How did a dragon give birth to a tiger?”

Lan Hudie was stunned for a moment and said, “I don’t know either. Anyway, my father said that I was a naturally born spirit and he was the one who gave birth to me. I don’t have a mother, only a father.”

Although Lan Xuanyu didn’t understand what was going on, he was still extremely shocked. This person in front of him was actually the daughter of the Beast G.o.d Di Tian? No wonder she was the Tiger King. This meant that the black-haired middle-aged man he saw yesterday was actually the ruler of the entire Soul Beast World, the Gold-Eyed Black Dragon King that was about to undergo his tribulation and had a cultivation of 900,000 years!

He never would have thought that he would actually meet this great G.o.d by accident. For a moment, Lan Xuanyu couldn’t help but feel excited. That was the Beast G.o.d Di Tian!

“You said yesterday that it was your father who asked you to bring me to him?” Recalling the strange words that Beast G.o.d had said to him yesterday, Lan Xuanyu suddenly had a strange feeling. He could vaguely guess that the reason why the Beast G.o.d Di Tian allowed Lan Hudie to bring him was probably related to his Dragon G.o.d bloodline. Maybe he had felt his bloodline? After all, the Beast G.o.d Di Tian was one of the remaining True Dragons, and it was the powerful Golden-Eyed Black Dragon King.

“That’s right! Daddy asked me to bring you there, but he didn’t really say anything. He just said that he wanted you to come here to cultivate and let me cultivate with you.” Lan Hudie didn’t hide anything.

Lan Xuanyu thought about it carefully and realized that he couldn’t think clearly. “Hudie, can you send me back now? We’ve been out for so long, everyone must be anxious.”

“Alright, but aren’t you going to play with me then?” Lan Hudie asked, feeling wronged.

Lan Xuanyu smiled and stroked her head. “Little Die, be good, I’ll play with you in the future. Let’s go back first.”

“En.” Somewhat unwillingly, Lan Hudie once again carried Lan Xuanyu on her back and dived out.

With preparation this time, Lan Xuanyu didn’t feel as stifled as before. Furthermore, when he was underwater, he was surprised to discover that both his ability to hold his breath and his perception of his surroundings had become much stronger.

In particular, his spiritual power was able to sense his surroundings much more clearly, and his Spiritual Sea seemed to have become much bigger. Although the benefits brought about by the Emperor Fruit were the purification of his bloodline, the process of purifying his bloodline seemed to have caused a considerable increase in his spiritual power. This was definitely a good thing.

After leaving the forest and riding the clouds, Lan Hudie sent Lan Xuanyu back to the base.

Lan Hudie landed in the forest and placed Lan Xuanyu down.

“Big brother, I’m so happy to be with you. Will you come and visit me again in the future?” Lan Hudie looked at Lan Xuanyu reluctantly.

“I will, I definitely will. When I graduate in the future, I will definitely come. I might even have a chance to come before I graduate.” Lan Xuanyu raised his hand and patted her head. He realized that he seemed to have grown fond of touching her soft fur.

“Thank you, big brother. You have to come earlier then. Big brother, look.” While saying that, Lan Hudie took a step back and her gigantic body shook slightly.

Lan Xuanyu only felt the white and blue hairs on her body begin to light up. Following that, her large body began to shrink. In the blink of an eye, she had shrunk by over ten times.

A pet.i.te figure appeared in front of Lan Xuanyu. She was only 1.2 meters tall and looked like she was seven or eight years old. A chubby little girl with jade-like skin smiled at him.

Her skin was fair and she had long white and blue hair. She had a pair of big golden eyes and a sweet smile.

She was wearing a long black dress and looked extremely adorable.

Lan Xuanyu looked at her in surprise. “You, you have cultivated to the one hundred thousand-year level, and now you transform into a human?”

She giggled but Lan Hudier shook her head and said, “No, I’m not at the one hundred thousand year-level yet, but I’m quite special. After cultivating with big brother, I have become able to transform. Am I cute?” As she spoke, she supported her cheeks with both hands and waved her chubby little face at Lan Xuanyu.

“Cute, extremely adorable!” Lan Xuanyu couldn’t help but reach out and pinch her chubby little face. It was extremely bouncy and her skin was delicate. Just a gentle pinch would cause her to blush.

“Big brother, you’re bad, pinching my face.” Lan Hudie slapped Lan Xuanyu’s hand away.

Lan Xuanyu laughed. “Alright, I’ll stop pinching you. Little Die, be good. I will definitely bring you something delicious next time I come.” As he spoke, a light flashed in his hand and a small silver box appeared in his hand. It was exactly the same as the one that contained the Endless Fruits.

Lan Hudier was stunned. She extended her hand but stopped. “Big brother, I don’t have any fruit to exchange with you. I gave you everything last time.”

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