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Chapter 537– The Next Beast G.o.d

w.a.n.g Tianyu said, “I didn’t expect that Lan Xuanyu would actually have a good relationship with the next Beast G.o.d. The reason why the first years have so many soul beasts to choose and got acknowledged is probably related to this.”

Xiao Qi said, “You mean to say that Tiger King asked those soul beasts to attach themselves to our students?”

w.a.n.g Tianyu nodded and said, “That should be the case.”

Xiao Qi’s eyes lit up. “Then do you think that Tiger King and Xuanyu…”

w.a.n.g Tianyu laughed and said, “You’re dreaming. Tiger King is the new generation’s Beast G.o.d and will never become anyone’s Spirit Soul. She has to oversee the world of soul beasts and gradually control everything with the help of all the seniors. It will lead the soul beasts for tens of thousands of years or even longer. How could it transform into a Spirit Soul? If there’s a chance, it would be better to guess who might be the current Beast G.o.d’s final choice. If he can successfully transcend the tribulation, everything will be fine. But if he fails, he might choose to become a Spirit Soul. I just don’t know if he will. With the Beast G.o.d’s pride, he might just leave like that.”

Xiao Qi said, “Then Xuanyu won’t be in danger, right? This brat can always cause trouble.”

w.a.n.g Tianyu waved his hand and said, “This is Tiger King, it will be fine. Tiger King was specially groomed by the Beast G.o.d, and it is said that it is a mutated species of heaven and earth with an extremely unique ancient bloodline. Even we don’t know the exact situation. We only know that it has been around 1,000 years since it was born, but its cultivation has already exceeded 50,000 years and it is growing extremely quickly. It is Beast G.o.d Di Tian who took the initiative to report its existence to the Federation and confirmed that it is his successor.”

Xiao Qi asked, “Then what is Tiger King’s ability?”

w.a.n.g Tianyu shook his head and said, “I’m not sure either, because Tiger King has never made a move before. From what I’ve seen today, its attributes were restrained, and I couldn’t sense it either. But the strange thing is that my Divine Sense actually couldn’t see through it. I only felt that its bloodline was very special and extremely n.o.ble. It was as if its bloodline power protected it, preventing my Divine Sense from seeing clearly.”

“You couldn’t see clearly?” Xiao Qi asked in surprise.

w.a.n.g Tianyu laughed. “If I could, Beast G.o.d wouldn’t have allowed Tiger King to appear in front of us. From the looks of it, this Tiger King still needs quite a bit of time to grow. It isn’t something that can be accomplished overnight. We don’t even know how long it will take to reach the current Beast G.o.d Di Tian’s achievements. Although we humans are living peacefully with soul beasts now, we have to take note that soul beasts can’t sit and influence us too much. The best is to maintain balance.”

Xiao Qi nodded and said, “Since Xuanyu is fine, I won’t disturb your rest any longer.” As he spoke, he stood up and was about to leave.

But w.a.n.g Tianyu said, “Don’t be in a rush to leave. I have an idea to discuss with you.”

“Ah?” Xiao Qi sat back down nervously to discuss with the Pavilion Master.

w.a.n.g Tianyu smiled. “As a teacher-in-charge, you’re qualified.”

Just this evaluation alone made Xiao Qi tear up. This was the approval of a Sea G.o.d Pavilion’s Vice Pavilion Master!

“I… this is what I should do. Actually, I didn’t do much, the children were too outstanding,” Xiao Qi said excitedly.

w.a.n.g Tianyu said, “You don’t have to be humble. Of course, Lan Xuanyu is indeed special. Since they’re so special, we have to give them special treatment. Shrek Academy isn’t afraid of strange talents and monsters appearing among our students. When dealing with monsters, we have to use a suitable way of grooming them. I’ve just communicated with the Pavilion Master through my soul device. We want to try something new with your cla.s.s.”

“Alright, I’ll do as you say,” Xiao Qi quickly replied. A brand new experiment meant that more resources would be tilted towards them. This was definitely a good thing!

w.a.n.g Tianyu said, “Right now, most of the students in your cla.s.s have real Spirit Souls. When their cultivation reaches the next realm, there will definitely be an overall improvement. All of these Spirit Souls which are above the ten thousand-year level will be extremely helpful to them, but we can’t wait until then. Instead, we have to start our special education method for them now. So, we are prepared to let your cla.s.s become an experimental cla.s.s. We will carry out special teachings together to verify an idea that the academy had many years ago.”

“We already have a plan for this, but we haven’t found a suitable cla.s.s to implement it. Your cla.s.s’s greatest strength isn’t the number of Spirit Souls you obtained this time, but unity. A united group is the foundation of our experiment plan.”

“Experimental cla.s.s? What is the direction of the experiment?” Xiao Qi looked at w.a.n.g Tianyu excitedly.

w.a.n.g Tianyu smiled and said, “Star War Experiment cla.s.s.”


In the cave.

Lan Xuanyu didn’t know when that burning sensation disappeared from his body. When his consciousness gradually returned, he only felt an indescribable stiffness in his body, as though his entire body was rusted to death.

He moved his body instinctively and immediately, a series of crackling sounds came from all over his body.

It was as though every part of his body was being torn apart, but it didn’t hurt at all. Instead, following that sound, the rust on his body started to disappear.

Lan Xuanyu opened his eyes subconsciously and immediately realized that there seemed to be something falling off his body. It was something that looked like light gray skin. As his body moved, it started to fall with a “pu pu” sound.

It wasn’t just on the surface of his skin, but even in his body. His bloodline vortex was slowly revolving, and his soul power was also circulating throughout his body. When that rusty feeling gradually disappeared, Lan Xuanyu began to feel extremely relaxed.

Similar to the impurities on his body, the clothes on his body had been stripped off as well. His original school uniform had turned into pieces and fell off his body as he got up.

“Big brother, you are shameless, shameless.” Lan Hudie had already woken up and covered her eyes with her pair of tiger claws even though there seemed to be a gap between her claws.

Lan Xuanyu was also embarra.s.sed. He quickly ran behind the life crystals and took out a new school uniform from his storage bracelet.

As his body moved, he also noticed the changes. The biggest change was his bloodline vortex. He realized that his bloodline vortex had become smaller, about half as small as before. However, although the vortex was smaller, it had only decreased the power of the gold and silver bloodline. If the original seven-colored Dragon G.o.d’s bloodline was only 1,000th, then with the shrinking of the vortex and the increase in color, it seemed to have become 1% now. Calculating the size of the vortex, it meant that his seven-colored bloodline had actually increased by five times!

This made Lan Xuanyu extremely excited. If his Dragon G.o.d’s bloodline has increased by five times, would his Dragon G.o.d Transformation be able to last for five times as long?

Under the Dragon G.o.d Transformation state, his battle power would undoubtedly increase substantially, especially when he fused the power of the two bloodlines with his soul skills. He could also use the Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd, allowing him to truly have the strength to fight against a five-ring Soul King. In addition to the unique ability of the Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd to ignore defense, it was definitely quite powerful.

When he used the Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd previously, he could only fight for about 10 seconds. When his opponent discovered the characteristics of the Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Splitting Halberd and didn’t let him get close, he didn’t even dare to use it because after 10 seconds, he would become basically crippled.

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