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Chapter 418 – Bing Tianling’s Team Joining

TL : GoldenLung

The elevator door opened, and before they could walk out, an intense airflow swept over them with a howl.

Xiao Qi’s body lit up with a yellow halo and blocked the airflow. He raised his hand and pointed outside. “Go now, young ones. I’ll wait for your return.”

Lan Xuanyu took the lead and was the first to charge out.

The moment he stepped out of the elevator, he immediately felt his entire body sinking. As expected, the gravity was twice stronger.

He had already felt such gravity. In fact, gravity could be adjusted in various cultivation rooms. He did not use his soul power and solely relied on his strong physique to stride out.

When he walked out of the elevator, he immediately realized why his vision was blurry : a stream of ice and snow was blowing towards his face.

There was a heating system included in the uniform, so he couldn’t feel the difference in temperature outside, but there was no doubt that it wouldn’t feel like being on the beach under sun.

The others followed behind Lan Xuanyu and stepped out. Very soon, they walked out of this pa.s.sageway.

At this moment, the elevator doors closed and only the colonel and Xiao Qi were left inside.

“Teacher Xiao, did you just say that there will be a team that has to obtain five types of rare metals? Isn’t this too difficult? I’m afraid that they might not have enough time ! Furthermore, after leaving the central area, they will have to cross the ring-shaped Terror Peak area to enter the other large areas. These children…”

Xiao Qi smiled. “Have you forgotten? Don’t treat Shrek Academy’s students as children. Let us wait for their good news. This is also a special request from the academy. Some students are different. They need harder training to stimulate their potential and display their true brilliance.”

The colonel furrowed his brows. “I hope you’re right. That’s really dangerous.”

Boundless snow.

When Lan Xuanyu and his teammates walked out of the pa.s.sageway, this was their first first impression. A strong wind was blowing over, and even with twice the gravity, they were still having a hard time not tottering.

Lan Xuanyu’s companions naturally gathered by his side. They were relatively excited about the environment outside because Lan Xuanyu had control over the water and wind elements. In addition, Lan Mengqin and Dong Qianqiu were also close to the ice and snow elements. This environment would only strengthen their abilities.

However, no one paid much attention to the outside world. Instead, they all turned on the map in their soul communication devices.

Their device was connected to their helmets and a three-dimensional image appeared inside it.

Firstly, it was an overall picture of the entire planet. After looking at the 3D image, there was no water surface on the planet.

The surface of the planet was uneven. There were clear signs on the map that divided the entire planet into over ten regions.

The base they were in was called the central region, and it radiated outward.

The surrounding area was a vast plain, and different regions were displayed in different colors. The first thing that could be seen was that with the central area as the center, there were a total of four colors in the vicinity that covered a large area. Each region displayed the abundance of one type of rare metal.

But what caught Lan Xuanyu’s attention was that beyond this central region was a large, irregular ring-shaped mountain range. The mountain range was very wide and there was no indication of any type of metal. Obviously, there were no rare metals produced in this region, and the other regions were all outside this mountain range. In other words, if they wanted to obtain five types of rare metals, they had to leave this mountain range first.

This meant that the difficulty between obtaining five types of rare metals and four types of rare metals was completely different.

The key problem was that the electronic map didn’t show any changes in the weather and didn’t indicate what sort of harsh environment they would encounter in the various regions.

Lan Xuanyu saw it and so did the others.

“This is a bit of a scam!” After adjusting the communication device, they were now in the team’s communication channel and Qian Lei’s voice resounded in Lan Xuanyu’s ears.

Lan Xuanyu said, “There are seven of us, so it will definitely be more difficult for us, especially with the addition of senior sister. Senior sister, do you have any suggestions?” As he spoke, he looked in Tang Yuge’s direction.

“No. You’re the leader, so I’ll listen to you.” Tang Yuge didn’t have any intention of showing off her presence and very quietly expressed her support for Lan Xuanyu’s leadership.

Once she said that, the others immediately felt much better about her. The scariest thing for a team was to have different voices.

After so many rounds of training and fighting together, the others’ trust in Lan Xuanyu was unreserved. If there was a different voice now, not only would it cause damage to the team, but it would also cause problems in efficiency.

Lan Xuanyu said, “We have to understand the environment of this planet first. When we landed, from s.p.a.ce, we could see that there were many huge cyclones visible to the naked eye. I think that these cyclones will be the most difficult obstacles for us to face. We are now in the central region, so we should first obtain the four types of metals in the central region and then go outside. According to the missions that the academy has given us in the past, that mountain range is definitely dangerous and the environment outside this mountain range must be even worse.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. When they had completed the comprehensive test, they had only gone out of one area and the enemy’s strength had suddenly increased by a large margin, almost causing them to be trapped there.

“Let’s go. I’ll be at the front, Mengqin and Qianqiu will be at the sides. Senior sister we will have to trouble you to take the rear. The others will be in the middle. Let’s go.” As he spoke, Lan Xuanyu charged in one direction.

They weren’t the only ones moving. At the same time, the other first years were also moving.

When Lan Xuanyu’s team started moving, three people immediately followed behind them. They were Bing Tianliang, Yu Tian, and Lin Donghui.

After entering Shrek Academy, everyone worked very hard, including Bing Tianliang and his team. With Shrek Academy’s resources, they had improved quite a bit.

Lan Xuanyu and his friends had quickly formed a small team and Bing Tianliang and his team naturally saw that. In the beginning, they didn’t think too much about it as everyone was cultivating hard and didn’t have time to think about anything else.

However, when Lan Xuanyu’s team started to earn more emblems, Bing Tian regretted it.

During the entrance exam, he held Lan Xuanyu in high esteem for his commanding ability, but at the same time, he had his own pride. After all, Lan Xuanyu and his team were only at a two-ring cultivation base and were far inferior to them. During the comprehensive exam, they had relied more on other people’s fighting strength.

Lan Xuanyu was actually fine. He had such a strong enhancement ability that even if he were to say that he was an auxiliary-type soul master, Bing Tian approved of him. But Qian Lei and Liu Feng were simply too weak! In his eyes, they didn’t meet the criteria of being his partners at all. Hence, Bing Tian didn’t try to get close to him after school started and instead cultivated by himself.

And when he realized that everything had changed and that Liu Feng and Qian Lei were growing at an astonishing speed, Lan Xuanyu’s small team was already formed.

With Lan Xuanyu as the core, along with his two good brothers, Dong Qianqiu, Lan Mengqin, and Yuanen Huihui, the strongest in their cla.s.s.

This team of six was very strong, and they had even defeated the third years and gained a lot.

At that time, Bing Tianliang realized that he had underestimated Lan Xuanyu.

But he also had his own teammates. At that time, Lan Xuanyu’s team already had six people, so it was impossible for them to have three more people. Helpless, he chose to continue to cultivate on his own.

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