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344 – White Dragon

Author: SilverRift


TL : GoldenLung

He had seen these veined patterns before, it was the same as the ones that appeared when he was amplified by Lan Xuanyu’s golden-patterned Blue Silver Gra.s.s. They looked like white small fish scales, piled up in a semi-circular pattern. Wherever it appeared, Liu Feng could clearly feel strength flowing into him.

However, he currently wasn’t buffed by Lan Xuanyu, but this pattern was becoming increasingly clear, was it because of the energyin his chest?

Was it because he understood the meaning of cultivation?

Subconsciously, Liu Feng’s mind wanted to let this ma.s.s of energy flow toward his White Dragon Spear, and his brain suddenly became particularly calm, so calm that he was “detached” from his Spiritual Sea. It was a very strange feeling. It seemed as if he had become another person external to his body, simply manipulating it to do what he wanted to do.

“Bzzzz!” Fresh air poured in, and the White Dragon Spear trembled violently, as if it had come alive. With a “swish”, it suddenly leapt out of his hand.

Liu Feng who was previously supporting himself by the White Dragon Spear fell down to the ground after the spear left his hand so suddenly.

There was a sudden gust of wind in the entire room. Fortunately, there was nothing else in the simulation room.

Amidst the strong wind, Liu Feng only saw a white light circling in the room, but he could not see clearly. The white light was looming, flashing and disappearing, and Liu Feng’s body seemed to dance with it. While moving and twisting, his whole body’s bones cracked.

What’s wrong with me? Liu Feng was taken aback. He felt sober currently, and he noticed that his whole body was transforming. He wanted to introspect himself, but all he could see was pure white.

Suddenly, the white light flying in the sky stagnated, and Liu Feng suddenly fell into a trance. He discovered that two perspectives appeared in his mind. One was in the air, looking down at his body lying on the ground. His distorted body looked a little inhuman, with his mouth crooked, saliva drooling, and his pale face.

But from another angle of view, he was looking up and saw the clear white figure in the sky.

What is that?

It was four meters long, slender and well-proportioned, with wings on its back, sharp claws under its abdomen, and its whole body covered with semi-circular white scales that were shining like a crystal. A pair of silver halo eyes were staring at him.

It was a dragon, a whole four meter big white dragon.

For some reason that White Dragon’s eyes felt so familiar, pa.s.sionate and stubborn, firm and unyielding. Is that… is that me ?

In the next instant, the two images suddenly overlapped, and the white dragon in the air let out a deep dragon chant. In the next instant, it suddenly dived downwards and plunged into Liu Feng’s chest.

Liu Feng’s body instantly stiffened, and his whole person had turned into a huge white ma.s.s of light.

Not far in the neighborhood, Lan Xuanyu had just entered into his meditation room.

It only took him a little bit more than an hour to help Liu Feng in their experiments twelve times. He was really worried about his close brother now. He was too eager to become stronger. He was indeed very tough, but, if he overdid it, he was really worried about Liu Feng’s mental state.

He turned on his soul communicator and tried to dial Liu Feng’s number, but no answer from the other side.

Nothing happened to him, right ? Lan Xuanyu thought to himself.

It should be okay. When he left, although Liu Feng was in a bad state, but contrarily to Yuanen Huihui who directly disconnected, he was still clear-headed. It was only his body who couldn’t bear it anymore. In that kind of situation, he should be able to recover after more resting.

Lan Xuanyu sighed lightly, I really hope that he can find his own path. Frenzie has really put in a lot of efforts !

As he thought about it, his gaze shifted to the green ruyi and black emblem in the center of his meditation room.

With the green ruyi, the charging speed of the black emblem had significantly accelerated, and it was about to return to its peak state. Actually with the presence of the green ruyi, Lan Xuanyu didn’t need it to a.s.sist his cultivation.

Rich life energy lingered in the air, it felt unspeakably comfortable. Lan Xuanyu felt that even if he didn’t go to Sea G.o.d Lake, he had enough energy. Or he could go to Sea G.o.d Lake to absorb a huge quant.i.ty at once, and then with the a.s.sistance of the green ruyi, he could spend more time digesting and thus save more time.

Just as he was about to start meditating, suddenly, his soul communicator rang.

Lan Xuanyu thought it was Liu Feng, but when he looked down, he found that the number was Qian Lei’s.

“Fatty, are you back? Where are you?” Lan Xuanyu asked.

“Just at your door, open it and I will give you your stuff. Let me tell you, I also managed to win a lot, wahahaha! Do you know what taking advantage of a system’s loopholes mean ?”

Lan Xuanyu couldn’t help feeling a little helpless. He doubted that Qian Lei’s picked up something really valuable.

He hurriedly went downstairs to open the door, and sure enough, Qian Lei was already outside with a look full of excitement.

Lan Xuanyu let him in, Qian Lei handed him a black box and said, “This is the gem you took. I really don’t know what use you have for this thing. Is it really for Dong Qianqiu ? Doesn’t she seem a little cold towards you lately ? It’s so expensive, three hundred and ten thousand federal coins! And that guy who bid against you was really annoying, making us spend so much money.”

Lan Xuanyu couldn’t help feeling a little helpless, “Can you not talk like a machine gun as soon as you come in? Why are you so excited?”

Qian Lei smiled smugly and then took out a red velvet box from his arms. The box was only the size of a palm. Looking at the box, he looked very pleased.

“Look, I got this.” While talking, he handed the box to Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu took the box and said with some doubts: “You bid for that? Did Lan Mengqin bid for anything ?”

Qian Lei said, “She didn’t. She even made fun of me saying I’m a money-grubber. What does she understand, let me tell you, this is really good stuff !”

Lan Xuanyu opened the red velvet box in his hand doubtfully and looked down.

Inside the box, a gold coin lied quietly. This gold coin didn’t look big, it was about the same size as some federal commemorative gold coins. Its style was very simple, with some dirt and traces left from the years. One could vaguely make out that the patterns on the gold coins are extraordinarily sophisticated, a bit similar to a soul array. But perhaps because of its age, there were no soul power fluctuations on it.

“This is your lot? Is this an antique gold coin?” Lan Xuanyu asked suspiciously.

Qian Lei smiled, and said excitedly: “Yes, it’s an antique gold coin. You don’t understand that. Let me tell you, my surname Qian (Qian, written 钱, means money) is not for naught. My father is a well-known archaeological expert who specializes in researching ancient coins. This Auction House determined that it came from about 10,000 years ago, but in fact, based on the knowledge I was taught from my father, it should be even longer. It can be traced back to the era of Spirit Hall, which is about 30,000 years ago. Look at the pattern above, it is very elaborated. But the array engraved on this pattern is very different from modern soul arrays, and the rules it follows are also different. My dad has seen this pattern before, all incomplete, but although this gold coin is a little mottled, it is still very complete. This pattern is the crucial point.”

Lan Xuanyu curiously asked, “What is this pattern? You know the patterns from 30,000 years ago?”

Qian Lei proudly said: “First of all, I only used 30,000 federal coins to get this gold coin as it was appraised based on the price of an antique from 10,000 years ago. But if it can be traced back to 30,000 years ago, its value can at least decuple. Even by a hundred fold is not uncommon. When I go back, I will give it to my father to appraise it, that’s a lot of money ! And, if I remember correctly, my father said that this kind of ancient soul array is different from ours, it is made for another purpose.”

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