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Now that the district head was visiting, the staff members of the Cangping District Hospital and Bazhaixiang hospital branch were not the most anxious ones. Instead, the members of the township government of Bazhaixiang were the ones who panicked the most.

An hour after the news broke, a group of sanitation workers appeared and started cleaning up the village. Some of them were also responsible for the hygiene of the hospital.

Whenever a leader came over, spring cleaning seemed to be a politically correct move.

The doctors of Yun Hua Hospital who were here for a volunteer medical consultation, the patients and the patients' family members did not really care about what was going on. They watched on with interest. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The presence of the district head did not really concern ordinary people. Patients only cared that their ailments were cured. Most people did not even know what role the district head played.

In contrast, the doctors of Cangping District Hospital were not as relaxed.

A large chunk of their salary was from the funds given by the district government. Aside from this, district hospitals relied on the support of district governments for their main source of income, physical examination. This was because the schools, corporations and other organizations in the district would rather have bigger hospitals responsible for the physical examination of their members.

The doctors of the Bazhaixiang hospital branch were not the only ones who were busy. The district hospital had sent plenty of staff members to the Bazhaixiang hospital branch to help out as soon as they received the news that the district head was visiting. For some time, there were more staff members in the hospital branch compared to the main hospital. The tiny building of the Bazhaixiang hospital branch could not even fit in so many doctors.

With so many people there, the hospital became even more chaotic.

Chief Physician w.a.n.g Haiyang was not young anymore, and he could not stand the chaos. He asked a few people about what was going on and left to rest. There were many doctors around, anyway, and the only thing he needed to do was make way for another doctor to take over.

Many of the doctors from Cangping District Hospital wished that they could chase the doctors from Yun Hua Hospital who were there for a volunteer medical consultation out so that they got to show their faces. As for the purpose of showing their faces, well, they had never gotten the chance to do such a thing, so they really had no idea.

"Ling Ran, come with me to have some tea." w.a.n.g Haiyang could not really stand the fact that the conscientious Ling Ran was still giving authorizations to patients to undergo various tests. There was no point in robbing the doctors of Cangping District Hospital of their chance to shine.

Ling Ran did not think much about it. He hummed in acknowledgment and finished filling in the form at hand. He handed it to a doctor in front of him and rose.

A doctor who had been lying in wait immediately took Ling Ran's place. He pinned his nametag on his large white coat and started giving consultation to a patient. He seemed adept at it. Physical examination was the most commonplace activity in district hospitals, and with the way the volunteer medical consultation was going, the doctors were actually just conducting a physical examination at a larger scale. At most, the patients would get to describe their symptoms to the doctors so that the doctors had a better idea of the ailments the patients were suffering from.

w.a.n.g Haiyang led Ling Ran out of the chaotic hospital and headed to the plaza, which seemed disproportionately big considering the size of Bazhaixiang. He said, "You heard that the district head of Cangping District is coming over, right?"

"Yea." Ling Ran looked around and walked toward an area with fewer people. However, people followed him wherever he went, and there was nothing he could do about it.

w.a.n.g Haiyang, though, paid no heed to their surroundings. He cleared his throat a few times and said, "I heard that the district head's wife is suffering from synovitis. She'll probably need an arthroscopy. Are you confident in it?"

"I am." Ling Ran was actually really skillful when it came to knee arthroscopy. First of all, he possessed Specialist Level Knee Arthroscopy. Second of all, he also had two more Perfect Level skills—Perfect Level Knee Arthroscopic Meniscoplasty and Perfect Level Arthroscopic Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Surgery.

With these three skills, to him, treating synovitis of the knee joint was like battling against an infantry regiment from the cold weapon era while armed with a well-equipped tank on flatland. 

Take meniscoplasty as an example. All the maneuvers that were performed during surgery for patients with synovitis were basically part of meniscoplasty as well. Even though no two joints that were afflicted with synovitis were the same, and different patients exhibited different signs and symptoms, the main components of a person's knee joint were its bones and ligaments. No matter how broad the affected area was, a person who was skilled in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery would be able to operate on patients with synovitis.

In other words, a discussion about the types, symptoms, and severity of synovitis was akin to a discussion about how well-equipped, how well-supplied, how well-trained and how experienced an infantry regiment from the cold weapon era was.

What difference would it make for the operators of a fleet of tanks?

Truth be told, just by possessing Specialist Level Knee Arthroscopy itself, Ling Ran was able to fully treat synovitis. And in ordinary hospitals, most doctors who performed arthroscopy for patients with synovitis had not even achieved Specialist Level when it came to knee arthroscopy yet.

w.a.n.g Haiyang was actually just giving Ling Ran a reminder. When he saw how straightforward Ling Ran was being, he smiled and said, "It's great that you're confident. However, you must not let your guard down. Regardless of whether they are of high rank or not, government officials are always very demanding."

Ling Ran hummed in acknowledgment. He, too, had always been very demanding of himself whenever he was performing surgeries. Hence, he did not find it burdensome at all.

Soon, the district head of the Cangping District and his party had arrived at the Bazhaixiang hospital branch.

As there were people who were specifically put in charge of the itinerary of the inspection, the district head did not say much. He followed the steps and walked around the hospital without making any fuss or playing any game. He then quietly watched as the doctors gave volunteer medical consultation. Next, it was time for him to shake Ling Ran's hand, and he did so with great force.

"Doctor Ling, I heard that you're really good at sports medicine, and had even operated on Liu Weichen?" Shen Jiufeng, the district head, looked friendly. His voice was a little on the shrill side though.

Ling Ran said, "Yes, I've operated on Liu Weichen before."

"Liu Weichen has been performing really well this year. He doesn't seem affected by the surgery at all."

Ling Ran smiled. From his perspective, Liu Weichen was affected by the surgery to a certain degree. For example, he could no longer train for extended periods of time like he used to and had to take greater care of his Achilles tendon. He often suffered from edema around his ankle, Achilles tendon and knee joint. However, compared to other athletes who underwent Achilles tendon repair surgery, Liu Weichen was at least still able to maintain his performance level. This was better than what Ling Ran had expected.

"Doctor Ling, I heard that you also carried out hepatectomy on Elder Mei?" Shen Jiufeng inquired in a hushed tone, as he was very curious about it.

Ling Ran smiled and did not say anything.

Shen Jiufeng smiled too, and immediately changed the topic. He tightened his grip on Ling Ran's hand and said, "Doctor Ling, I might need to trouble you in the future."

"Sure." Ling Ran's att.i.tude was neither humble nor arrogant. A person could say that he was almost being cold.

This was obviously not what the district head wanted to see, but Ling Ran had at least fulfilled his lowest expectations.

Shen Jiufeng was only here to meet Ling Ran and understand him as a person. Even though Ling Ran was not obedient and likable, he did not seem to be a lunatic either.

His wife was not even capable of taking care of herself. As long as his wife could be cured, Shen Jiufeng felt that he did not even mind dealing with a doctor who was a lunatic as long, provided that the doctor was not downright crazy and that the doctor's lunacy did not affect his surgical skills.

The value of a doctor was appraised based on his ability to treat patients.

Shen Jiufeng made a bit of small talk and ended the day's inspection.

After his fleet of cars left, the doctors of Cangping District Hospital and the medical staff members of the Bazhaixiang hospital branch immediately crowded Ling Ran.

Ling Ran quietly looked at the people around him and warned them off with his gaze.

This was when Hua Tao, the director of the Water Conservancy Bureau entered the building. He walked over to Ling Ran with a smile on his face.

"Just send the patient's medical record to me before the surgery." Ling Ran had no intention of making small talk with him. Besides, the district head's wife merely suffered from synovitis, and Ling Ran really did not find it a challenging task at all to treat her.

Hua Tao was a pretty sharp person. When he saw Ling Ran's expression and the people crowding around him, he nodded obediently. He then said with a grin, "I'll treat you to a meal of hot pot one of these days."

Seeing that Hua Tao was trying to divert the topic away from the ailment of the district head's wife, the people around them decided to play along and started talking about hot pot with smiles on their faces.

Ling Ran headed to the room at the back to check on how the patients' treatment was going. He then performed a physical examination on the few patients he treated. By the time he left the room, the mission completion status of "Relieve Patient's Pain" was already at 172/300.

He had managed to relieve the pain of more than a hundred patients after carrying out volunteer medical consultation for a few days. Even though some of them were merely treated for slight inflammation or minor ailments such as corns, the fact that their pain was relieved could not be taken away.

Ling Ran extended his hand toward the back of his neck and ma.s.saged it, loosening his stiff muscles. He then started treating the endless stream of patients.

Even though he was only treating minor ailments during the volunteer medical consultation, there were also some minor good things coming out of it.

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