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Chapter 96 Part 2: Ye Third

This person had a scar on his left face the size of a little finger. He wore dark brown short clothes, with something that looked like soft armor on the upper part which made him appear like someone from the lower cla.s.s. However, the boots he was wearing were actually deerskin boots embroidered with gold threads at the side. A glance could tell that the boots were very expensive.

Jiang Li was stunned. This person was the man she encountered not too long ago, just after meeting Qiong Zhi, at the backdoor of Xi Hua Lou. At that time, this person also took several glances at her. Jiang felt this person looked familiar, but she was absolutely sure that he was a stranger.

Unexpectedly, they met again here.

When the gatekeeper saw this person, he immediately threw Jiang Li to the back of his head and welcomed him, pleasantly surprised. He said: “Third master, you’ve returned!”

Third master Ye? This person is Ye Ming Yu!

It suddenly dawned on Jiang Li, as it turned out, this person was the Ye family’s scoundrel master, Ye Ming Yu. He was also the twin brother of her mother, uncle Ming Yu. No wonder she felt he looks familiar while at the same time, a stranger. She had never met Ye Ming Yu, but he was blood related to Ye Zhen Zhen which to some extent stirred up her emotion.

Ye Ming Yu laughed heartily and greeted the gatekeeper. At this time, he caught sight of Jiang Li and stared, apparently also recognized Jiang Li as the person he pa.s.sed by at the door of Xi Hua Lou. He had endless doubts and asked the gatekeeper: “This young lady is…….”

The gatekeeper was extremely awkward, coughed lightly before saying: “This is miss cousin coming from Yanjing, Jiang second miss.”

The things that were carried strenuously in his hands by Ye Ming Yu’s servant boy as he was heading towards the door suddenly slipped and fell onto the ground with a clatter.

Ye Ming Yu was also shocked.

Jiang second miss, isn’t she her twin sister’s daughter! Honestly speaking, Ye Ming Yu was very concerned about this niece that he had never met before. He should be considered as the person from the Ye family who still had a bit of affections with Jiang Li. Back then, Ye Ming Hui and Ye Ming Xuan went to pick up Jiang Li while Ye Ming Yu was still traveling outside. The oldest master Ye and the second master Ye had personally heard Jiang Li’s hurtful words, but not the third master Ye. As a result, third master Ye wasn’t as heavy-hearted as his two elder brothers.

In addition, he walked in the river and lakes, having a straightforward and heroic spirit, his heart was indeed wider than other people. Simply speaking, due to his generous heart, because Jiang Li’s age was still small, her speaking wrongly could not be counted. If it were not because old madam Ye’s urgent illness afterwards, he would have insisted to go to Yanjing and bring Jiang Li back, despite the obstruction of the other Ye family members.

Afterwards, Ye Ming Yu frequently went to sea and only came back once a year. Thus he gradually dispelled the idea of bringing Jiang Li back.

He never thought to actually see the legendary niece here at this time, Ye Ming Yu almost thought that he was dreaming. Jiang Li came? Why did Jiang Li come to Xiangyang? She’s Jiang Yuan Bai’s daughter, the young lady of the chief a.s.sistant’s madam, why would she travel wearily to come to Xiangyang? How was it possible that the Ye family members let her in? Don’t the Ye family members hate Jiang Li bitterly, but how does the little girl in front of him clearly look okay when she’s living in the Ye family’s house?

Heavens! This was such a confusing matter?! When old two wrote a letter, why didn’t he mention this at all? Is he dreaming?

Ye Ming Yu had a thousand words but was blocked in his throat. For a time, he didn’t know what to say that would be good and proper. Jiang Li saw him like this and smiled: “You should be uncle Ming Yu, I am Jiang Li.”

Only then, Ye Ming Yu giddily came out of his daze. He asked: “Jiang……. Ah Li, how are you here?”

“Uncle Ming Xuan came to Yanjing and incidentally paid a visit to the Jiang family. Then I returned to Xiangyang together with uncle Ming Xuan to look at grandmother.” Jiang Li swept a glance behind Ye Ming Yu, “uncle Ming Yu just returned, but currently there’s n.o.body at the Ye house.”

“It’s okay if there’s n.o.body, they are not important anyway.” Ye Ming Yu waved his hand and said: “Ah Li, I’m going to put the stuff away first and meet mother. You can tell me what’s going on.”

Jiang Li paused; contrary to her expectation, Ye Ming Yu was not courteous and didn’t take her as an outsider. However, this was good, from the start, she intended to use Ye Ming Yu as the Ye family’s loophole. It’s just that Ye Ming Yu was slow to return and she had no clue as to what kind of person Ye Ming Yu was. Now that she had seen him, Ye Ming Yu was still more carefree than what she imagined, which was very good.

There’s no need to go out today, Jiang Li smiled and said: “Okay, I’ll be in the front hall waiting for uncle Ming Yu. But,” she laughed, “until now I still haven’t seen grandmother. Grandmother also does not know that I have come to the Ye family’s house. When uncle Ming Yu sees grandmother, please don’t mention seeing me, it won’t be good to make grandmother excited and injure her body.”

Ye Ming Yu was stunned again. Didn’t Jiang Li say that she returned to Xiangyang to visit old madam Ye, but now she also said that she has not yet seen old madam Ye until now. Old madam Ye also didn’t know that she had come, what’s going on? The eldest and old two are making such a fuss?

Ye Ming Yu only felt that his brain was like paste and for a moment, he was unclear what was proper and right. So he could only agree with Jiang Li’s words and went to do his things first.

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