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After Yamen runners left, Tian Ronghua ordered the servants not to talk of this thing before the final notice of the government. Then he stayed in his study and didn't come out even during the lunchtime. When Yamen runners came again, he was taken to see Officer Liu and came back at night.

The death of the housekeeper was a big shock to Tian Fugui. All day, he was in a daze and couldn't figure out what happened to the housekeeper. When his big brother was back home, he hurriedly walked towards him: "Brother, what's the news from the government? Is there any finding?"

Tian Ronghua nodded and said "The housekeeper...." Tian Ronghua paused for a while, then continued: "He committed suicide for fear of punishment."

"For fear of punishment? What's the crime?" Tian Fugui thought he could be smarter to understand what crime could cause the housekeeper to commit suicide.

"Before long, the warehouse of Ma Family was haunted by the ghost.  It was the housekeeper who bribed a charger of the wharf to do it. Now the man who disguised the ghost was caught and the charger confessed everything about the housekeeper. After hearing the news, he committed suicide for fear of punishment."

"How come? Why did he ask the disguised ghost to haunt Ma Family? There must be some misunderstanding. Even though he did it, he shouldn't be sentenced to death. Since Tian'en and I have a good relationship, Tian'en would definitely forgive him if I beg for his pardon. Why did he commit suicide?"

"Because Ma Tian'en caught the disguised man, the housekeeper had to die. All he did was for us Tian Family. But he used the wrong way. Anyway, Ma Family should be blamed for his death. From now on, you are not allowed to play with Ma Tian'en." After saying this, Tian Ronghua returned to his study, leaving Tian Fugui confused, and thinking about what he said.

"Brother, I don't yet understand..." Tian Fugui ran after him but was shut outside the door.

Next day, Ma Chaosheng was also taken to the government. He talked with Officer Liu for a long time and then he was allowed to go home.

Ma Tian'en stayed at home and anxiously waited for her father's coming back. When Ma Chaosheng returned to home, Ma Tian'en ran towards him excitedly. But she noticed Ma Chaosheng wore a serious expression, as if he were thinking about something. How strange! The whole things came to be obvious, why did dad look unhappy?

When he came to the hall, Ma Chaosheng sat down and a servant girl served him tea. Ma Chaosheng only took a sip and put it aside. Neither he drank the tea nor spoke.

MaTian'en sat aside, waiting for a while. Finally she couldn't help but ask: "Dad, now the culprits were caught, what did the the government do to these men? As for Hu Chunqiu, was he punished? And Tian Family, they colluded with Hu Chunqiu, so they also need to be punished. In addition, as for the illegal salt, it is necessary to check out whether there is more illegal salt or not."

"Tian'en, you did well this time. I feel gratified. You can take some taels in the treasurer and buy something you like. This thing should be ended today." Looking at Ma Tian'en's excitement, Ma Chaosheng was too awkward to say those words.

"What do you mean? That's it? Dad, as we gave the evidence to the government, how is the sentence?"

"Tian'en, listen to me......" Ma Chaosheng pointed the chair next to him, motioning her to sit down. But how could she sit in peace! She only sat at the edge of the chair, looking at her father anxiously. What she wanted to know is the result, so that she could tell her teacher that Hu Chunqiu who framed them up finally got his punishment.

"Tian'en, the housekeeper of Tian Family should be blamed for the whole thing. He made the decision himself, bribed Ma Lian and found the man to play the ghost, intending to frame us Ma Family up. Now the housekeeper has committed suicide, and the whole thing came to an end. Hu Chunqiu was coaxed by the housekeeper into blocking you with master-hands who were hired by the housekeeper in the woods for revenge. Luckily, it didn't cause any consequences. Later, Hu Family will keep him under control and he will not trouble you and Mr. Wu. You can be a.s.sured about it." After saying these words, Ma Chaosheng sipped the tea, intending to avoid the eyesight of Ma Tian'en.

"Dad, do you think I am a little child? If there is no one in the back of the plot, the housekeeper of Tian dare not do those things. Besides, we had the gold leaf of Hu Chunqiu presented by the Emperor. How could the housekeeper of Tian have it?"

"Tian'en, forget about the gold leaf. It is because of the gold leaf that the thing was brought to an end like this." Man can't use the word of right or wrong to summarize the evil of the world. Ma Chasheng had no other way but to look at the disgruntled Ma Tian'en.

"I don't understand, why? Why did the housekeeper of Tian commit suicide? I thought they murdered him to prevent divulgence of their secrets." In order to catch the man back in the plot, her teacher and she elaborated and paid much effort. Now the real murderer had been found, how did they let him go? And she never wanted the housekeeper of Tian to die. His crime couldn't be sentenced to death. How come did he die? These should be checked out.

"Don't say like that. The government has made a decision on the verdict and the housekeeper has committed suicide for fear of punishment, so the case was settled. Tian'en, I know you feel it is unfair, but ordinary people can't fight with officials. The uncle of Hu Chunqiu is the local magistrate. The Emperor presented him the gold leaf and then he gave it to Hu Chunqiu. Finally, Hu Chunqiu gave it to the man who played the ghost. If we continue to investigate the thing, magistrate Hu will definitely be involved in this thing. His adopted father is Liu Jin. Even though Hu Chunqiu would be punished, we Ma Family would probably be buried with him."

"A eunuch, is he really horrible?" Talking of Liu Jin, Ma Tian'en felt even more unfair. The eunuch took bribes everywhere. Whenever people referred to him, they cursed him.

"Shut up! You all get out!" Ma Chaosheng feared that Ma Tian'en would say something wrong to bring trouble to his family, so he hurriedly asked servants to leave. The girl was spoiled by him. She would suffer a great deal if not being given a lesson.

"I spoil you and you dare to say everything. A eunuch? Do you know what others call him? 'Deputy Emperor'. Now he helps the Emperor check many memorials. If someone messes with him, even the officers will suffer forfeiture of property and their family be exterminated, not to mention the little Ma Family. Now that we cannot afford to offend him, we might as well stay back."

"I think you are timid and overcautious. We have evidence. Even the emperor come, he shouldn't be impartial. In my view, there must be justice in everything."

"Justice? What is justice? I think all this is destiny. We cannot fight against destiny. As what I have said, this thing was brought to an end. Later, you are not allowed to mention it! As for losses we suffered these days, Officer Liu has adjudged Tian Family to make compensation. The man who died is a man of Tian Family and is none of our business. You'd better stay at home these days and learn with your teacher." Ma Chaosheng knew a lot about his child. He saw Ma Tian'en was not convinced. If she went out now, it was easy for her to make trouble. She could be naughty, but must be sane. She must be accustomed to this world. Also, Ma Family didn't suffer great losses, he would just end on a good note.

"Is it enough for compensation? Shouldn't the culprits be punished?"

"You are so stubborn. I have said, the whole thing was over. You need to pay more attention to your study." Ma Chaosheng made up his mind to lock her up. Actually, what he did was for her safety.

"Dad, are you going to lock me up? It is not I who made mistakes. I think you just can't tell what is wrong and what is right. And then, what's the difference between you and Hu Chunqiu?" Hearing that she could not go out, Ma Tian'en lost her temper. She toiled on so many things, but finally, they all ended doubtfully. And she was angry with being shut up.

"Right, I can't identify what is right, and I am a dotage. Come, someone should send the young master to his room. These days, he is forbidden to go out." Facing Tian'en's anger, Ma Chaosheng felt sorry for her, but he had no other choices. Ma Tian'en didn't understand how complicated the world was. She was so simple and naive, and he could not be a.s.sured to entrust his property to her. Although Hu Family promised to control Hu Chunqiu, what if he asked for revenge because of unwillingness. In light of this, Ma Chaosheng had to shut her up for at least half a month.

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