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Translator: Kuhaku Chisaac

Editor: PsychoLover

Chapter 4

It seems that Hiiragi Ayaka has moved for the sake of parents’ work.

Since there was no one a.s.signed to the desk next to me, her seat was a.s.signed next to me.

Now that my homeroom is over, I am preparing for my next lesson.

Although Shirube is staring at me with a scary face, I pretended that she was invisible.

“Regardless, it is unusual for a transfer student to come before summer vacation.” I tried to talk to Hiiragi casually.

But the transfer student ignored me.

“Haha … maybe you are nervous. You will get used to it”


The transferred student made a small nod.

“Well this school is high level, so I’m worried if you can keep up. I was scared and did a lot of studying. Took me forever and then I finally got accepted.”


Transfer students responded emphatically using plenty of margins.

Anyway, I decided to ask what I thought a while ago.

“Hey, have we met somewhere?”


As soon as I told her, there was a minute of pause, and then the transfer student gave me a response. She was staring at me gently with big eyes.


“No, no … I feel like I met you somewhere, have we?”

The transfer student did not answer. Instead, she murmured a word quietly.

Suddenly when my eyes met with my sister’s, she had a cold smile spread across her face.

I felt like I will be killed by that eyes of hers, seriously.

My stomach suddenly started to hurt a little.

I started shed cold sweats all over my body.

“What’s wrong brother, you look pale? Why don’t we go to the public health room? Teacher, I will take my older brother to the health department."

Becoming a high school student and still being accompanied by my sister is embarra.s.sing and lessens my manliness…

When I turned my face to Mr. Tonoyama, said to Shirube.

“No, Suzumu can go alone. You don’t have to go to the trouble of…”

“Mr. Tonoyamsan”

“Yes, yes !!”

Mr. Tonoyama tone suddenly lowered, and answered my sister politely

Where did the dignity of the teacher go?

“What would you do if your brother had been infected by a major disease and infect you too?"

"It is my duty to lend a hand to my weak brother."

I was stunned. Everyone in the cla.s.s was impressed by the atmosphere, but only the lighting was watching us.

“I’m sorry, Susumu."

“Don’t be shy. This is brother and sister's love”

No, I’m embarra.s.sed!

“No, I can’t accept this after all …”

It was all I could do to answer that much.


It was lunchtime, and I parted from several groups and began to eat lunch.

“I am hungry”

“My older brother ♪ Are you OK?”

I don’t want to die yet.

"What are you talking about?"

Let’s go the cafeteria together.

I thought she was angry with me for sure, but it seems I was wrong.

“Oh yeah…Do you want to eat lunch together,” I asked Ayaka.

“It is fine …… I am okay eating alone … ….”

When I noticed, my sister started pulling my ears. I gave a cry.

“Why are you getting distracted, older brother?”

“Even if you say such a thing…."

“Well, let’s go, I have plenty of things to ask☆”

Apparently, it seems that it was still early to get away from my younger sister.

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